Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Week in Words #3

To my Gentle Readers and Kind Fans,

This Thursday, July 21, at 9:00pm EST, we are having:

The Week in Words #3

A web seminar where we will be discussing the most important news items currently affecting the markets.

And remember: It’s free.

This week:

The UK's Phone Hacking Scandal: It's turning ugly, even after the Murdochs’ generally favorable appearance before Parliament. The important developing issues are the Cameron government’s reaction, and the possible prosecution of the Murdochs under the American Corrupt Foreign Practices Act.

European Debt Crisis: It is spreading like a red tide—and the likelihood of a break-up of the European Monetary Union is all but a certainty. The issue now is, What will be the shape of this break-up?

The Field of Republican Candidates, Oh My!: A discussion of America’s Republican Party presidential candidates: Which ones are the best, and which one looks to be the likely winner.

Here is the link to register.

Do check it out—and remember to have a microphone plugged into your computer, as attendees will be able to ask questions, live.

Until Thursday at 9pm EST, all the best,

If you are interested, do check out the preview page of The Strategic Planning Group, and see what it’s about.


  1. Hello Gonzalo, very interesting webinar last night with Mike. I didn't have time unfortunately to ask my question. So I'll post it here.

    Ok, so I've had the chance to discuss all of the economic theories and situation about inflation, hyperinflation, gold and silver, debt crises with a new acquaintance of mine, a director of the European Union's patent organization. He is extremely smart (actually he invented a plastic 6 times stronger than steel) and he is also very passionate about the economy, like you and your fans, including me. He travels very much all the time and most of the time to Germany, so he got to speak with a lot of important people, like high-level bankers, business owners etc. over there. And when I told him that one country has to leave the Eurozone, he said that it may be the case. So I told him that there could be one of the PIIGS leaving, but what about Germany? What if Germany leaves, like James Turk suggested in the recent webinar with you, James Turk, Mike Dillard?
    You have to keep in mind that James Turk has also a lot of connections with German people. And furthermore, when I told my acquaintance about the fact that the German central bank may have started to print marks again, like it says here ( ), he said that he would not be at all suprised by this. He said that Germans don't like at all that Angela Merkel is bailing out Greece and other countries and that they also have more trust in their mark, mainly for one reason: when the Euro was instated at a 1:1 ratio with the German mark, all of the shops, restaurants, businesses in Germany, which had to change their prices to euro denomination, put higher prices on their products (for example the price of a pizza went from let's say 10 marks to 15 euro, when it should've been 10 euro) so this was an effective stealing of the German's purchasing power. Ever since,t hey have not been so happy and contempt with the Euro and they didn't trust it that much. Actually, as you can see in the link above, "71 per cent had “doubt,” “no trust” or thought there is “no future” for the euro". The German public doesn't want all of this kicking-the-can-down-the-road politics and they are aware that the Euro is doomed. So, from what my acquaintance said, the people will almost surely not reelect the people who are in power now when there is the next election. They are going to replace them with politicians who don't do bailouts. And the time for a new election is in 2013, from what I know (you can check this out to be sure).

    Like you said, the people in power now will defend the Euro, I agree, and they will do bailouts. What you said will happen with the first small country exiting the Eurozone, then with the big one, then with the comeback of the Euro, that entire scenario, do you think it will happen until 2013? I mean, that's the timeline when there is the highest probability for it to go as you predict.
    However, let's say that nothing major happens until 2013. What happens if from 2013 German politicians will choose to exit the Eurozone? Can you please consider this and post a response here on the blog about it?

  2. "....the possible prosecution of the Murdochs under the American Corrupt Foreign Practices Act"

    Hahahaha. Isn't that EXACTLY like the Nazis locking-up people for engaging in anti-semitic activities?


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