Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry, But I Don’t Believe This

(Before I begin, I just have to say: Oh boy—here I go really stepping away from the shores of the mainstream.)

When the Bolivian Army killed Che Guevara in October 1967, they displayed his body as proof that he was indeed dead. The Bolivians in fact staged the body so that ordinary people—and the world’s journalists—could get a good view of the corpse, up close and personal.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s body on display,
October 1967.
The attached photograph, grisly though it may be, is one of hundreds taken of Che’s body. It—along with the pictures and testimony of hundreds of journalists and ordinary people who saw his corpse—puts to rest any notion that Guevara somehow survived—which of course was the whole point: The Bolivian Army wanted there to be no doubts that El Che was really dead.

My readers know I don’t truck in conspiracy theories. I believe Elvis is dead, I believe Paul never died, I believe 9/11 was a terrorist incident, and I believe Neil Armstrong did in fact land on the moon.

But I don’t believe Osama Bin Laden was killed over the weekend.

The story goes this morning that Bin Laden was tracked down to a multi-storey compound in the middle of the Pakistani hinterlands, where he was shot twice in the head by American Special Forces. These soldiers then took his body, and buried it at sea.

That’s the story. But I don’t buy it.

Just to be clear, I do not believe Bin Laden is still alive. I believe what a lot of intelligence analysts have been privately saying for a long time now: That Bin Laden died of kidney failure in December 2001, and that he was buried by his followers in an unmarked grave in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

After all, it was a known fact that Bin Laden had severe kidney problems. People who spoke with him in 2000 and 2001 said how sick he looked, and described symptoms that matched kidney failure. From these accounts, the international intelligence community was pretty much in agreement that he had some sort of severe kidney problems. Without dialysis or a kidney transplant—neither which would have been available to him in the aftermath of 9/11—he wouldn’t have much chance of long term survival.

From 2002 onward, there hasn’t been a single undisputed Bin Laden sighting—even though he was supposed to be the most hunted man on earth. Furthermore, in Bin Laden’s videotaped rants that were periodically released, he never referred to current events. The only times he did refer to current events was on some of the 30 audio tapes he allegedly released over the last ten years—“allegedly” because many of these audio tapes are in dispute, as to whether they actually were made by Bin Laden or not.

Moreover—and most tellingly—the American military’s efforts to capture Bin Laden “dead or alive” in W.’s ridiculous phrase dropped to almost nothing after 2003. Many people from both the Left and the Right wondered at this dismissal of Bin Laden as a viable threat by the defense and intelligence communities—his dismissal even as someone to worry about, or even take seriously.

Bizarre: That the mastermind of the most egregious terrorist attack in U.S. history—the worst mass killing of American citizens on U.S. soil since the Civil War, as I understand it—was treated so la-di-da by the American defense and intelligence communities.

Yet after 2003, for the next eight years, the American military offered up a mere token effort to find him “dead or alive”. An attitude that makes absolutely no sense at all—

—unless you already know that the man is dead, and that his body will likely never be found.

This was my impression: The American defense and intelligence agencies knew he was dead, and knew they would never likely find his body. In fact a couple of intelligence types I know privately confirmed this line of thinking.

But then this morning, I wake up to hear about Osama Bin Laden’s death.

He was killed not in some cave, as he was famous for inhabiting, but rather in a multi-storey compound in the Pakistani countryside—a compound that stuck out like a sore thumb—a compound not one kilometer away from a Pakistani military base.

Some U.S. Special Forces stormed the compound, and shot Osama Bin Laden dead.

This man was the most feared and terrible terrorist in U.S. history—and rather than make every effort to capture him alive, and thereby bring him to justice for the whole world to see, Bin Laden was shot in the head. Twice—as if for good measure.

Then, supposedly following Islamic tradition that the dead must be buried within 24 hours, Osama Bin Laden was given a hurry-up burial at sea—which explicitly goes against Islamic tradition.

Other Muslims killed by the Americans and their allies were not buried immediately. For instance, the sons of Saddam Hussein. Their corpses were held for a while, in order to confirm that they were indeed the intended targets.

But Osama Bin Laden? Killed and buried at sea in record time—even though there hadn’t been a confirmed sighting of him in something like eleven years.

Pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse? None. Nor have there been any pictures of this “burial at sea”. There’ve been plenty of video of where Bin Laden was killed—but none (so far) of the actual corpse.

In fact aside from the word of the American defense and intelligence establishment, there hasn’t been a shred of evidence that they did in fact kill him.

All we have is the official word of the American defense and intelligence establishments.

Mm-hmm. Because they’ve always been so trustworthy.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a very interesting book called Blink. In it, he explained how experts often get a first-look reaction to something, a knee-jerk reaction that often as not turns out to be true. He gives as an example an art expert who took one look at a celebrated painting that was about to be sold—and declared it a hoax on the spot. The seller, buyer and art gallery handling the sale all said that the expert was wrong, that the painting was the real deal—until sophisticated authentication techniques revealed that in fact it was a forgery.

The second I heard about Osama Bin Laden’s death, my reaction was that it was bullshit.

The whole story smells: Where he was supposedly located; how he was shot twice in the head, rather than captured; how he was buried at sea; how there’s (so far) no picture of his corpse.

The American military might claim that they held on to bits of DNA samples of the corpse they say is Osama Bin Laden’s. They might claim that this is proof positive that he is dead. But as far as I’m concerned—and I’m a non-conspiracy, fairly skeptical sort—I’ll never believe them. A lab report is not the same as an actual corpse.

To insist: I do not for a second doubt that he is indeed dead. I just don’t believe that he was killed this past weekend. I believe that he died quite some time ago—years ago, in fact.

In my mind, whoever was killed this weekend was not Osama Bin Laden.

I am way outside the mainstream on this. The mainstream consensus this morning is that this was a “great victory”. President Obama gave what amounted to a “Mission Accomplished” speech. People were celebrating outside the White House and on Times Square as if it were V-E Day. (As an aside, I do have to point out how ugly it is to celebrate the killing of another human being. Because that is what we saw in New York and Washington: People cheering in the streets, celebrating a murder. It’s not only ugly, indeed, it is repulsive.)

But I don’t really see how this assassination is a “victory”. President Obama claims “Justice has been done”—but that’s simply not true.

Justice would have been served if he had been captured, flown to New York, and tried in a (civilian) court for the events of 9/11.

Extra-judicial assassination is not “justice”—it’s merely revenge, something that Christianity, the dominant morality of the United States, specifically rejects. Don’t believe me? Read Matthew 5:38, or more apropos, Luke 6:27.

Someone might argue that, if what I think is true—that Bin Laden died years ago, and this is some big old hoax—then what would be the point of this hoax?

I have no idea. One can only speculate—and any such speculation will be pointless and endless, not to mention endlessly boring.

Perhaps—what with all this talk of “victory”—it might be that this was staged in order to give an excuse for rapid withdrawal not only from Afghanistan, but from Iraq as well. Perhaps this charade is an excuse to declare “victory” and thereby end the endless Global War On Terror. After all, as I’ve been writing on this blog ad nauseam, the United States is going literally bankrupt—and a lot of the reason is because of its unsustainable military spending. Bin Laden’s “death” might give the perfect excuse for a sudden, rapid draw-down, in particular as the United States’ fiscal budget is about to tip over into insolvency.

But this is idle speculation on my part—buttressed by nothing but air.

The sad thing is, we’ll probably never know the truth—which is a pity. Had Bin Laden been shown to the world’s press—just like the Bolivian Army did with Che Guevara—there would be no doubts. Because when the Bolivian Army showed off Che Guevara‘s corpse, there were international cries of outrage at the “brutality” of parading his corpse around for all to see.

But not even that perennial fantasist Fidel Castro could deny the truth that El Che was indeed dead.

With Osama Bin Laden? We’ll never be really sure.

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  1. Whatever happened to the simple expediency in these matters of bringing back the head? I don't know whether bin Laden was killed or not and I never will because I'll never see definitive proof. If they did get him, disposing of the body is the single most monumental mistake that the Obama administration has made...and that days a lot!

  2. I'm not into the wild theories either so I can relate to your difficulty in swallowing this story. I'm having trouble myself.

  3. Amen brother! I was waiting to see how you would respond to this one and you're right on. The bogeyman died in December 2001.

  4. Here you can find some pics of "the dead Osama":

  5. Well done, well said. Thanks.

  6. Besides my "funny links": good story, Gonzalo! Indeed suspect not to give any proof. It appears nobody in the MSM even asks for it. Would have been much different under GW Bush, I suppose.

  7. I completely agree. The circumstances with the burial seem unreal. This man has been making threats and taking terrorists actions against the United States for over a decade, and they decide to give him a proper burial at sea? I don't believe any of it. Obama needed something to help him in his 2012 re-election.

  8. I agree with you completely.
    A made up story to boost Obama and to "mend " his lies about getting out of Afghanistan...........remember his "you can take it to the bank" speech ?
    Also I find it repulsive that people should celebrate a murder of another..........lynch mob behaviour by so called" civilized" people.

  9. I've been looked out sideways many times when I've said over the years that OBL died in Tora Bora in December 2001. He's been Emmanuel Goldstein ever since. My gut reaction was also "complete B.S."
    So what is happening in Libya today that we aren't hearing about because of this "news"? What are we being distracted from (besides a collapsing dollar and economy in general)?
    Also "no casualties" doesn't jibe with the twitter account of a crashed US helicopter by @ReallyVirtual. And the news first came out as "killed last week" then revised to "killed today". Plus DNA match in <12 hours? WTF? really? They just have a DNA matching lab sitting nearby?
    Everything about this is wrong.

  10. Excellent analysis. My reaction to the Osama "death" story was the same as yours. My feeling is that this is a carefully timed news release in preparation for something else that's about to happen. It could mean we'll soon be pulling troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan, or it could mean something else. Hard to say.

    By the way, your analysis of Osama's death could just as easily have been applied to John Wilkes Booth, the man who supposedly shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln.

    In spite of one of the biggest manhunts in American history, there's not a single photo of his corpse.

  11. Well, if you are right that they just killed off the straw man that for the last decade has justified an American national security budget almost equal to the spending of all the world's other nations, combined. Then the next logical step would be a false flag attack to illustrate that Bin Laden's followers live on and remain a threat requiring continued massive security spending.

