Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is the Moment

Anyone following the gradual transformation of the United States from an open society into a police-state has probably been mainlining the Greenwald-Snowden-NSA leaks case like a junkie shooting up China White.

For those who missed it, Edward Snowden, a private contractor working for the NSA, leaked several key documents which conclusively proved that the National Security Agency not only spies on all Americans’ electronic communications, but that they have the full-fledged support of the major tech companies, such as Yahoo!, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, among others.

This has been potent stuff, stuff that pretty much confirms what a lot of hard-core civil libertarians such as myself have suspected about the United States over the last few years: America has been drifting towards turnkey totalitarianism, using the War on Terror as the excuse to roll back civil liberties, and taking advantage of technology1 to create (in Snowden’s wonderful phrase) “the architecture of oppression”.

Something Edward Snowden said, in the Glenn Greenwald interview where he revealed himself as the source of the NSA leaks, struck me hard: “The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.” (Video here, quote at 10:49. Also embedded below.)

He’s right, and it’s my fear too. In fact, it ought to be the fear of anyone who cares about the future of the United States as a representative democracy that stands for basic human rights and against oppression. If the people of the United States do not stand up to their government now, right now, in the face of this blatant violation of all the core principles of the American Constitution, then we’re screwed. If nothing is done now, then the next stop—inevitably, irrevocably—is police-state fascism American-style.

How’s this so? Here’s my argument:

As Lincoln famously put it, the American government is a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” The American government is supposed to serve the people, and exist for the people’s benefit—not the other way around. This ideal is what inspires belief in the American experiment. Hell, this ideal is what makes America “exceptional”: A government of the people, by the people, for the people, and answerable to the people, is why America is unique, and “better” than other forms of government.

The goal and prerequisite of every totalitarian nation, on the other hand, is the control of the citizenry, and it’s enslavement for the benefit of the State. In totalitarian regimes, the people very existence is for the benefit of the State, which thus treats them like so much cattle: Efficiently milking them until they are sent to the slaughter. World War II and the Cold War were fought by the United States and the Western Democracies precisely so as to defeat totalitarian regimes bent on enslaving more people under their yoke. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were the epitome of these totalitarian states—and they could not exit without the Totalitarian Two-Step: Control of the citizenry, and enslaved exploitation of the citizenry thereafter.

Now, if knowledge is control, then Snowden’s NSA leaks prove how the American government is gaining more and more control over the lives of U.S. citizens. We have been seeing this transformation ever since 9/11, and the beginning of the Global War on Terror. Civil liberties have been eroded for the sake of “protecting us from the terrorists”—with the result that the government has been gaining more and more knowledge of the citizenry. This knowledge of the citizenry means control of the citizenry by the government. By applying a panopticon model2 to the people—which is what these NSA revelations prove—then every man, woman and child in America is not only controlled by the U.S. government: They are effectively prisoners of the U.S. government.

This is what the Greenwald-Snowden-NSA leaks mean. They are proof positive that the U.S. government has carried out the first step in the Totalitarian Two-Step: Total knowledge (and thus control) of the citizenry.

The next step in this dance is of course enslaved exploitation of the citizenry for the benefit of the State.

If the American people acquiesce to what their government is doing with this panopticon model of total information awareness and control over the people—that is, if the Snowden revelations do not spark mass protests and serious political fallout that makes Watergate and McCarthism look like midgets in a lineup—then the government will have no scruples about exploiting the people for their own benefit.3

Therefore, each American citizen—you who reads this—has a choice to make: You can either fight back against the government’s pursuit of total knowledge and thus control over you. Or you can acquiesce. Because it is up to you—not the political leadership—to change the direction of the American government.

If nothing changes after these revelations, then the people running the American republic—the famed “1%”—will realize that the American people are cattle to be milked for their resources, and then slaughtered in an orderly fashion.

Only resistance now will prevent the government from enslaving and exploiting the population for its own benefit, thus succeeding in turning Lincoln’s adage on its head: A people of the government, by the government, for the government.

The American public’s reaction and response to these revelations will determine which road the United States is taking.


1. The NSA leaks point up something interesting about the communications technology revolution of the last 20 years: Just as these communications breakthroughs—the internet, mobile telephony, video-conferencing (Skype, et al.), and the other digital breakthroughs—had a revolutionary impact on the civilian population, this new tech was bound to have a revolutionary impact on government as well. The mistake was to think that the communications technology would open society and the government. In fact, the communications revolution has paradoxically created atomized social enclaves completely detached from one another, with one over-arching power—the government—enveloping all. The NSA leaks points to how the government, in this over-arching role, is using this power to control the citizenry.

