Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Max & Stacy: Guerrilla Fimmaking In Ireland

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert were in Ireland recently—and did a little guerrilla filmmaking. I think it’s outstanding—and definitely worth watching.

I told Stacy so, and she wrote back:
[W]e totally did this on our own. Self-financed, shot and edited. I wanted to see if we could do it and we gave ourselves only 24 hours in Dublin as we wanted to see if we could do something akin to war reporting, just parachute into a city and get an impression of the battle lines from the actual people. So, from our hotel, we announced via twitter that we were in town and within half an hour about 15 people had showed up and another 30 within the hour. It was fun making, but I was very nervous waiting for the response . . . !
No need to be nervous—their little film is powerful and memorable, and not because it’s bombastic or over-the-top. On the contrary, their piece is low-key, low-to-the-ground—human.

I wish they’d do more of these.

Here’s part i. After the jump, part ii:


  1. For a brief moment toward the end of the second video I thought Max was going to lead the room full of people out into the streets in a revolution! Of course, he'd probably lead them to the closest mint to buy silver bullion.
    Also great that he was able to find The Edge on the street and get some interview time. Not sure why he's using a pseudonym like Paul though.

    True this is low-key. I like Max when he's a little less low-key, like on 10 O'clock Live on the BBC:
    Money quote: "Just because Max sounds bonkers doesn't mean that he is" -Random Goldman Sachs Suit

  2. MK is great as always... Stacy Herbert however - hubba hubba. She's the total package: sexy, smart, funny, cool. Way sexier, way hotter than the plastic bimbos on CNBC.

  3. IT'S NOT A WAR!!!!!

    Sorry, just needed to get it out.

  4. An excellent "on the scene" report. A variation of this is playing out in America. The BS over the budget is merely the opening bell.

  5. It is a war and the sooner sheeple wake to that fact the better off we will be

  6. I quote Irish Premier Enda Kenny here on April 6, and on April 20 we are all treated to video of Max in Ireland.

    Coincidence? Hmmm....

    Let's see what happens now, shall we?

    Just curious if anyone knows the answer to this. What would happen if more nations acted as the people of Iceland did, telling British and Dutch bankers to go pound sand, and arresting the officials of the failed banks?

    Last weekend the people of Iceland voted "No" on bank bailouts, something American taxpayers can't do. This is the second time the people of Iceland have told the Banksters to go pound sand. Iceland President Olafur Grimsson said, “The state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks. Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying the debts of a private institution.”

    Sigunrdur Einarsson, former chairman of Kaupthing and Ivar Gundjonson of Landsbanki have been arrested. The Office of Iceland's Special Prosecutor has ordered a raid on the homes of other bank officials.

    If more nations did as Iceland has done, how would that change the game if at all and if not why not? Definitely seeing movement in that direction all over. I have difficulty wrapping my head around all this.

  7. Dear K Smith:
    It's not going to happen in the US until people wake up.
    This is what I usually hear or experience when I talk about the economy, and is really, really aggravating:
    1. "When Clinton was in power we had a surplus. If we would just eliminate the Bush tax cuts then everything would be fine"
    or 2. They stare at me like a deer in front of a car's headlights. Specially if you mention "fractional reserve banking or fiat money"
    or 3. They just say "there is nothing I can do about it"
    No revolution in the making here, yet.

  8. I wonder how many of the Irish who are complaining now... Didn't take advantage of the Celtic Tiger themselves... ?? What I mean is how many benefited by the housing boom... The job boom... And loved it all... And are now pointing fingers...


    I think many Irish are reaping what they wished to be sowed. How many went into debt to realize the Celtic Dream?

    Consumerism is the problem. Our global curse...

  9. GL

    You may wonder why - if things are going so badly in Ireland & Greece - that the euro is doing comparatively well? If Portugal is struggling to pay its debts, Belgium is not far behind in the chaos, and the UK's situation is very doubtful - then why does the euro appear to be relatively "strong"?