  12. Whether he was killed yesterday, last week or died in 2001 is irrelevant really.

    What is relevant is that Obama won... In less than 10 years time he was a catalyst in turning the U.S. into a police state, destroying our civil liberties and bankrupting the country in wars throughout the Middle East.

  13. In other words, you want to see the long-form death certificate.

  14. Dude,

    You are my hero. You said everything that I have been thinking. It is great to know, I'm not alone. I hope more people read this story. Over the past day, I have been saddened observing the stupidity of Americans.

  15. Nice post. But I think the US Gov. found his body probably soon after 2002. But the US went for war. The US economy will go down the drain without a big war. Like in 1941, 1967, 2001, 2003 etc... Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. The CIA never accused him for that. But you wll see, in todays world, every time the US has economic troubles, it will intensify war. nothing on 9/11 here.

    Bin Laden has just been frozen, and now unfreezed . Why now? Because the US needs more war.

  16. GL

    Agree with your analysis.

    This could have been so simple for the US administration. But no, now we have more unknowns, which lead to distrust.

    America was meant to be the beacon for democracy, watching citizens celebrate the death of another is sickening as was watching the 9/11 attacks.

    As Hitler quoted: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    And they have....

  17. Well, if we're looking for the "other hand", how about the Palestinian peace agreement that took place last week, you know, the one NOBODY is reporting on? Oh, and how 'bout them Egyptians - ready to send their military to help "negotiate" it - you know, the SAME Eqyptians that hate Israel so much? Israel is considering the entire situation a declaration of war. How better for the U.S. to "support" the Right to Protect act for Palestine than to remove our troops from the area? Frankly, I will be relieved when our troops are home, they are fighting a losing battle surrounded on all sides for a homeland that doesn't appreciate them. When Congress can't get their sh*t together to pass a budget, the military stands to suffer as their paychecks will no longer be deposited - oh, they still get to put their lives in danger every minute of every day - we're just not going to send the money to keep their families in groceries, nice, huh? Oh, but don't worry - Congress will still get their ridiculous salaries while sitting on their asses twidling their thumbs and arguing over the equivalent of 50 cents in our gargantuan over spending. Yeah, that's worth it. If the military doesn't get paid, NO ONE gets paid, least of all the FAT CAT Congress. I hope Michelle Bachmann follows through with her proposal to pass an amendment for that one.

    Honestly, I think the entire thing is to boost his sagging poll numbers and "punch his ticket" for 2012. What a disgusting display for political gain - where will it end? God help us all.

  18. "The second I heard about Osama Bin Laden’s death, my reaction was that it was bullshit.

    The whole story smells: Where he was supposedly located; how he was shot twice in the head, rather than captured; how he was buried at sea; how there’s (so far) no picture of his corpse."

    It is clear you are making this up and the anaology to Blink is invalid. You could not possibly have already known these details you describe in the first instant you reacted to news of his death.

  19. A rant from Kansas:
    Call the whole thing a diversion. I was wondering why the fake longform of the birth cert was released at this time. Now I know. My feeling is that the powers that be knew that the birth issue had to be addressed, even if fraudently. But, it could not come at a time when there would much focus from the public.

    I guess the OB Administration really takes us for fools. Even me. I admit at first believing it-that we killed Obama. The burial at sea part was news to me until reading GL. I did, however, suspect the timing of the story as strategic. The man is champaigning, and champaigning rather creativly.

    It is layers and layers of disception are frightening to me. Remember what Reno said last month about imminent threats and the need for the new system of terror coding? (why no use that on the damn weather-but that is another topic). The new code system might just be another model for taking more of our freedom away-might is not overly conspiritorial sounding- or is it!

    The arrogance and punk approaches are frightening.

    I remember how my ex - an Iraqi citizen at the time we first married. He use to have nightmares over his fears of his living in his native land. I remember the stories from the homeless Russian woman I took into my home. I use to think, that "those fears" would never be part of American living. Well folks, the fears I reference are here in full color. Nice sweet overweight-middle aged prepper women like me are scared, and for good reason.

    Thanks for the post GL.

    Kansas - over and out.

  20. You're an idiot.

  21. Kansas here again- sorry for all the grammar and spelling errors in above post.

  22. @Anon 4:08 PM
    GL may not have known those details but it's possible to know when you are being told a lie.

    I guess, to Xavier's remark, the Birthers can now be replaced by the Deathers.

    Oh and @Anon 2:57 PM - I think you have a Freudian slip in your post. Not an uncommon mistake though.

  23. I couldn't agree more.
    Everything in the media/press bragging is grotesque, and repulsive.
    All those celebrating in the streets of NY, or in front of the WH, are the yong unemployed with nothing else to do other then looking for an excuse to calm down their thirst for goodnews.
    I wish all of them should gather in the same way to demostrate for what has been taken from them:Jobs/social benefits, and above all...their country.

  24. The entire story is BS. What I don't understand is how any intelligent person can still believe the official story of 911. Not to mention the other 300 red flags, but what about WTC7? "Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth"? Firefighters for 911 truth? Believe it or not, you're the idiot and the "conspiracy theorists" are completely and obviously right on 911. Please wake up.

  25. Without a body, theres no proof of death. Even an insurance company wont pay without proof of death.
    A real victory dance would have involved stringing up the body on the WH lawn for week while the birds picked it apart, Muslim sympathizers be darned. Theyve done worse to our troops when captured. At that point even the douchebags at NBC could examine the carcass.
    It was a colossal mistake by the inept, bumbling, most racist President, ever.

  26. I disagree with this part:

    "I have no idea. One can only speculate—and any such speculation will be pointless and endless, not to mention endlessly boring. "

    Speculation can lead to discovery. "conspiracy"?


  27. Fake birth certificate, fake 911, fake Osama.

    Are the elites cracking up?

  28. Read "The New Pearl Harbor, Revisited" By David Ray Griffin. Osama Bin Laden did not do 911--the facts are in. So this corny stunt was an effort to bring closure to a story that was a phony from the beginning. Jews have bankrupted Americans moral and financial compass. They are just too uninformed to draw the right conclusions.

  29. it's a conspiracy trololol

  30. The thing that I wonder about, in this burgeoning sea of distrust of mainstream media, is how the people who report it maintain the status quo.

    The people who do the reporting on radio, in newspapers and on tv, they must have some level of intelligence to be employed for so long, and yet they continue to spew the bs and lies, no matter how obvious, and refuse to admit that the story they so glibly report is full of holes. Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, the entire cast of the Today show, all corporate whores.

  31. This is the Theater of the Absurd production of Obomba Gets Osama or Mission Accomplished II. I know you don't believe in 911 Truth theories but I felt exactly the same way as I feel about this when I watched the towers falling live and in color. If you aren't a conspiracy theorist you haven't read enough history to understand how governments have always operated.

  32. It's a great day for Barack Hu-slain Osama. Or so he claims ...

  33. I have read reports that bin Laden died in December 2001 just as you have said.

    Benazir Bhutto insisted that bin Laden was killed in 2002 by Omar Sheiikh. Perhaps this is why she was assassinated: the ruling elites wanted to keep him alive until they "killed" him on their timetable.

    In a Frost over the World interview with Benazir Bhutto on 2 November 2007 she mentions that Omar Sheikh killed Osama bin Laden. This is at about 6:08 on this You tube video of that interview:

    Interestingly, this latest "killing" of bin Laden by the ruling elites took place on May 1, 2011, the 235th. anniversary of the founding of the Illuminati in 1776. This is no mere coincidence and bears watching in the coming months to see what they have in mind for the world. Certainly they have caused people to look away from other events just as music hall magicians do when they are performing some sleight of hand trick.

    You lose points in my book by refusing to believe that 9/11 was not as portrayed by the establishment. Christopher Bollyn is one of the most diligent and credible journalists on that particular beat. Check him out.

  34. Yes, I always thought he'd died of kidney failure around then as well. And I thought the same thing about the celebrations; couldn't help remembering how the US population reacted to the sight of cheering crowds in the Middle East when 911 happened.

  35. Of course it was baloney. And congratulations for pulling your head out of the sand by not beilieving what the corporate (for profit) media tells you to believe.

    As for why???? Well lets look at the timeline...Last Thursday Obama finally puts his birth certificate on line...only problem is that it is so poorly edited high school kids with adobe illustrator have announced that it is fake on youtube! Friday Willy and Kate get married, media is too busy with that to talk about ineledgible lying Kenyans. So they bookend a horrible week for Obama's press releases with another bold faced lie; Osama is killed on 5-1-11. And a doctored picture of his superimposed face. Lovely.

  36. It's been reported that there would be a retaliatory attack using a nuke device in Europe if OBL was captured or killed. This was reported about a week ago. If one goes off then you will see why OBL's death is now official. I hope it isn't the prelude to another false flag.

  37. Abstract:

    "We demonstrate a conduit for the delivery of a step change in the DNA analysis process: A fully integrated instrument for the analysis of multiplex short tandem repeat DNA profiles from reference buccal samples is described and is suitable for the processing of such samples within a forensic environment such as a police custody suite or booking office. The instrument is loaded with a DNA processing cartridge which incorporates on-board pumps and valves which direct the delivery of sample and reagents to the various reaction chambers to allow DNA purification, amplification of the DNA by PCR, and collection of the amplified product for delivery to an integral CE chip. The fluorescently labeled product is separated using micro capillary electrophoresis with a resolution of 1.2 base pairs (bp) allowing laser induced fluorescence-based detection of the amplified short tandem repeat fragments and subsequent analysis of data to produce a DNA profile which is compatible with the data format of the UK DNA database. The entire process from taking the sample from a suspect, to database compatible DNA profile production can currently be achieved in less than 4 h. By integrating such an instrument and microfluidic cartridge with the forensic process, we believe it will be possible in the near future to process a DNA sample taken from an individual in police custody and compare the profile with the DNA profiles held on a DNA Database in as little as 3 h."

  38. My theory...

    They have to exit from Afghanistan. Seventy percent of the US public wants them out, according to polls, plus, they can no longer afford it. But they couldn't just leave - they'd look weak.

    So they had the CIA fake Osama's death. Now they can leave, declaring "victory" as they exit.