2. The argument that “you shouldn’t be worried about the government violating your privacy if you’re not doing anything wrong” is idiotic. Most bodily functions—sex, defecating, bathing—are innocent activities we have a right to expect to carry out privately. Most legal services are carried out behind a veil of privacy called “attorney-client privilege”—again, innocent activities which nevertheless we’d feel outraged if they were revealed or spied upon. The fact is, the vast majority of actions and words which we demand to be hidden behind a veil of privacy are completely innocent. And they have a right to be private, even if they are innocuous. (And BTW, anyone stupid enough to argue the corollary to this mantra—that the power to monitor by the government does not mean that that power will be abused (such as happened in this case)—ought to seriously consider sterilization, as a service to future generations’ average IQ points.)

3. Some would argue that the U.S. government already exploits and enslaves the American population. Certainly the huge prison population—the largest on the planet, on both an absolute and per capita basis—is evidence of this enslavement. And insofar as exploitation is concerned, you could argue that the debt slavery of students, ex-spouses, health insurance consumers, and others are each a form of exploitation. And what about the Army Reservist who got called up in 2003, then stop-lossed for the next decade and counting? American neo-slavery is something that exists today, and which I’ll be touching on in the near-future.


  1. "Only slaves need permission."--SGH

  2. Excellent article! What will it take for the American people to wake up from their deep state of hypnosis? They are meanwhile so indoctrinated with 'fear thinking' that the sleep state is almost permanent.

    1. this is called normalcy bias. Even when your neighbors are being rounded up you still cannot believe it.

      you are so correct about fear thinking. We had the "cold war" that ended. Now we have the perfect war, the never ending "war on terror".

      “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” Plato

      NSA and CIA have been controlled by members of either the CFR and its clone group the Trilateral Commission for 35+ years. They manufacture intelligence to grossly overstate threats and to produce threats when none exists. I worked for NSA for 10 years, I know the intell I collected was discarded and lies put in place. I worked on "special missions" observing Soviet surface to surface missile tests, I was there when they tested them. The safest place was being the target. Even the launch platform was at risk.

      what does this have to do with it: lies, these are "think tanks" that manufacture lies for their own enrichment and goals.

      They are the shadow government; their members have dominated the most important cabinet posts of every president of the US for over 35 years and still do, this regardless of the political party of the President, essentially there is no administration change.

      Our direction is constant: bankrupt the taxpayer, erode civil liberties.

  3. From Zerohedge,

    Majority Of Americans Don't Mind Being Spied Upon, Pew Study Finds,


    The Muppets are brain dead I'm afraid.

    1. If you listen around your office and neighborhood, you will hear the faint but steady sound of: "Moooooo"

  4. Excelent piece Gonzalo.
    Glad you're back, are you till in Paris ?

  5. Everyoine agrees "we ought to do something. Push back!" How, exactly? Write your congressman, who is obviously complicit? (if not, then our beloved leader would have been impeached years ago.) Going to the slaughter house while bleating protestations is to the slaughterhouse bound no less.

    1. We could start by doing highly visible freeway overpass anti-oppression parades as was done last Saturday over interstate I-5 in Carlsbad CA, and has been done last year and being done again on 18 I-5 overpasses in Whatcom County Washington.

      These demonstrations of American disgust for white house tyranny and bloated, politicized, intimidating, business-killing, out-of-control administrative federal agencies, are of little cost, are seen by millions of drivers, and are very press-worthy, as the Carlsbad CA march shows below, and could easily go nationwide:


  6. Unfortunately, too many Americans deeply believe in the Religion of "Americanism". They cannot face up to the possibility that all this was a sham to protect a ruling class that has exploited people since the Pilgrims. As a result, they will turn on anyone who threatens their worldview. They can talk about the Constitution but all they need is a US flag to wrap around their fear of the world. These people are dangerous, they are not defenders of freedom or liberty; they are just like the German citizens who cheered for Hitler.

  7. Good God Gonzo you're alive! Saints be praised and thank the Lord, now for Pete's Sake don't put the pen down. People ask what to do? Start by writing your CongressPeople and telling them to repeal the Patriot Act. Then let's march on Washington and not leave till they give us what we want. At least you'll be able to tell your grandkids you did everything you could. I still believe we live in a great country but Holy Smokes we better get off our asses before it is completely gone in the dumper. Get your bus ticket tonight and let's get moving!

  8. I Know since 1993 that they have planned a police state in USA, a book came out:"PATRIOT FILES" by Commander X,it describes how a police state was to be implemented, WAKE UP!! WHAT IS NEXT...CONCENTRATION CAMPS?? ..OH EXCUSE ME, THE CONGRESSMEN CALLED THE FUSION CENTERS..IS THERE TOO MUCH FLUORIDE IN THE WATER THAT DOES NOT LET YOU THINK ??

