Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The First Week in Words

To my Gentle Readers
and Kind Fans,

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Because of the web seminar technology—and because of the support of the Strategic Planning Group Members—I'm starting a new regular feature today:

The Week in Words

The concept is simplicity itself: Every week, I'll have a free, live web seminar, where I’ll discuss the major news events—and what they mean.

What’s more, I'll be able to take questions from the audience—live.

This Thursday, I’ll be discussing the turn in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, and what it might mean for French politics; the Mulligan Mortgages that the banks are quickly, quietly trying to push through—and the reasons why; and finally, the Greek bailout, the ratings agencies, and what it all means for the European situation.

In the future, I’ll be having guests and open discussions in The Week in Words. The show will last 90 minutes, including question-time, and it will be every Thursday, at 9:00 pm EST. The registration link for this Thursday’s broadcast is here.

Do check it out—I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, I do hope you’ll become a regular attendee.

Until then, all the best,


If you are interested, do check out The Strategic Planning Group, and see what it’s about.


  1. Honestly. I disagree with your new program. Reason is why I have to give you my personal information when there's no garanteed what would you do with it??

    I wish you luck.
    p/s congratulations in the winning vs.Mexico. Ojo que una golondrina no hace verano.:)

  2. GL, will you be posting the broadcasts online after the events as podcasts?

  3. In my timezone it's between 4 am and 6.30 am so I'll be sleeping at that time. It would be great if you could record the webinar and post it on your blog.


  4. I speed read but do not speed listen. I find the trend towards posting videos or verbal presentations annoying and time-wasting. I tend not to listen to them. If they also post a transcript I will read it.

  5. your blog used to be awsome reading now not so much you got nothing to read lol good luck to you in the future adios

  6. I am removing this site from my bookmarks and won't be back. Your writing is interesting, but not so much that I would pay for it. There are so many free news, opinion sites and blogs out there. Good luck.

  7. I enjoyed the webinar last week and appreciate the time and thought you put into planning and preparing for it. Thank you.



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