    But the answer is really the Chinese. Because they are the ones holding $3 trillion in surplus, and they must choose who sinks and who swims. Or more practically, they must choose who they believe will really crash. And since the Chinese central bank has now decided to unload US dollars - it is pretty clear that the Chinese see the US financial system as deteriorating quite badly. In addition, it's not a bad guess that the Chinese have made investments that hedge against some of their dollar losses.


  10. Ebag,
    Methinks you doth protest too much. The truth about our debt based money system is spreading like the tribbles on the Star Trek episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles."

    To paraphrase Mr. Spock, "The internet has, so to speak, removed the cork from the bottle and allowed the genie to escape."

    At the end of the episode the peddler who smuggled the tribbles is compelled to pick up every single one. Perhaps instead of jail, the Banksters should be compelled to count each and every dollar created in the last 3 years. That should keep them out of tribble - er, trouble.

    K Smith

  11. PeteCA,

    You asked, "why does the euro appear to be relatively "strong"?".

    You used just the right word, 'relatively'. The Euro is in deep trouble right now, but the dollar is in worse trouble. Thus, the Euro has been climbing *relative* to the dollar. (Same story for the U.K. Pound)

  12. Los Irlandes are wildcards. They have always punched over their weight.

    We saw los Vikingos of Iceland killed the banks on the get go. Now, los Griegos (like their Spartan ancestors) have drawn a line in the sand. The stiff upper lip Ingleses have gone violent on the streets of London and but for providence may have seriously harmed the Prince of Wales, so nothing would surpirse me.

    My bet is that there are enough Black Irish left to sucker punch the hidden elite and let all hell lose. The Irish know that there are a billion Catholics in countries with enormous natural resources standing watch. Catholics in Europe, LatAm, US, Asia, Canada, Africa and Australia would stand by her in multi-lateral financial / geo-political organization. In other words, if Ireland swings certain folks are going to make sure it is a fair fight.

    It's going to be one long hot summer en Europa. This is going to spread.

  13. IIRC the Russian Mafia was involved in both Iceland and Ireland.

    They managed to get effective insider control of ICEsave and loot the British and Dutch retail e-depositors for billions.

    Further, IIRC, Ireland has issued warrants against at least two Russian Mafiosi for draining huge sums from Irish banks in the form of 'loans.'

    Dublin ran to Moscow to try and get the money back -- and was stiffed. The perps are hiding with their mega-bucks back in Moscow.

    The West doesn't need Russians to rip off our financial institutions with control-fraud -- our bankers are already well experienced in the art.

    What is left unsaid in Keiser's footage is how many Euros were simply stolen by control-fraud; as against idiotic easy lending.

    BTW, the loony Irish banks were commonly structured like hedge funds. They were out and out speculating in the real estate market with depositors funds. They still hold some prime properties in America.

    It's NOT true that the money all went to heaven. The biggest bucks were stolen or speculated with.

    Also note that the Irish government was using the boom as a fantastic slush fund for this and that. That's why 'nasty' cut-backs in public services are required. Ireland went WAY overboard on government spending BECAUSE they could co-participate in the golden times.

    Something similar happened to Honolulu in the late 80s. The Japanese boom brought in Yakuza money by the million. Real estate speculation went bonkers. Just one case: $100,000,000 on ONE golf course -- built on the side of a mountain -- but never completed. It turned out to be a totally Yakuza owned project.

    The Honolulu City government went into narcosis with the payola they were getting. Ultimately the boom ended. Then there was nothing but whinging when the layoffs began. It was nothing more than going back to the manning level prior to the boom.

    Such is the pain of the Irish Government.

    We still have insanely bubblated real estate in Canada and Australia -- both due to Chinese effects. Both accept Hong Kong immigrants and are major exporters to China. The crash will be brutal.

    Money Printing = Hyperinflation. Period.

    America is hyperinflating like mad right NOW.

    Hyperinflation is a two step disease.

    Stage one: funding narcosis. This is the something for nothing stage.

    Stage two: the governmental embezzlement is discovered and the fiat is rejected - -ultimately by everyone. This is the currency collapse stage.


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