Sunday, May 22, 2011

“It’s On Like Donkey Kong!”—SPG Is Here

To all my Kind Readers & Wonderful Fans:

We call him Fred, by the way.
This past Wednesday, I launched my new website:

The Strategic Planning Group.

It was not a full-on, wall-to-wall, mass-market, throw-everything-at-it-including-the-kitchen-sink sort launch—quite the opposite, SPG’s launch was more on the QT than the rah-rah!

But even so, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, which is both thrilling, and tremendously satisfying—satisfying in the exact sense of the word: Of achieving what I had set out to do.

SPG isn’t a Blogger Blogspot, thrown together casually, as shaggy as an English sheepdog—on the contrary: The Strategic Planning Group is a polished, carefully built site, the product of several months of work and research, quite a bit of money, and conversations with dozens of experts, both in computing and in economics.

In short, I wanted to put together a tight, polished site—and judging from the Members’ reactions, I think I succeeded.

So to everyone who has joined this exciting new project, I just want to say: Thank you, and enjoy the adventure.

To those who are thinking about joining, I say: Good—better to overthink a decision than to not think about it at all.

And to those who didn’t know about SPG but want to find out more, then go check out the Membership Preview Page and FAQ.

Like Pynchon says: Keep cool, but care.



  1. I guess it is time I delete my bookmark for this site, nothing worth mentioning will be discussed here.

  2. GL,

    I have to agree with Korda.

    Shame, you used to write some excellent articles on this page. It's a pity you did not find a way to finance it using advertising - I think you would have retained a larger readership, which in the long run keeps your profile higher.

    My own view is that sites like Zero Hedge and Huffington Post have done well to attract huge readership bases before attempting to profit from them. You are obviously smart enough to make money yourself trading. Could you not have delayed charging fees for 6-12 months more before "tightening"?

    Good luck anyway, Bob

  3. @ Bob > I wonder if there are many 'black swan events' left after a year. People better pay upfront and get lost underway if you think you have a limited amount of interesting content.




  4. Boy Howdy, the readers commenting above were pretty hard on GL.

    Creativity is not static. Folks, give GL a break, trying something new should not be like a hanging or walking the plank!

    How about a little gratitude!

    Kansas out.

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