Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Strategic Planning Group

Sorry for the drought of posts.

I’ve been going a little crazy—but good crazy—prepping for the launch of my new site:

It’ll be a place where I’ll be analyzing black swan events.

The basic question we’ll be asking is, What happens if ______? [Fill in the blank with something the mainstream says is totally unlikely and indeed, impossible—but which just might come true.

What happens if China’s debt bubble blows up, and the country sinks into a revolution. What happens if the eurozone breaks down, and member states begin to leave the monetary union. What happens if the Federal government starts forcible conversion of retirement accounts into Treasury bonds.

These are some of the questions we’ll be discussing at the Strategic Planning Group, in the coming weeks. 

But it won’t just be a place to daydream about scary/cool possibilities—it’ll be a place where there’ll be practical, actionable ideas as to what to do during these potential crises. Ideas you can use. Members will not only get a prĂ©cis of potential crises—they’ll also get clear indications of the tell-tale signs that the crisis is coming, and what to do to prepare, if and when the crisis hits.

Think of it as your own private contingency planning group—hence the name: The Strategic Planning Group. 

The site will be launching the week of May 6—I'll give you all a heads-up when it’s online. At the launch of the site, there’ll be two complete Scenarios: “Hyperinflation in America”, and something I’m calling “Exit America”. 

I’m very excited about “Exit America”. In this Scenario, I discuss what happens if the United States becomes unlivable.

What would happen if—because of environmental, social or economic reasons—it became impossible to remain in America. What would you do? How would you protect your family, and your assets? Where would you go? How would you get there?

In “Exit America”, we first analyze the various reasons that would make life in America intolerable, and then analyze the best places to move to—as well as how to get there. Hint: Most tropical islands don’t fit the bill. In “Exit America”, I’ll explain why. 

“Exit America”—like all the Scenarios at SPG—is a combination of written analysis and audio-visual material, as well as web-seminars and audience interaction: A full-spectrum learning unit. 

New Scenarios will appear every six weeks or so. Between each Scenario launch, SPG will present featured guests, Scenario updates, and live web discussions about relevant topics—content that will be exclusive to members.

Coach Wooden said, Confidence comes from being prepared. That’s the whole idea behind the Strategic Planning Group:

Being prepared

I think this is not only a cool project, but a worthwhile project as well—and I do hope that some of you, Dear Readers & Kind Fans, will join me in this exciting new adventure.

All the best,



  1. GL. I saw no mention of a subscription fee but it sounds as though it will be providing a resource that is being offered for a price elsewhere on the net. The idea is (IMO) priceless as the concept of a Black Swan was driven home for me with the recent earthquake in Japan. I live only 25 miles, as the crow flys, from the San Onofre nuke plant. I am fully aware of how fast we would have to vacate the local territory if a tsunami ever decided to pay that place a visit. Thanks for doing this project.

  2. Act fast, the first 100 subscribers will get signed e-copies of The Trooper!


    Looking forward to it GL. Can't wait to see the "Survivalist Bullshit" (your words) surface.


  3. America faces a lot of future problems ... many of which we have brought upon ourselves through overconsumption, excess debt, and poor government. But I still like to remind myself that the USA has survived a major civil war, two world wars, a host of foreign interventions, one Great Depression, and countless minor crises. The country didn't fall to its knees.

    What are we going to do ... go to our graves and tell Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin & John Adams that democracy failed in America - because we just gave up?? That doesn't make any sense.

    We tighten our belts and push on. A collapse in the US economy is not the end of the world. It's about re-assessing our priorities.


  4. "Unliveable" can have many different meanings. The scenarios GL mentioned are interesting, as is the possibility of an EMP attack. Unlikely, but that's why they're called "Black Swans." Most survivalists hope they're wrong, although there is a decent-sized minority who would probably be thrilled to be proven right. This will be an interesting site!

  5. To K Smith, UrbanBard, Liquid Motion, Count DeKuntier, Doug, Shimshon, John Ellison, california womanl, Andy Shand, and Ebag:

    Please send me your e-mail addresses. To verify it's you, post a comment on my blog with the name on your email before the ampersand (ie., as my e-mail is expat229@gmail, I'd post "expat229"). That way, when I get an e-mail from someone claiming it's you, I can confirm it is indeed you from your comment.

    I need to get in touch with you guys—it's important.


  6. ferxxg. I look forward to your new newsletter.

  7. Thanks GL, looking forward to this!

  8. When can I sign up? Will there be some way I can pay for my membership without having to go through Paypal?

  9. What will happen if i tell my wife i am gay and having an affair?

  10. “The door of opportunity is wide open if you are prepared.”

    GL: This is a good idea.

  11. GL,
    regarding your "Exit America" train of thought, do you follow Doug Casey ( and Simon Black ( at all?

    Both have been prescribing 'exit strategy' planning for a while now. Casey is somewhat Argentina-centric, but Black has looked at a somewhat broader range of options.