  9. Anonymous @ 3:47 on June 12th is absolutely right as is 6:01 and others. We will have to get off our dead butts and get at this. Marches and demostrations are probably the only way to go as our Congress is obviously ignoring us. We have not learned one thing more on any of the scandels to say nothing of this latest. No one wants amnesty for the law-breaking illegals (including those here legally)and yet they are determined to give it to them regardless (for their votes no doubt) while still leaving our borders open to one and all! We have got to do more than bitch and moan if we want to continue to have the US of A. It is that simple. No one is going to do it for us and I dont think we have time to wait for the next fixed election to get something done.

    1. Why are you lashing out at immigrants? It's the bankers, Bilderbergerss, and elite families doing this, and they are doing this all over the world! How is going after immigrants going to stop Bilderbergers? Go after the Bilderbergers! And the bankers (IMF, World bank, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and many more!), and the elite families! They destabilized and screwed up the countries of the immigrants you are lashing out at, and now they are attacking your country because they want to dominate the entire world! Most people who are immigrating probably wouldn't have if the elites hadn't screwed up their countries in the first place! Going after their victims solves nothing! You want to stop all of thie, stop the ELITES and destroy their ever-growing web of power!

      Geez, I've heard Americans talking about leaving America before TSHTF... what would that make them? Immigrants! They want to flee the coming Police State and corrupted government system... just like some immigrants coming into your country are fleeing tyranny in their country! None of this will ever change unless the source is stopped - THE ELITES!

      You are blaming the wrong people. If your country was not being put under such threat, your own citizens would not consider leaving to avoid the Police State etc. Look higher for the source of the problem. The elites WANT us (ie everyone below them) to fight and to attack each other rather than them, and going after their victims will fulfill just that. Be warned, be wary!

  10. The New World Order is going down in flames as we speak. Don't fall for any more of these FEAR tactics. See this. http://www.wellaware1.com

    1. this is a joke web site. I did not look at much there, what i did look at was the boston bombing, this is a hoax website. had hoped to see something good, about the new world order being exposed. This no one can take seriously.

  11. Hello,

    You know it's bad, as someone said, when Germans start comparing America's present to their own past.

    People need to recognize the danger of the present crisis and think with determination. Democrats need to pick at least 10 Senators or Congressmen who have been prominent in supporting the surveillance program and target them for primary challenges. Republicans need to do the same in their own party. There needs to be a right-left organization, a “Constitution Club” - to show that this is not a partisan issue - to endorse these challenges. The Club members should announce a short list of constitutional goals on which people can all agree. Right and Left need to support one another's candidate challengers with votes and money in the primaries in order to get the bad actors out. Each two year election cycle the Club should continue it's work. Americans were able to overcome regional and political differences to agree and act on fundamental principles in the late 18th Century. So why not now?



    1. Unna, your correct. I like this idea. I shall pray accordingly and start to contact people I know to see if they are interested. Unfortunately, I think the normalcy bias has far too many people.

      Constitution Club, works for me. Unfortunately I do not live in the USA, but am a citizen and former NSA "special missions" op.

  12. So much "Huppla" for this..? It took you 6 months to come down to this conclussions??

    Gonzalo,..vete a "CAGAR"

    In brief: we are living a FASCISM,

  13. Gonzalo, glad to see you posting again. Could you take a look at my Hyperinflation FAQ and maybe comment on it?


  14. Excellent piece. Thank you. We must emulate Turkey or Freedom is dead. We CAN come together!

  15. If you go back to the 1970's, you will realize that this is COINTELPRO on steroids. The difference being that the political class in the US was not a solely owned subsidiary of the Oligarchs. There were hearings, safeguards were put in place, all which have been decimated since the Church hearings.

  16. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done at this point to stop totalitarianism from enveloping this country, and totalitarianism will stay here for a very, very long time. The police state is just too powerful, and 99% of the population are just brain dead morons hypnotized by their smartphones’ screens. It is hopeless.

    As such, at this point the only solution is an individual one. Specifically: emigration. Awake Americans need to start making plans to leave the country immediately, or be prepared to face the worst. I am leaving in a few weeks, and hope I never have to return to this crazy place.

  17. Anonymous all: do you think that by signing your Email comments anonymous that the government does not know who you are? anonymous

  18. Its too late. The United States is finished as we know it; its only a matter of time before it becomes another Hitler style dictatorship. All the signs are there. It's better to face the truth now and get the hell out than hoping something will change. I'm not against taking action, but like someone rightly said above, when 99% of the population is brain dead SLAVES and when those brain dead morons will not only NOT support you (if you try to do something), they will all out oppose you, it's better to let evolution take its course.



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