  39. "If today were April 1 and not May 2, we could dismiss as an April fool’s joke this morning’s headline that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight in Pakistan and quickly buried at sea. As it is, we must take it as more evidence that the US government has unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans." — PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

  40. Clearly we must see threw this sham..our "Collective Attention attention is to now focus on the assasination of Osama bin Laden....not... focus on Obamas long form birth certificate released last friday. The birth certificate is viewed by many as a fake!!

  41. Folks the military mission was never about OBL but was about killing Mullah Omar the ONE EYED ex Taliban Leader. He was shot in the eye to remove this evidence and then dumped in the sea---Mission accomplished. Now mullah Omar was not demonized enough in west to give Mr Obama the much need political life line for his second term. By switching the target name to OBL gives Obama the political push plus also brings closure to OBL story which was known amongst intelligence circles for years that OBL is dead.

  42. mi simple comentario es. se prepara algun gran atentado en algun pais de medio oriente, porque con todos los problemas en Egipto, Siria, Libya ,Somalia, etc. no ase logro todavia hacer que se revele el pueblo contra Iran el principal objetivo y miedo de todos, veremos ojala por el bien de todos los inocentes nada pase

  43. nonsense, you have not presented one fact to support your notion that they didn't get him. Standard conspiracy fare, high on emotion low on reason. they killed him because they absolutgely did not want to take him alive. Im sure we will see photos.

  44. Osama, Obama, Osama, Obama... whose time and place of birth we can never now be sure of, the other whose date and place of death we can never now be sure of.

    One a leader who presides over an apparently ubiquitous group that kills thousands of people in the name of peace, the other a leader who presides over an apparently ubiquitous group that kills thousands of people in the name of peace.

    Me? I believe ONLY that our leaders have been leading us up one garden path or another for years and years.It keeps the rest of us in pieces, don't you see?


  45. Hello:

    If you believe 911 was a terrorist
    incident,,, you are not paying
    attention to fact and logic.

    The Unaware are Unaware that
    they are Unaware..

    Simple investigation shows
    black holes in 911.

    Truth is an Undesirable Entity.

  46. Bin Laden was not even wanted for 9/11 by the FBI. This is not one of those myth's you'll find on snopes, it is fact. The FBI stated they had no evidence he was connected to 911 and therefor that is why there was no mention of 911 on Bin Laden's FBI page where he was in fact wanted for other alleged crimes.

    So, all the tapes and audio recordings of Bin Laden's supposed confessions and bragging about 911 wasn't good enough for the FBI, why then was it good enough for the president to assassinate him? Why is it good enough for the American people?

    We'll never know the truth, government is inherently secretive, agenda ridden, a propaganda machine, and no doubt there are evil people doing evil deeds. This is not to say all government and everyone it it are evil, but like anything else in life there is good and bad and too much centered power is alwasy a bad thing. I don't know anything about Bin Laden, it's all about impossible for the public to know.

  47. Hi Gonzalo,

    What a great piece!!! You put into words exactly what I was thinking!!! And I am not a "conspiracy theorist" either, other than being a fan of the very entertaining Mel Gibson movie.

    My first reaction was that finally President Obama has something that will make people happy, but then thought there is something fishy about the whole thing. My husband, who has lived in a Muslim country, confirmed to me that Islamic people are never buried at sea. By the way, he also thinks your article is great! And we both love the way you explain things in such a clear and simple way.

    I do remember when Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia, and as you say, gruesome as it was, they left absolutely no doubt that Guevara was dead, and made the T-shirt people incredibly wealthy! Not to mention that old Fidel has had a martir ever since.

    Your fan Tita

  48. Thank you for writing everything that I've been thinking. As soon as I saw the headlines, I felt it was all a lie - buried at sea?! - please! I've always thought he's been dead for years (kidney failure) and you so clearly expounded on the reasoning for that.
    I do wonder though, why is the US government playing the Bin Laden card NOW? They know it's a BIG card, so what could possibly merit the playing of it? I would think it would be more than a birth certificate distraction. I had figured it would lead to some staged terrorist attack which would then justify the US invading some country, but I hope it is as you postulated: pulling out of Afganistan and Iraq. But I bet it is something way bigger. I hope it's not some nuclear attack in Europe as the above commenter mentioned because that would be a major war starter.
    Time will tell.

  49. Sunday morning the mainstream media were all skeptical about Qaddafi's son and grandkids being killed in a NATO airstrike because no bodies were produced.

    Osama "killed" twelve hours later, no body, and no skepticism. Nice.

  50. Birth certificate court hearing today...copy of it on WH web site proved to be an obvious fake within hours of release....drop in the polls to an all time low...getting ready to run again...many many reasons why today was the day to pull a "wag the dog" trick...oh and its "May Day"

  51. What's interesting is that you don't believe this "official" story but believe all the others. The government lies all the time. About everything. Inflation, the FED, WMD in Iraq, Afghanistan, the air is safe after 9/11 (Thanks Christi Whitman and the EPA for that now that thousands are expiring from this), WTC 7, etc. etc.
    So many lies... How exactly Gonzalo do you tell which is real and which is not?

  52. Whatever is being told does'nt really change anything to the situation, bad will only continue and worse will come soon enough.....

    problem with killing is, there's always more to kill. i wonder who will be the next villain ?

  53. Does this mean they will abolish the Patriot Act, the MCA, the TSA and the DHS?

    We don't need them anymore, now that Osama is dead?

    Anyone else asking that question?

  54. shahzad/pakistanMay 3, 2011 at 12:51 AM

    Ground work laid out for the invasion of Pakistan, all plausible excuses are in place, false flag operation carried out to kill a long dead and buried Osama, image leaked in the pakistani media is photoshopped by a ten year old, so called body buried at sea because there is no body, DNA match? one needs a DNA to match it with? and that too in less than 12 hours, who is the United States fooling? forget the elaborate false flag ops and pretexts; Just Bring it, we in Pakistan know you want us next, Americas zionist masters are pulling the strings and using american army as a proxy to do their dirty work, how can Americans be so naive is beyond me. But was refreshing reading this article, did you migrate from canada? coz you dont seem Amrican..and oh by the way you did not land on the moon..sorry, but i dont believe that either.

  55. What Jimmy said.

  56. Thank you for expressing words in a way that I cannot.

  57. What happened to building 7?

  58. Great opinion! Nicely articulated and every bit sounds and resonates true. I couldn't have said it better (most certainly :-))

  59. Besides agreeing to the fake, staged death of Bin Laden, I was also amazed how the White House treated the press last night, offering them little doggie treats, a few at a time until nearly midnight. BO was scheduled to speak at 10:30 but information was strategically leaked until he appeared but I was already in bed, realizing that it was fake reality TV at its worst. Jump boy, jump! Here's a treat for you! Nah. I'd rather watch Family Guy.

  60. Bin Laden died in Dec 2001.
    Benizar Bhuto told David Frost he was dead, then she was dead.


  61. My initial thought, too! I didn't even know about the sea burial until late this morning, but I still believe he died years ago, maybe December 2001 of kidney disease. The only explanation I can think of is that declaring his murder this weekend increases someone else's popularity, give cause to blame America for the next terrorist attack, and that person PERSONALLY knew Osama bin Laden. If he did not, declaring this could be suicide, but someone had no doubt he was dead before this statement. The more I think about it, the more I think it was the beginning of a terrible attack about to take place!!

  62. If you believe he(OBL)was promptly buried at sea so as to be in accordance with Islamic law/tradition with no proof or regard whatsoever for an American public that has waited almost 10 years for justice, or a settling of the score if you prefer,then you are delusional. It is a fabrication to provide circus for the mean American Citzens better known as sheeple. The Obama Admin. reminds me of The Apple Dumplin' Gang with the supposed long form BS last week, and this completely bizzare tale/fable concerning the bastard that killed 3,000 of our fellow Americans Citizens. The Joker Indeed, but the joke is on us!

  63. Well, if they didn't kill him this weekend, and I don't think they did either, then why all of a sudden make this big announcement? Is it to distract us from Obama's phoney birth certificate? Or is it that now we can have an attack on the US by "terrorists", perhaps CIA or MOSSAD, and Obama can then declare a state of martial law and we'll have to surrender our firearms in the cause of national security. I don't know what they are up to but it sure smells bad. You have to ask yourself, "why now?" When the other shoe drops it will be a doozy.

  64. No conspiracies, you say?? Funny, a LOT of very powerful men disagree with you!>>>>>

    “The CIA owns every one of any significance in the major media.” —William Colby Former Director of the CIA—Murdered/Assassinated.

    "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." ~JFK

    "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson." A letter written by FDR to Colonel House, November 21st, 1933

    "It was not accidental [the 1929 stock-market “crash”]. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. ... The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all." Louis McFadden

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover

    "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.' ~Edward Bernays (Father of modern media and nephew of Sigmund Freud).

    "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    "[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United
    States to change it's perceptions." -- Henry Kissenger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994

    "Because it is sometimes so unbelievable, the truth escapes being known." -Heraclitus (500 B.C)

  65. Who really did it? 9/11 and Israel,

  66. Wag the Dog...all over again.

  67. It is also my view that OBL has been dead for some time. Each of the videos/audios featuring him since late 2001 were found to be hoaxes. He was simply a bogey man pulled out to frighten us from time to time, always with curious timing. I think George W knew he was probably dead years ago, too - George and Unka Dick kick-started the NeoCon wet dream on OBL, and he became irrelevant.

    "Navy Seals"? "Obama planning this attack since March"? More likely, some creep in Pakistan fingered yet another tall guy to collect the $25 million price on OBL's head. This will come out in time.