  12. When Exit America comes Canada is going to have to increase it's military budget substantially to guard the border. A bit ironic as Washington has made it increasingly difficult to go south.

  13. I am very interested in your new group, please keep me informed.

    Also did you see Ackerman is no longer a deflationist, he has done a complete 180, maybe 190.


  14. Tess of Kansas is still here - and no tornado shelter to crawl into. Today the weather looks tame.

    Thank you again for the invite with your newest endeavor. Like Doug, I was wondering how you were going to handle "Docs" with the "survivalist B.S."

    Note: I am a YT sub to Doc @ Survivalist. It will be interesting to see how a lingo of prepping will may follow (I assume there are a few of those luke warm folks out there still).

    It is interesting to me how some preppers only advocate the metals/investing/dollar side of prepping. Others push the guns and ammo, others focus on the food and water. The list of preppers for shelter, off grid etc are even another notch higher in the prepper community.

    Education is one thing, and action and skill is another. Personally, I tend to favor the education side of the plate. I am ever so slowly acquiring skills and implementing more action.

    To just do our desk work and think the rain is going to stop or fall is silly. Prep and pray is what I say, especially after the reality of what might happen with a black swan such as Japan.

    Over and out from Kansas. Looking forward to it! - Perhaps you can get some of those formally Hourly G Q&A weaved in here and there.

  15. ashandprincess

  16. The US dollar (seen as $USD on has dropped below an important line of resistance at 74. A further drop seems likely, since a bounce would have occurred by now. This is not investing advice - rather a commentary on the state of things. Gold is responding by rising, and private buyers of silver are soaking up the remaining supplies of physical metal. $USD is not the best way to measure the value of the dollar against other currencies - the Broad Dollar Index is better. But $USD is extensively traded, and so that counts for something.

    The world appears to be discounting a general drop in value of US assets.


  17. GL,
    The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared." You're becoming a Boy Scout? Say it ain't so!

    K Smith
    email - robo

  18. Is the meme of a mass exodus via the fire escape the future we citizens of the US want to actualize by our collective projecting.

    I think not.

    Realizing that we have a shared responsibility in creating the future of this fine experiment of a sovereign nation, a better use of our energies might be to talk to our friends, educate those in our sphere of influence, and create a non-consuming lifestyle of independence from the evolving fascist financial machine.

    It will take much effort to change. It will involve tearing down the fenced in mentality of I got mine and the heck with the rest of the sheeple. And it will mean that each of us will have to live in the manner that our great grandchildren would be proud of us for.

    Running is not an option because it would only embolden the fascists and they would extradite those who tried to hide - no matter where Gonzalo and you are hiding.

  19. Thanks Gonzalo for your continued insight. I look forward to your new endeavor. If it is half as valuable as your hyperinflation webinar we will all be indebted to you. I continue to wonder just how long it's going to take the majority of this country to realize the situation we're in. Time to kick the blinders off and get a dose of reality. Bring on SPG.

  20. Urban Dictionary

    From: Quantitative Easing, the new official government doublespeak for "printing money out of thin air."

    Queasing is much easier to pronounce and evokes that slightly nauseous feeling you get when you realise just how fucked the entire world economy really is.

  21. Gotta stay ahead of the curve...why not I'll give it a try.

  22. When I first realized that Fukishima was going to be spreading radiation over the West Coast for years into the future, I immediately started looking at leaving the Northern Hemisphere for a couple of years. Who wants their kids to grow up downwind of a second Chernobyl? But no one else in my family wants to leave.

    I have a box of old photos on a shelf. They were left me by a Jewish man who fled Europe ahead of the Nazis. He and his parents made it to the USA & survived. The photos in the box are of his family members who stayed behind & were killed. To me, they are a constant reminder of the choices one is sometimes forced to make.

    I look forward to your "exit America" discussion.

  23. No offense to our Canadian neighbors.
    But you could not defend your country against a boys scouts troop from China.
    Your defense budget and troop strength are a joke.
    You are totally under the defense umbrella of the US.
    The US and Canada are so tied together that if the US goes down so does Canada.
    So I would not count on moving to Canada.

  24. Dear Anonymous West Coaster:
    The last of your worries should be Fukishima.
    In a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least worry, compared to Chernobyl, Fukishima would be minus one million.
    Chernobyl was a dual purpose nuclear plant making weapons grade plutonium.
    It had no containment vessel and used graphite as a moderator which caught fire.
    The Fukishima plant is a light water reactor, much safer, whose small radiation leakage will not reach the US west coast.
    The hysteria in the main media is from the "watermelons", green on the outside and red in the inside.

  25. I as well look foward to your insight. I as well plan for the worst but my prepping is just one slice of the pie. So please share some knowledge. Thanks

  26. TO anon 5:34 pm,...dont tell her bro,..we will keep it just mine and your secret, lover

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  28. Hi Gonzalo, thanks so much for your posts and your recent SPG webinar with Mike. On the webinar you talked about the future of Britain and the pound. What are your thoughts about the future for Canada? Huge unemployment? High prices?

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