Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me & Max Keiser

Max Keiser interviewed me the other day—it was fun, and Max is a great guy.

Here’s part i of the interveiw:

Part ii is after the jump:

If you think as I do—that this commodities inflation won’t end well—then do check out my presentation, “Hyperinflation in America”.


  1. I'm shocked you equate the protests in Wisconsin with the protests in the ME. It seems clear to me that the Wisconsin protesters have much in common with the corrupt government employees of the North African and ME dictators.

    They protest to keep their largesse while the downtrodden voters of Wisconsin and protesters of the ME attempt to reduce the parasitic economic destruction of the states and the peoples economic well being.

  2. Good interview, GL.
    I've followed you since you came upon the scene and respect you. In my mind, you are a player as a commenter replacing hoary old status quo MainStreamMedia types such as ... to give just one example... George Will.

    OK, enough the stick.

    Regarding Wisconsin. Look, there's a REAL issue in paying for pensions that were promised (by politicians effectively selling promises for votes). Understand that in Wisconsin there are people in PRIVATE industry being severely squeezed to pay these promised pensions for public workers. This is reflected throughout the U.S. It's not the Powers That Be trying to thrust the middle class into 'serfdom' so much as unrealistic politician promises.

    Now having said that.. there does appear to be more to this story.
    The Wisconsin governor seems bent on selling off public resources in sweetheart deals to cronies. That absolutely stinks big time.
    Nevertheless, that (at least to me) appears to be a separate issue.

  3. Hi GL-- terrific interview as usual. I agree with the above posters, however-- Wisconny is not Egypt. That said, it's a small piece of your overall interview. The other 90% of this is dead on. But I would add that the amount of Credit Default Swaps written on interest rates is astronomical (hundreds of trillions) and a 1979ish rise in rates will crash the system as we know it. There are some that argue that with the end of QE2, interest rates on US bonds will actually head south: I myself am with you and Bill Gross on this one. On one point I'm in complete agreement: In one fashion or another, this will undoubtedly end in tears, and when it happens, it'll happen so suddenly most Americans will never see it coming.

  4. Dear GL:
    The public union protests in Wisconsin are a good example of the corruption in the US and have nothing to do with reforming the US Government.
    The public unions pay to elect politicians, 99% of them Democrats, who then give union employees unsustainable salaries and benefits at the expense of taxpayers.
    That's not freedom fighting, that's legalized extortion.

  5. Max Keiser needs some acting skills to help disguise his blatant worship of govt. unions. If I didn't know better, I would say Max is vying for a job on Air America. Turd.

  6. Sorry, GL, I can’t agree about Wisconsin. It is nothing like Egypt.

    You are ignoring the rights of the people -- the electorate. Walker was elected by the people to solve the problem with the Public Unions. He proposed minor changes which would keep Wisconsin from defaulting on its bonds. He is saying that Trade Unions have no place among government workers and that the public employees should pay something toward their pensions. A far too cosy relationship between the Trade Unions and politicians has led to government workers being paid far more than the average employee which is funding them.

    The protestors are the autocrats in Wisconsin. The voter has a right to rein them in. This is a proper function of electoral politics. States don’t have to provide functions. Nor must they give special rights to organizations. One thing that you are ignoring is that there is a glut qualified teachers on the market. If there were no Public Unions then the teachers who are protesting could be replaced tomorrow at a lower salary.

    You are also ignoring the real issue. The Unions leaders fear that their members will choose not to pay dues. The dues are what gives power to the Unions; they have all this money to buy politicians. The US Supreme Court has said that members can opt out of funding the Union’s political aims, but the unions have made this impractical. If the Unions cannot force collective bargaining or force its members to pay dues then the Union will vanish. Trade Unions are a cartel. We don’t like them among businessmen, why should we like them among laborers?

  7. I recently came across your blog and thoroughly enjoy it.

    I have waged, unsuccessfully so far, a war with Max Keiser for using Press TV.

    Press TV is the propaganda arm of the iranian government, the one which kills, maims, emprisons etc...its citizens>

    I find repugnant that MK uses their support. He gave me the usual sold out line that they don't interfere editorially.

    These people have BLOOD on their hands and whichever way one looks at it, by appearing on their channel, you condone what they do


  8. If Max can score a gal like Stacy, you certainly deserve a girl like the one with the fish (ref article: Toldya).

    Great interview. You had some compassion in your voice - not like the others.

    Kansas out.

  9. Perhaps breaking the "union" is a key to breaking the kleptocracy..... After all, the union power brokers ARE in bed with big govt AND big business. The only purpose the union serves (and I was union at one time) is to suck the monthly dues out of hard working but unsuspecting dupes to support the fat lifestyle and promote a communist manifesto.

  10. Max Keiser is a very smart man but he is totally sold on AGW. That kind of brainwashed thinking makes me take him less seriously than I otherwise would. Although I certainly think he's doing a great thing with the crash JPM buying silver campaign...


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