    There is a reason that Obama chose this time to officially pronounce OBL dead. There is surely a political reason, one which I fear far outreaches the notion that it is to ensure his re-election. Surely not to declare victory and bring the troops home! Hardly! What BS this little drama of ordering the killing of OBL rather than capturing him, and disposing of the body beyond any independent examination will soon become apparent when we are told what "intelligence" was recovered on the computers the Navy Seals removed from the compound. Given the context of the "Arab Spring", but most disturbingly of all, the NATO "humanitarian intervention" in Libya, a nation with vast oil and very importantly WATER resources, and the likelihood of further "humanitarian intervention" in Syria, over which the Haifa pipeline is built, I am grimly predicting enough "evidence" found of contacts between OBL and Iran regarding a cooperative nuke attack on Israel to give the green light to our best buddy Israel to attack, which they are presently in formation to attempt, and fight alongside them, which George W pledged to do. Regardless, even if I believed the official story that Obama took out OBL last night, I couldn't feel jubilation, because anyone who really listened to what OBL said knew that he welcomed the US going into quagmires in the Middle East, and he said that what we would do to ourselves in the wake of 9/11 in terms of how we function as a society was worse than the actual attack, and he was wise about this. I think OBL, or the bogeyman OBL, succeeded in destroying America. We are NEVER going to recover as an economically stable nation since George W started GWOT.

    Every facet of these wars have been videotaped and photographed. Our magnificent fighting men managed to videotape Jessica Lynch being saved by her Iraqi captures - so why would they not carefully document the assassination of OBL?

    The official story makes no sense. Something stinks to high heaven in here. That bastard Obama is going to lead us to WWIII.

  68. Geez! I forgot why they announced that OBL is dead. Damn! The War on Terra is over! Bring the troops home. Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Obama is an empty suit just doing what he's told. What a schmuck. We are in for something really bad now!!!

  69. Then the next logical step would be a false flag attack to illustrate that Bin Laden's followers live on and remain a threat requiring continued massive security spending.'
    Absolutely! I agree with many of the above posts and the article. I though bs go a bit further - 9/11 was an inside job with mossad I have some lecture for those interested - I can only ho[e and pray that finally world peace will come and this will happen after the jews have brought down the U.S. and ruled the world for a time before the second coming of Jesus - the jews will cretae havoc on earth like no others have ever before..

  70. It has come to a point now in history where main stream media and news cannot be credited as truth and out own president and his pawns are filthy liars.

  71. I wrote this to someone, just after she told me the news(btw, I am from Australia)

    Yeah...he has been in the refrigerator for many amongst the old bottles of asparagus and black olives and , the ice cream.... and trotted out for news whenever a new bombing had to take place.

    Looks like now Obama wanted him as the best way to shake off Trump, and get a surge in ratings. So, Bin Laden has become terminal terminal...much better officially dead than alive.

    Look out for Son of Bin Laden, when a new and improved boogie man is needed to scare the flock.
    >>then more:
    l ook out for a big "event" on US soil....blamed on BIN's raghead buddies...
    just in time to lock down US, and get the Kenyan over the line for 2nd presidency
    a suitcase nuke in a large Nescafe coffee tin, in XYZ???
    all just pure theatre and photoshop and archived film clips
    they even "buried the body at sea"....already... HOW CONVENIENT
    the Kenyan will take big dollops of credit for pulling the dinar deal together, giving US trillions, and saving the day, re economy and guaranteed cheap supply of oil...(btw, thats an imminent world currency event, folks)
    OMG...all the TV reports are bin laden with wag dog garbage....
    100% tripe and contrived
    more transparent than a sheet of ACI glass

  72. Shahzad,

    I'm American and I agree with you 100%...we're not *all* bad/naive.

    Great article btw.

  73. About as credible as Ghadaffi handing out Viagra to his troops.

  74. As usual no real evidence. Or rather do away with the evidence fast so that no trail exists. Like that of the steal in the world trade. If you look close you can see the us gov patterns of treason and lies.

  75. I was prepared to say something about you and a box of rocks but decided it would be insulting to boxes of rocks.

  76. 911 was definitely a terrorist attack done by Mossad and the CIA.

  77. Trust me Osama was killed by our heroic troops in Pakistan! I am the President!! Would I lie to you?? If you don't believe the solemn word of your President, then you are a "conspiracies nut terrorist enemy combatant"

  78. Man, I need to start a conspiracy website, I could make a killing off you wacko losers.

  79. Well if you don't understand that 9-11 was not a "terrorist" incident, then it doesn't matter much about what you believe about the current Osama thing.. because you are mislead from the start.

  80. You may be right about OBL having died years ago.

    But if George W. Bush sought to extend the charade, frankly, kudos to Obama for bringing the charade to a grand conclusion!

    My fondest hope is that it would be the excuse to get our military the hell out of there!

  81. On the Bin Laden issue, I agree 100% with you Gonzalo.

  82. Really good article. I found the link on Red Ice Creations news site. I, too, am repulsed and angered by this cheap trick, and the response of the boobs in the street. I half expected to come into the office today and see thousands of little American flags on every desk. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone.

  83. A good article. Of course it is a fake killing. Excellent sources, such as Benazir Bhutto, said he was killed in the Tora Bora caves. The quick burial at sea! Give us a bleeping break. It was faked at this time, because it was coming out that Obama's birth certificate was a forgery. A deperate act was needed to save his presidency. A huge war is in the making and they don't want to change Presidents now.

    We now have an administration of brutal and total liars, not equaled since Stalin and Hitler's Reich-stag fire. America is now under the control of hideous human monsters. And the main stream press, blacks, and black worshiping liberals believe it all. Way back in 1968, I told all my friends that America's first dictator would be a black man. By the way,I was a civil rights activist, but the truth is the truth.


  85. The problem with the getting the boogeyman is that you never really know if he existed in the first place.

  86. 9/11 was a terrorist attack...That is an absolute FACT!!! Who were the terrorists that loaded the buildings with demolition chemicals that have been proven to totally destroy them in their tracks, and atomize the concrete and human bodies into dust?
    The greatest conspiracy "theory" is the official report that is so ludicrous it's nauseating.
    Now we are expected to "believe" some more bravo sierra from another president that has proven himself to be just as sorry as the last one...just do the trick and then either ship the evidence to China, or throw it in the ocean.

  87. This is so refreshing. I cannot mention my disbelief of this Bin Laden death to ANY of my friends or my husband. It is so nice to see that at least the people on the blogs look deeper into the facts and can see through the lies.

  88. You must be Canadian.

  89. I don't believe in wild theories either, but what is coming out of government and the medias is wilder than any of the wild theories.

  90. Mother Fucker!

    I got hijacked at Rense and sent to your imbecilic blog!

    Ordinarily I wouldn't give a jackoff like you the time of day...let alone add to your hits.

  91. Benizar Bhuto had said this before her somebody stated me the chills to see the american people go out like that and celebrate waving flags and sure some rednecks gave out a few shots in the air...patriotism scared man got a house to pay for isnt what it used to be what next even if they did start wwIII and europe,china,russian federation were somehow so radiated from nuclear fallout people started to die in a period of 5 years that means all northern hemisphere would be really hostile to live in for anybody even her majesty queen of we were born in starnge times i tell ya..

  92. The problem with conspiracies, especially one this large or as large as 9/11, is that they would have to get so many people to go along to make it work. In this case, Navy SEALS and score of other personnel in the govt would have to agree and keep their mouth shut never uttering a word. This would all have to be planned, orchestrated, and executed flawlessly without a leak in the process anywhere or a noise made by anyone involved. I think conspiracy theorists GROSSLY underestimate what it would take to pull such an enormous undertaking off.

  93. I'm right with you. I smelled bullshit as soon as i heard it. what better way to "pull an ace out of the sleeve" for obama while his approval ratings are in the dirt, and country moral is low, and the us dollar is about to push all-time lows.... it's on clearance, but i'm not buying it.

  94. Desillusioned in the USMay 3, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    Great blog, great comments.Anyone who falls for this show needs to go back under the rock they came from. It is time to wake up and see where this is leading. Can't wait to see what false-flag they have in store for us this time. I hope it's not in Europe, since I'm going to visit there in the near future. The special grope-session by TSA at the airport should be interesting...LOL. The sheeple need to wake up and smell the coffee, I hope it's not already to late for that.

  95. 9/11 was an inside job!!

  96. If you want to see where Amerika is heading watch "Waco: Rules of Engagement"

  97. "The problem with conspiracies, especially one this large or as large as 9/11, is that they would have to get so many people to go along to make it work. ... "


    I'm with Mish and his Occam's Razor approach to this issue (one of the few things on which I agree with him). I will be the first to admit though that it all stinks. Just not convinced due to the massive level of collusion required at so many levels to make these grand conspiracies palatable. But I do keep an open mind anyway.

  98. Thank you. You have verbalized all of my thoughts I've been having in the past 24 hours, from the the "assassination" to the burial at sea to the frankly immature pep rallies in the streets of NY and DC.

  99. What if nothing actually happened? Nothing physical? No special forces? No action? No shoot outs?
    Just a quasi Hollywood script. And a quiet studio, with talented crew re photoshop, sound bytes, some maps, some pictures of choppers and a burning wall. And some pictures of mattresses and ketchup etc...maybe all left over from who knows which war.... Libya, Bosnia, Afghanistan. Just archives, footage, a script, and news releases.Probably same FX people who are wheeled in for each new production...year in, year out. All super simple, super low budget. All standard fare, really. Delivered fresh, to a TV station or newspaper near you.

  100. GL,
    Thanks for fessing up that you don't believe in conspiracies, but this just indicates that you don't investigate things deep enough and/or haven't studied history. It's amazing to me that you knew this latest 'conspiracy' was bullshit but didn't have the same immediate reaction to the obviously contrived 911 conspiracy. You might be excused for not immediately realizing that the 'official' 911 story was a fairy tale, but if you've ignored the overwhelming amount of evidence that's come out since, then you must have been living under a rock. This latest Osama Zombie fairy tale is so blatantly contrived that anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together should be able to see thru it. But alas we now live in I wouldn't waste too much time trying to wake people up. It's obviously too late.

  101. Glad you figured this scam out. But how a grown up can seriously say that 9/11 was not an inside job is totally beyond me.

  102. In Imperial China they would display the severed head on a pike staff or hang it from the battlements. I guess everyone knew you were dead then -- no question...

  103. I just want to go on record that I agree fully with you, it makes no sense to kill him and quickly bury him at sea. I'm convinced it never happened. Where's the body, where's the photos of his dead body with witnesses. There are none therefore it never happened.
    Charles Harman

  104. Very well presented. I think you could covert any non believer, which I hope your post does. You don't need to convince me, as I fall in the conspiracy theorist category. I think as our news and world events get even more ridiculous, those not awake will wake up to the manipulation that is rampant on this planet.

  105. I don't believe in this media bullshit that Bin Laden is dead. Whether he is still alive or is dead, Bin Laden is just the scape goat that the US Government was using so they can go in to war. As most people commented, US has no proof that they killed Bin Laden. Anyone can posted bloody pictures of a "crime scene". And how the hell can you kill someone, identify their DNA, and drop them in the sea within 5 hours? Come on people, they just killed the scape goat to make US citizens feel better about themselves, allowing soldiers to leave afghan, making Obama look good, and moving on to bigger and better things....hmm..hopefully this is a sign that the government will look into improving the US economy.

  106. A lot of things can be faked, so maybe also the report that Mr. Osama mentioned Mr. Sarkozy January 21st 2011. I am struck about two things, however:

    - Mr. Obama declared himself a murderer! Obviously Mr. Osama is also a murderer. But will Mr. Obama get clean hands when he justifies himself that he removed the «evil in person»?

    - Where is the Rule of Law? Whenever a person dies a death certificate is issued and if the cause of death is mysterious, a careful investigation is warranted to determine that no crime happened. If the USA purposely hinders this process in a different country, the USA is no more than an unstable and illegal banana republic.

  107. How is it a known fact that the scumbag had kidney problems? The scumbag was very intelligent. A lot of his followers studied at ivy league universities. Why can't everyone stop being so arrogant, admit and understand that his terrorist organisation is really good at what they do? LOL, let me guess, the USS Cole attack, Bali, Lockerbie, etc was staged too? Whatever! Why can't it be-the scumbag was really historical-and will be in history forever for the infamy that he caused. I believe he was killed by Seal Team 6 as it was told. Get over y'all-selves already! I'm an ex-mercenary-it's not hard to disappear from a superpower-by hiding in plain sight. Ask the unibomber. Read the Art of War. Read about ninjas(they actually wore clothes to fit in, not the black ninja pajama bs). Read Machiavelli. I fought against scum and they are really good. They've killed SEALS, Rangers, SAS, mercenaries, troops, women and kids-but it's a government conspiracy, they can't be that good. GTFOH

  108. LOL, no one affiliated with the NSA told you that the scumbag was already dead. I don't believe you.

  109. From Australia:
    Anyone remember the hilarious movie, "Weekend at Bernie's"
    I think many of the Powers that Be have bin taking turns wheeling around the BIN, via a refrigerated wheel chair, in full moslem garb, including face covering burka veil. The BIN has bin wheeled along Wall Street, and a trip to Pennsylavania Ave, and even went to Disneyland, to meet Micky Mouse, the official scriptwriter for 9/11. Hilary has taken Bin around the Middle east, and the Bernank showed him the note counterfeiting factory. He had a weekend with Bernie.He bin everywhere, man, awaiting his cue for his final allocated task.
    So, whilst Bin was being dumped at sea, he was also in NY to enjoy the celebrations of his latest demise.He bin a real ASSET, and each night, he rested in the refrigerated truck,,,to make sure he was able to make it to his final curtain call, in 2011.
    They put a flag in each hand, waved his arms around, the dead of night, put him in the UNLADEN BIN.

  110. "The problem with conspiracies, especially one this large or as large as 9/11, is that they would have to get so many people to go along to make it work. ... "




  111. Who is to say he wasn't captured!

    Great way to obtain the information they need through what ever means!

  112. After hearing this story, I had the same gut feeling I had after hearing the stories of Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman. Deep in my gut, there is something not right here. This past week end there was a royal wedding, the beatification of JPII, and Obama gave the best, most funniest, speech ever heard at the WH Correspondence dinner. Our attention is being diverted for some reason.

  113. Look,

    Anybody suggesting an 'inside job' for 9/11 is clearly an idiot. If not an idiot then very intellectually dishonest.

    ANY PROOF???? AT ALL?????

    Anyway, as for this one, well for the first time in a conspiracy theory, the proposed motivation makes some sense (framing 19 Saudi/Yemenis in order to attack Iraq as the 'truthers' suggest just doesn't make any sense, why not frame er.... an Iraqi?). Going bankrupt, need to retreat with something to declare a victory. That already gives it more credence than most. Also what you say regarding videos and tapes also makes sense.
    (BTW, if there is not an immediate winding down in Pakistan and Afghanistan then I assume you will admit you have no reasonable motivation to ascribe to this conspiracy theory)

    However, despite that you are once again suggesting that a big load of public servants are willing to lie for Obama's poll numbers. A lie that would have to be maintained for the rest of everybody's life and for which they might get lynched. Oh, and if some retard on here wishes to say they had 'sworn allegance to the illuminati' or some BS then I would simply ask for some evidence. Not a lot. A little will do.

    If OBL was buried in an unmarked grave the US government would have to have 100% proof of this before spinning this lie. All a follower of OBL would have to do is return to the site with a shovel and give the remains to a western news organisation and the US government would fall the day after the DNA results came back. Too big a risk.

    Frankly, this sounds more like you are not wanting to discard a theory you having been telling everyone else for so long.

    Look, if they never produce evidence, then fair enough. If they do, so many of you will look like morons, the rest will just blindly deny that evidence. "Explosives in the towers etc."

    As for why not captured? As for why not buried in America? If you guuys cannot work that out then you truly are stupid. If you had asked me last week what should they do if they find OBL I would have said immediately waste him and dispose of the body. It makes such obvious sense.

    Oh, how do you KNOW he had kidney trouble. Proof please? Or was it your contacts in the intelligence community.

    Rumours you stick to, official statements with peoples names and reputations attached are instantly considered false. Standard pathology. Yawn.

  114. Buried at sea as dictates by the Islamic ritual! Yeah, right! What a bull? Something peculiarly not right with the whole story. We, Muslims, don't simply throw off our dead brethren to sea...

  115. To kill him without any interrogation to corroborate what he was responsible for, or to find out what next, by who, when and how? Missed opportunity??
    Main concern, why 'find' him in Pakistan, what is that about, English cities will go up in flames if trouble in Pakistan- so what is really happening - very concerned and sick of American manipulation of the world.

  116. "Wag the Dog" was a very amusing movie, and the only fatality was a deranged pervert that was messing with a farmer's wife.
    Now "The Trunk Wagging the Elephant" has blown up two of the largest buildings in the world and a third with crucial records stored that would incriminate major entities,plus an area in the Pentagon that held more, not to mention 3000+ lives two illegal wars that have gone on longer than any in U.S. history, killing millions more.
    Now this latest stunt is supposed to cut the snake's head off and justify torture, and assure the necessity to continue "the endless war on terror".
    Of course, this is just another conspiracy story of fiction, thank God. How else could it be real, because otherwise the horrible secret of this magnitude would be exposed...Right?

  117. Great call GL. This president of ours is an arrogant, mendacious and very dangerous individual. He is obviously starting his reelection campaign early.

    The fawning in the press is disgusting to the point one might feel there is a conspiracy afoot to get him reelected.

    Also the public rejoicing over his death is a national disgrace for a supposedly Christian nation.

    This is a sad day for America, we have hit bottom.

  118. The people do not trust the government anymore.

  119. Guy telling about what is realy going on in the world, for more than 20 years now, is David Icke, from U.K. See more here:

  120. They lie CONSTANTLY, never telling the truth on ANY occasion, and yet you still believe their story about 9/11? Why? There is so much evidence that 9/11 was a STAGED, false-flag hoax to get the US to fight wars for Israel.

    Look here:

  121. What a bunch of horse pucky.

    The crux of the story is true. They killed the bastard because capture and lawyers and all the rest of it would never have been practical.

    The real cover up is the Paki's probably did know he was there and were cooperating for some purpose. He may have out lived that purpose.

    No doubt there is some disinformation to cover up intel sources, methods and practices. They knew for 100% sure he was there. That type technology is available once you know a building location to 100% determine what is inside it given enough time.

    The burying at sea part is a cover. That part of the World the water is not that deep. Recovery of objects that small is well within the scope of many organizations if you have enough location clues. They would never risk it. Folks probably will try to find him for a PR stunt. Bastard is dead, they kept him, probably will be stuffed and mounted in some inner sanctum

    Basic point here is simple. The crux of the story is true. Probably a form of battlefield execution, bastard was chickenchit and probably did try to hide behind his wife. Pump out enough disinfo to cover up the critical facts to not tip off the next bastard in line.

    Get used to it. God bless America.

  122. Okay, GL now you've entered the realms of the inconsistent. There is a great deal more evidence that the World Trade Center incident was a controlled demolition, than you have for making a conspiracy claim about the current and related Osama/Obama state of affairs. Pick a side or you'll rip your pants on the fence!

  123. I don't know, man. How could they keep it a secret? POTUS would be putting his presidency on the line for such little gain. I have to say I don't agree with you.

  124. A ruse to improve Obama's re-election odds? Perhaps. Or, as you said, the need to bring home our military personnel, most likely to quell the upcoming social unrest that will occur when the dollar stops swirling in the toilet and gets flushed through, inflation finally runs away with the populace' ability to afford any facsimile of the lifestyle they knew and the American sheeple finally awake to the total hosing that has been foisted upon them by their so called benevolent electorate.

  125. You don't believe (neither do I) that they killed bin Waldo, but you believe that Neal Armstrong walked on the moon? OOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKK . . .

  126. It was bone-chilling to see the successor to GWBush declare, without blinking, that Osama was brought to justice via an assassination, and yet not have the body handy as proof. Where do the lies end??

  127. You're right! Correct shooting procedure is 2 to the body and 1 to the head! However, maybe there were two shooters, maybe one in the grassy knoll...
    Anyway, no matter how you cut it, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! However, there are other missions that were discovered along the way. You know how one thing can lead to another, kinda like a Google search.

  128. Well, I'm very curious to see how the evidence of Bin Ladens death will be presented, as the white house is now considering. This should be very interesting.

  129. Well, well - I think that the government "humanists" (just in public relations of the government) who - without declaring any war against Libya - killed a son of the boss and three little children, civilians - what would be exactly the same as Bin Laden (officially) did in NYC on a small spot - that they had to find out a spectacular hot spot public relation event and out of it - Bin Laden came. As if somebody could live years in a public place when US spy and armies are everywhere. There officially. Means in the smallest shops, worldwide, if somebody is crazy enough to buy something, even the smallest things, which the US finds a "potential" danger - there will be a report and CIA guys will come to the buyer. Like most of what TESLA invented...

  130. Before the September 11, 2001 attacks, three and only three nations recognized the Taliban Islamist movement as the legitimate government of Afghanistan: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan (those 'staunch' allies of the USA). In particular, Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence directorate (ISI) provided logistical support for the Taliban in its civil war against the Northern Alliance (the Northern Alliance was all but defeated around August 2001 thanks to the assistance of Pakistan).
    So in the closing weeks of 2001, how could Osama bin Laden have escaped and then years later established residence in the suburbs of Islamabad? ISI – that's how. The Taliban and their assorted Jihadi brethren continue to rattle India's cage and that's what really counts in the eyes of the ISI (not whether people 8,000 miles away get killed – an attitude that most Americans can certainly relate to)

    Yes, arguably it would have been better if bin Laden had died a quiet death many years ago. And far from V-E day in Times Square (probably should be V-J day instead) which always looked like everyone was relieved and overjoyed, this was just another excuse to bring out the helmeted-men with the bazookas. If a bomb ever does go off in New York's Pennsylvania station ("Penn Station") what exactly are men with rifles supposed to do? (Start spraying lead, apparently)
    Mr. bin Laden may have gotten burial at sea, but we just continue to dig our own grave as a free people who used to live without fear.

  131. I'm interested in seeing proof, myself. One thing I am in disagreement with is the idea that his death is an excuse for a rapid drawdown of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it was more of an excuse to ramp up even more spending for the war on terror, with the excuse of Al Qeada retaliating for the death of their martyr and ramping up attacks. I guess for both - we'll have to wait and see whomis correct.

  132. You disqualify yourself by your ignorance on 9/11. The commission report was a complete whitewash. With enough research you should conclude there is no way 19 Muslims who really were not capable of flying commercial aircraft in precision fashion at such high speed were capable of hitting the twin towers. The 9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit to the Whitewash...

    Google Mossad and USS Liberty and then google Mossad and 9/11 for the truth.

    The most cogent analysis of bin Laden's so-called death is written by George Ure (Web Bot co-creator and economic blogger). He is right on in his assessment.

  133. Hey GL, Here a theroy, you're Liberal Socialist Commi plant. You put out crack pot conspiracy theories and call yourself conservative so your Liberal Socialist Progressive buddies in our Biased National News can point to all conservatives and says "see look what conservative are" You do you realalize how many people would have to be in on the conspiracy. The base they flew out of the war ship they flew to not to mention all the seals and support team thousands.

    You're a God Damn Progressive Solialist Commi Liberal Plant.

  134. What difference does it make as long as O is, in fact dead, and now his followers/believers have to face that fact. We can now enter a new phase in the war on terrorists.

  135. Well said. Of course this ObL nonsense is nothing but theater for the knuckle-dragging ignorant. The lack of critical thinking by the average man-on-the-street is mind-boggling.

    As for the timing, doesn't it seem convenient that, when cutting the defense budget has finally been discussed in mainstream circles, all of a sudden we have this absurd assassination of an already dead guy?

  136. You sound like an America hating douche bag.

  137. The Libertarians (the real ones, not the right-wing poseurs) have been raising some concerns on the law and evidence similar to your article on their Facebook. See http;//
    (Not ure this posted, sorry if it re-posts)

  138. My friend's son who is a soldier who has fought Al Qaida in Afghantistan and is currently in Italy waiting the next deployment there doesn't believe it. He said the military hasn't told them about it. Why wouldn't the military tell the soldiers who fight Al Qaida that their famous leader has been killed by the USA??? It seems really strange to me. Also the fact he was killed in a mansion, when he normally hid out in caves and places like that. Not to mention the proud as a peacock Obama bragged about how HE did it.

  139. Yes, a nasty sharade. What I am afraid of is the real motive is to start a civil war in Pakistan. With nukes, that will give us an excuse to start WWIII. Thousands in the military on minimum wage would be better than minimum wage in Civil Conservation Corps, apparantly. This would finalize our police state, I quess. Hope it does not happen.

  140. Hi Gonzo, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut because that's how the corporate controlled media wants those who question the "official story" as kooks, 9/11 was an inside job. Google "WTC 7" and explain to me how this 47-story skyscraper collapsed in its own footprint if it didn't have a a lot of help.

    But I digress. I think its remarkable that after a decade, the snow-leopard-like elusive Kaiser Soze terrorist suddenly gets a cap busted in his ass. And the body is immediately dumped. Into the ocean. Because all desert cave-dwelling jihaidis want to be buried at sea.

    And now the military is talking about releasing the footage shot from the SEAL helmet cams. Meaning the Wag The Dog directors are putting the final edits and special effects for "Weekend at Binni's".

    Next thing you know the "REAL" killers of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman will be found. This afternoon.

  141. sovereign integralMay 3, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    it is understood
    first stand under
    to understand

  142. Ever heard of the term gatekeeper? Well- Gatekeeper used in the context of psychological operations or "Psy-Ops" means coming up with hand picked gurus and their movements/causes who seem to be pointing the public's thoughts in the direction of truth understanding when in fact it leads the public astray from the most important focal points in zero-ing in on the truth. Computer Generated Reality is a fact and an extremley effective tool used by a very powerful rogue group of men (and women too) who use it effectively to enrich themselves while laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of soldiers who are killed along the way. Do not let anyone lead you down the path of understanding that is fed to the masses. Create your own path to the truth-

  143. I'm surprised that the author of this piece can hit the nail on the head concerning OBL's death and not make the same connections in conjunction with the September 11th terror attacks? His speculation that this may be the beginning of a draw-down in the middle east is absurd. You don't have to speculate at all, Obama needed this boost for the coming presidential elections. If anything the death of OBL will be used to beef up the police state and continue our attacks on Pakistan.

    I just don't see how you can critically think about one subject and then flick a switch to kill all analytical thinking when it comes to more uncomfortable subjects, i.e., 911 and the furthering of American imperialism.

  144. We'll probably never know for sure, but a bunch of "Rah! Rah! Mission accomplished!!" noise WOULD make some excuse for a face-saving withdrawal from what will otherwise be the never-ending story of American loss of life in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan was known as "The Graveyard of Armies" long before America went there to find bin Laden, and it's not unreasonable to expect that long after they leave 12th century Taliban attitudes will persist in the minds of some.

  145. He has reicarnated in Africa and will be
    president of US in the future, ha ha.

  146. Interesting. Don't believe the current story because there is no body. However, do believe without a doubt he died in 2001 even though there has never been a body.

  147. Everyone should immediately realize why this hoax was created NOW, and why gold and silver were smashed down today, and why "big" stories will be manufactured over the next several days.

    The whitehouse was just caught releasing an OBVIOUSLY bogus birth certificate. Presumably somebody screwed up. Clearly they created the fake certificate in several layers from various different source materials. The last step before releasing such a fake is to "flatten" all the graphics into a single layer so it matches what is produced by photographs or scanners.

    Somebody screwed up. Either they accidentally copied and released the wrong file from the disk drive, or somebody was getting tired of the predators-that-be scamming everyone daily for years and purposely created or released something that proves Obama a fraud.

    Within a few hours of its release, thousands of Adobe software experts realized the birth certificate was a gross fake and posted evidence on youtube and elsewhere. The evidence is utterly overwhelming.

    What to do?

    Answer: Create bogus BIG news stories to overwhelm the certificate fraud story, and keep creating them until everyone forgets the really huge and important story. Obama is an illegal alien and not president.

  148. You have a bias opinion of the death of bin laden. My first thought was I hope they got him and not a look a like. They had the DNA from his sister's brain to make a match. What is wrong with cheering for victory or justice? The man mastered-minded the terrorist attacks on the US which killed about 3,000 people, There was crying and many days of mourning. Have you forgotten the pain and lost of loved ones? You need to put your priorities in order.
    When I saw the World Trade Center go down trust me I was not laughing or cheering. Were you?

  149. I was fairly sceptical too.... however if osama bin laden really died in 2001 why not exhume his corpse for dna tests and show that the american government is lying?

  150. Ok, I added this great link to my Facebook Wall, but it was taken down?? Now, whenever I try to post this link, it gives me this error:

    I can add any other link in Facebook, but not this one. Conspiracy?

  151. Love it...that is knowing that I'm definitely not alone in disbelieving this news release and briefings that make no sense. Nobody is getting "4" out of this 2+2 nonsense. Hey, what about Trump...burried at sea...we should have GPS on just where the aircraft carrier was and Trump has the money to go get the body. Who knows, maybe what will be found is nothing more than a stuffed pair of blue jeans attached to an old sweatshirt...kind of like we used to make for Halloween.

  152. GL,
    Thank you for a "spot-on" article catching the mainstream at its usual bs parade. Motive for the release at this time? Blatantly obvious to the most casual observer... Prez O(S$#%) ratings are in the toilet, and he needs SOMETHING positive in this miserable administration. After 20 years in the Navy I also couldn't agree more with your take on the celebrations - repulsive. How about a moment of silence to honor the fallen soldiers, firefighters and victims.
    I will disagree on one aspect of your article - Sept 11, 2001. Watch either of the World Trade Center Towers "collapse" - its obvious they were demolished professionally. Fact 1: No building in history has ever "collapsed" from fire - even a skyscraper in South America that once burned for 24 hours. Fact 2: Heat from the burning jet fuel is not hot enough to melt the steel girder construction of the Towers and could not possibly have weakened the foundation support approximately 65 stories lower at ground level. Basically, FEMA report is complete BULLSH*T. Fact 3: The fiscal state of the government was not quite as dire as today, but obviously had begun heading in the current same direction - hmmm, print and pump money into the defense budget...
    I'm not an "expert" but I did earn an Industrial Engineering degree from a well-acredited university and have spent 25 years earning a living as a professional pilot with military, corporate, airline experience which has included courses in Aviation Accident Investigation. By the way, the wreckage of the aircraft and World Trade Center Towers were never analyzed completely with a proper investigation, but they did find an alleged hijacker's wallet in the debris even though FEMA contended the heat from the jet fuel was so intense it melted the numerous steel girders which were an integral part of the trade Center Towers' construction - go figure!
    I'll say that I'm not sure of the motive, but MANY things on Sept 11, 2001 do not appear as the public was lead to believe. More of the same with Osama's alleged demise...

    Thanks for your straight scoop!
    Average Guy

  153. Facebook won't let me post this blog....interesting

  154. Here's another angle:
    US gov has failed for 10 years to locate Usama, so they create this big media hullabaloo to claim they killed him just to find out if he is in fact still out there. If nothing happens, yep then he is dead (from kidney failure or whatever) and Obama is the hero of the decade. If on the other hand Usama and his coward terrorist buddies retaliate by launching some high profile attack in the Western world, then ooops he is still out there but thanks Usama for fueling another 10 years of meaningless war on terror which means big business for our brethren.

  155. I doubted the truth of the story before reading the blog. Now I doubt it a lot more. Why? For the polishing of a tarnished image. Now the Obama-loving media can crow about how their god achieved what Bush did not achieve. And they've been doing just that.

  156. Thanks Gonzalo. Each day knowing the truth is a little easier than the last.

  157. Situations Vacant:

    Bogeyman wanted. Apply 1600 Pensylvania Avenue, Washington DC, USA.

  158. Amazing how the US picked a house in Abbottabad where the neighbors all testify that something fishy was going on there. Expensive SUV's; kept to themselves, etc. Not locals. The house was built and occupied SEVEN years ago. Seven years of planning for this day! Truly and operation beyond compare.

  159. I'm with you...something just isn't right about all this...maybe time will tell. Don't trust one word that comes from this administration. Also, remember when Bush said something like OBL is not a priority or something along those lines? Why and when did he say that? Could OBL have already died quietly from his ailments but they didn't want to disclose that?

  160. Check out and take the time to watch all three videos. You'll be questioning a lot about the way things are done.

  161. Maybe you're not a conspiracy theorist, but unfortunately I am. Became one by reading all the inconsistent BS in the MSM. My theory on this one is, it's been less than 2 weeks +/- since President Obama has seen fit to produce a most basic document, his birth certificate. (I am not a "birther". I just don't understand why he didn't produce it from the beginning) There were instant claims of blatant fraud. Anybody heard a peep about the birth certificate since the Osama story broke? Even his most ardent enemies are congratulating him on this one.
    Regards all

  162. Reading most of these posts has reassured me that the US really is way behind almost any other developed country when intelligence is measured.

    One post got it right, "The birthers have been replaced by the deathers".

    Even if you don't trust Obama, trust the SEALs, who carried out the mission and those who watched it happen live. Yea, the moon landings were fake too.


  163. We could rant on and on about this subject ... but let's just get to the bottom line.

    There are TWO distinct ways that you will be able to get to the bottom of what really happened:

    1) The White House and Pentagon will realize that it's an enormous booboo if they do not present conclusive evidence that Bin Laden was actually killed in that raid. Remember - if the official story of the SEAL's is right (and I believe it is), then they have the events recorded on videotape. At a bare minimum, they can certainly release the pix of Bin Laden dead. And his son. And his wife. And the courier. You have to admit that if they produce all those photo's, then it's highly unlikely that the event in Pakistan was just fabricated.

    2. But for those people who will never believe what the US says at all, there is another credible source. Al Qaida. It's very likely that the terrorist group will confirm Bin Laden's death - they MUST because they will need to pay tribute to their former leader and guru. There is no point in them denying Bin Laden's death at this stage. Al Qaida cannot let this event pass without giving their own feedback to the world. So it may take them some time, but quite likely you will also see the terrorist organization give confirmation too. Right now they are probably trying to save the a** of their own existing leadership (anyone at a high level who's still alive), and also investigate if they have any leaks inside their own organization.


  164. "The problem with conspiracies, especially one this large or as large as 9/11, is that they would have to get so many people to go along to make it work."

    Christopher Bollyn has done a lot of work on this. E.g., here's a list of some of those who deserve producer credits for 9/11:

    Since many of the commissioners of the 9/11 Report have renounced their own account of this incident, it's time for a new one... one that will provide definitive answers to questions such as those posed by the 1500 members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

  165. Anyone else notice as the gap between main stream media zombies and those that seek real information widens, the crazier we look to the majority. Might be part of the plan.

    Excellent post GL. At least you've got the balls to say it.

  166. Im glad i found this blog because quite frankly i dont buy into this foolishness. A body at sea so the evidence has floated away and a wonderful "save" for a failing president. I wont be taken for a fool.
    Christine Madalone

  167. If you can open your thoughts to the idea that 911 was an inside job, then nothing that has occurred since "the attack" is innocent or believable in regards to our governments policies or concern for the american public (example- why are tax payers paying off off-shore banks for gambling debt "derivatives"). But i will simply state three facts that can no that can not be disputed.
    1. Building Seven at he world trade center sight fell at free fall speed into it's own foot print due to "a fire", defying the laws of Newtonian physics. The only way this could have occurred is through controlled demolition.
    2. NORAD was asked to "stand down" one hour after the world trade center had been hit and a plane was fast approaching the most protected building on the planet. Dick Chaney and Bush were in charge of these orders.
    3. Marvin Bush was head of security for six month prior to 911 for the world trad towers.
    Visit Architects and Engineers for 911 truth if you want more fuel to this fire. Their is no conspiracy to defending truth when the one sold to us makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AND DEFY"S PHYSICS.

  168. Crikey GL, this post has brought all the tinfoil whackjobs out of the woodwork. I wonder how many of them would have read your earlier "Gods from The Machinery" post. Not too many I suspect! Still, 170 comments and counting, not bad!

  169. ut dont you think that if Osama died in 2001, Al-Quaeda would be going on a rampage trying to dismiss the fact the Osama was killed by Americans? As of now it seems like they havent spoken out sayig he died in 2001. Are they really gonna let us Americans feel victorious of a falsehood? And are you just totally going to dismiss the fact they DNA tested his body, and even some of his family (who accounted for Osama) was in the compound in which he was shot? Ya, i know, you yourself didnt see the DNA test, but at the same time were you there to see Osama's face in 2000 and 2001 when he "appeared" to have symptoms of kidney failure? And as for the pictures of Che's body.... What do think the world would say if the U.S. military was holding Osama's head like in the picture above??? We are the U.S.A not Bolivia, and whether some agree or not, we do have some sort of standard, and must be careful of how we release any sort of media to the public of the body.

  170. I wonder how, if G lira believes the official theory that terrorists carried out 9/11, then why doesn't he believe the official theory that Osama was killed by navy seals now?


  171. I have been sitting here for 2 days trying to figure out why there was no pictures or video of Bin Laden's corpse. What reason do they have for leaving this such a mystery?

    I have figured it out... Allow me to explain.

    First Obama put out what has to be the most fake Birth Cert in history when the sheep didn't buy it they put into play the Osama card as they had to distract the stupid away from that issue.
    So they did their big operation to find and kill him and did... or did they?

    No one saw the body no pic no video and then dumped him into the sea BUT they took a DNA sample.
    Now here is where it gets good
    After the midnight announcement of we got him the Birth Cert was instantly forgotten
    and the stupid went into celebration mode.

    Now comes the DNA test and lo and behold it doesn't match GASP we must have killed one of his doubles and they get to resurrect him one more time to reek havoc on the world.
    Now they can trot him out as many times as they want to spread fear and loathing
    any time they need to distract the sheep from their agenda.

    Military budgets get increased more police in the street's pat downs at all sporting events, entering any and all Gov buildings, Train and Bus stations, Check points on the highways and byways, no taking of pictures or video of Gov Facilities or police... etc... and the noose tightens around our necks
    as the next step in their agenda is easily taken.

    Watch and see in a week or so they will announce this right about the time that the New Madrid Fault suffers a great quake... They blew the Levee last night so in about two weeks right in the middle of the 2011 NLE exercise they will trigger the quake and that on the back of Osama is still alive will reduce the sheep to drooling imbeciles and we will slide right into Marshall Law with no one resisting.

  172. Albert Einstein once said "condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

  173. @Madranger

    "has blown up two of the largest buildings in the world and a third with crucial records stored that would incriminate major entities,plus an area in the Pentagon that held more,"

    Listen to yourself FFS. Why not use a paper shredder? So now they have planned this will they fly more planes into their buildings to destroy the documents? You are a first rate moron.

    Have you any evidence that 'documents' being destroyed was the motivation. Which documents. EVIDENCE PLEASE CRETIN.

  174. @Roger Hectree

    Where is this 'evidence'. Any will do. Come on, give it to me.

  175. I need to ask a question.
    Did they ask questions first...then shoot OR did they shoot, then proceeded to concurrently ask questions and provide answers.

    In the case of the Navy Seals..OBL was only supposedly protected by 2 minders. WOW..find it amazing that the FBI's most wanted could only afford the luxury of an army of 2 ?? Even he himself was unarmed. AND the SEALS the "ELITE" team proceeded to shoot OBL in cold blood, then pondered what to do with the body (questions).Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..!!

    In the case of the US Government publication of the so called facts about the assasination of OBL. They shot (announced the discovery/shooting)then decided to determine the asking themselves questions about the defending of the disposal of the body (out at sea), and not the capture and presentation and trial/execution of OBL before the courts and people of the USA.

    Now that they have "shot", we the public , may ask the responsible questions.
    Is there a "planned" attack by Al Q followers in retaliation for OBL's death? Which the US forces would necessarily respond to.
    Is there some "planned" evidence that will surface over the next days/weeks that forces BO to stage another offensive somewhere in the middle east?
    Is the announced death the beginning of the END or the end of the BEGINNING. WAR on terror continues. As does the necessary presence of the Western Armed forces.
    Was Pakistan harboring OBL (ie.he was living there with their knowledge). Does this enrage the USA or other Eastern countries. Do the Elitist's need to put some of their protected capital to work.
    How many distractions can the world's population handle ?
    Egypt, BO, Libya, BS, Tunisia, BO, Afghanistan, Iraq, BS, Iran, OBL, Syria, BS, Debt, BS, Greece, Money printing, BO, Portugal, BS , The FED, BS , BS, BS !!!

    GL, your approach was to shoot then proceed to provide answers. There is more credibility to your theory than there is to the lies coming out of the government via the media.

    Ever thought of outsourcing ? Apparently there is an overwhelming need for creditable writers.

    I must say, I like the new approach. You have gone deeper into the woods and even strayed off the path. Now that didnt hurt (but I can tell you were slightly discomforted being away from the mainstream). AND see all ends well.
    As do all fairy tales. He's dead and everyone lives happily ever after....and thats that!!

    Lets move the next part of the trilogy...

  176. You (and almost all who posted comments) are all uninformed, conspiracy-loving idiots. Please UNSUBSCRIBE me.

    Gary Calhoun

  177. Obama's "birth certificate" has been analyzed by forensic experts and declared to be a forgery, as reported by the Washington Times. This was all a typically ham-fisted attempt at a coverup by the increasingly sociopathic administration of BHO.

  178. There are alot of Americans out here that dont believe it. But to have Officials like Rumsfeld and Cheney & even Oliver North chiming in makes it believable. Obama and Soro's have all the money they need to make it happen. I just dont understand WHY and HOW our officials can sell the American people out! The TRUTH has been perverted and we have lost ALL FAITH in our Leaders. It is a Travesty for our Nation and WE THE PEOPLE need to REALLY LOOK HARD for our next CANDIDATE to RESTORE OUR HONOR! I pray that we can accomplish this for the sake of our kids and Grankids! God Bless America.

  179. In the era of Photoshop, what difference would photos of dead bin Laden make?

    Fly with the eagles by reading the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog daily.

  180. Anyone else having trouble posting this specific link to facebook?

  181. CHARLES DEUTCHMANMay 4, 2011 at 7:54 PM


  182. I AGREE...
    As my wife and I were watching TV...the ticker tape said....
    "President Obama to address the nation in approx. 20 mins..."
    I turned to her and said....

    "OK !! The "Royal Distraction" is over and kept everyone busy these last 3 months..this is gotta be some huge sustainable news in order to distract everyone until the 10th anniversary of the of the 9/11 Conspiracy."

    "OSAMA!!" I declared. "It has to be the killing of Osama!"
    "This is the perfect distraction...Osama Dead!...10th Anniversary!
    "The Perfect Distraction!"

    I stated all this BEFORE the news broke!!!

    To my dismay... I was on point... They pulled the "Osama Card".
    Unfortunately, it is a perfect play because most folks are gonna eat that dung up by the truck load. In the meantime our nation and our standard of living as well as our currency will continue to be intentionally driven into the ground.

    They may have reason to withdraw from the middle east...BUT now they have fabricated a "bone to pick" with bet is expansion..
    NOT withdraw ...that is the only difference in our predictions.

    The right thing to do now is EXIT.....
    Will government do the right thing?.....I think NOT.
    It is not in........


  183. GL, excellent article, and 100% spot on.
    It will be interesting to observe and determine the exact purpose for this fraud.
    Only thing The Doc disagrees with is the fact you believe Osama had anything to do with 911 in the first place.

  184. Regarding the original post, some well made points, but there is nothing substantive about it... only conjecture & presupposition:

    "The second I heard about Osama Bin Laden’s death, my reaction was that it was bullshit"

    "I’ll never believe them."

    I fully understand being skeptical, but this is the definition of 'a priori'.

    As for the comments section: Shocking. A collection of 'Truth'ers, Jew-haters & photoshop-expert birthers spouting hearsay as fact without references.

    I am no fan of our intrusive government in general, especially under its current leadership, but there are some major problems with the conspiracy theories floating around here. As mentioned before, the collusion argument is adequate to most functioning minds to reduce most of these theories to a pile of smoking rubble. The reason they maintain popularity with the fringe is emotional, not logical. So many of you people seem to have an emotional need to feel important... to know better than the poor, wretched & 'mindless' masses. The irony is almost palpable.

    If this whole operation were a fraud, wouldn't their press briefings be more consistent? Is it more likely that they've released contradictory information (OBL armed, human shield, wife killed, compound value, etc.) because A) They had it all cooked up beforehand & decided to butcher their own cover story, or B) because the specific facts of the raid were still being gathered through debriefing & not fully understood.

    Are the Pakistani neighbors in on it? People do actually live in Bilal Town after all. Either they heard choppers, explosions and gunshots or they didn't. Did the witnesses make up their accounts, or do they simply not exist? Then why aren't any of the real locals disputing the 'cover' story? Are the accounts of all the neighbors about the two Pashtuns who built & owned the house simply made up?

    They've claimed to have found multiple computers, hard drives, etc. that constitute a 'gold mine' of potentially actionable intelligence. If this is a fraud, why would they add something of such immense gravity that is utterly false? They'd be putting themselves into a corner for no reason.

    Are the Pakistani security forces towing the company line regarding the four bodies left in the compound? The wounded? The detainees? Or are there no Security forces & the bodies don't exist, and the Pakistani Government is simply going along with the US version of events? Then why is Pakistan accusing the US of violating their sovereignty? Part of the international conspiracy I presume.

    These are a few questions from the top of my head. Of course, these can be easily dismissed by the person with their mind already made up: the government is lying! It's a convenient catch-all, even if it's only credible on internet forums & blogs, and not in real life.

  185. All a distraction

    Ionizing radiation in everything that is growing in the northern hemisphere. And the world is eating it up, YEA

  186. Interesting. My comment (Anon @ May 4th, 3:15 PM) is missing. Unlike the average commenter here, I'll give the benefit of the doubt that it was not removed in a conspiratorial act due to its dissenting nature, but for some valid or technical reason.

  187. Wow are you people scary and need your meds. Let us say 9/11 was an inside job. Can you think of ANYTHING in history that was EVER kept secret? We couldn't even keep waterboarding a secret nor illegal wiretaps. For someone NOT to notice the alleged planting of explosives at the Trade Towers is ridiculous - I know as I worked there. IF it took even 20 people to wire those up, I am sure at least ONE of them would talk at some point. This is just human nature. IF those people were assassinated, I am sure the assassins would talk, etc.

    We also have Al-Quida stating revenge for his death. We have his wife and children who also vouch for his death. DNA testing can be completed in under three hours.

    You people SICKEN me be taking the deaths of several of my co-workers and blaming it on the US or Jews.

    BTW, go to the Middle East - the stupid morons blame Israel on EVERYTHING - weather flooding? Israel machine. Tracking birds? Now they have cameras and are spying on the Syrians. My words my whole life are true: 90% of the entire world population is stupid.

  188. Reuters has photos (via liveleak) and there isn't an OBL corpse anywhere among them.

  189. Unknown contributors could all be the same person for whatever that say's. Just a theory!
    This article appears no more or less genuine than the subject it speaks of.
    You do know covert or hoax events are only successfull when all involved can keep a secret.
    This has far too many pieces to remain a hoax beyond one day!

  190. have fun check this out

    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." -- William CASEY, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

  191. My readers know I don’t truck in conspiracy theories. I believe Elvis is dead, I believe Paul never died, I believe 9/11 was a terrorist incident, and I believe Neil Armstrong did in fact land on the moon.

    But I don’t believe Osama Bin Laden was killed over the weekend.


  192. This site is just another intensified version of what is happening in life, now, demonstrably:
    The sheep are sorting out from the goats
    The chaff are sorting out from the wheat
    The gold sorts out from the mud and grit
    People will be "forced" to get off the fence...
    (choose truth from fiction, "light V dark")
    It was thus ever meant to be!

  193. ...and...thanks to the poster who, in a state of prescience, attuned to the false flag settings re Osama (just after royal wedding) ...and picked up the exact bit of Wag the Dog script/studio production/editing/disinfo/special FX/actors playing their part....which was required to stream out to the masses. Is there any difference now between the merging of Hollywood, computer graphics, and govt frontmen/actors? There should be a special section at the Academy Awards. Osama could be the presenter- trotted straight out of the back lot freezer truck,for the black tie event. (get the icicles out of his beard first)

  194. Bin Laden already dead.

    No the point is not that he died from renal failure years ago to be buried secretly by his supporters. Rather he had already become a pure image, for some of evil for others not. The actual or physical bin Laden became of much less importance than the image of him.

    The recent US raid then, in which bin Laden was killed plays (or prays) upon Osama as image. One kills the image with a even more perfected, over-the-top image. Commandos rappelling onto a suburban mansion, a spirited firefight, even a feminine touch with the report of a human shield. Then the body hoisted away and eventually dumped with religious dignity into the sea.

    What really happened is wholly irrelevant.

    The image of bin Laden and now the new image or model of his death is what matters for politicians, reporters, and for the celebrants in Lafayette park.

    Some years ago the USA contracted with Hollywood screenwriters to come up with the most twisted scenarios they could imagine The recent killing has the same hallmarks. Imagine this: a new call from the US to screenwriters to imagine how bin Laden would be found. In a cave. No, too boring. How about a suburban mansion. Living an almost idyllic family life. Then a sudden raid by professionals. A touch of romance when the wife throws herself between them or was used as a human shield (either image brings in the necessary element). A body snatched. Then a CSI exam followed by burial at sea (expect those images any minute now).

    Like a Hitchcock horror movie that is not too graphic, our imaginations fill in any gaps in this scenario (and gaps there are for the story is already changing; Osama was armed now it is said he was not0.

    What's next? I would not be surprised to see a counter-image arise soon. If not bin Laden himself then a lookalike will soon release a new threatening video or photo with audio message. Stay tuned. This is postmodern poster, over and out

  195. Joe from Long Island:
    Good arguments. I don't trust ANYTHING a politician says. If the USA pulls out of Afgan. and Iraq to stop the bleeding budget for a capillary's worth of blood - it won't change our
    $ woes but it may trigger something new. Who knows. Obama will milk this 'hoax' to victory in
    2012. THIS, I believe is why he did it. The buzz
    over this news Is just about over now. What's next?

  196. GL, with the wisdom to listen to your intuition and the courage to express your opinion, you lit up a little mini-firestorm of debate... good job. The more discussion of the 9/11 issues, the more obvious it becomes that the 'official' conspiracy theory is a fraud. Now, as the momentum for a new investigation builds, the self-serving 'powers that be' are becoming ever more frantic in their efforts to distract the public. But more and more people are refusing the government ration of kool-aid. E.g.,

  197. So what that you don't believe it. It makes no difference.


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