Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Trooper: Installment V (Pages 110–145)

Another Saturday morning, another installment of The TrooperToday’s pages are:

Pages 110–128 are here: Wherein the Trooper defers to dying Baby Boomers, who are now the establishment. 

Pages 129–145 are here: Wherein the Trooper goes to check up on Kendrick. Not “Kramer”—Kendrick. (A nasty bit of action goes down here.)

For those looking to start at the beginning, click here to read it all in order

There is also a missive from me to the readers—this book might get published by a mainstream press: But if that’s to happen, the book needs your support. 

Not money—no. Something much more valuable: 


So pass this along. Be that annoying friend who keeps telling you to read some book or other—and when you finally do read it, it becomes your favorite book. 


  1. I took a look at the first dozen pages, & it looks interesting, but I don't read novels on the Internet - it's hard on the eyes & I'm one of those who prefers hard copy.

    I'm willing to copy such items into document format for printing, but all the pages are jpg images making it too onerous.

    Looks interesting though... If a text or a version that is printable becomes available, I'll definitely check it out.


  2. Gonzalo,you can self publish with" lightning sorce" in Nashville's painless and really worth doing...your story is worth it...

  3. Try reading Paolo Bacigalupi's work.

    His novel "Windup Girl" and his collection of short stories "Pump Six" have a dystopian tone.

    They're very well-written post-oil sci-fi and eco-tastophe writings that sound similar to your own story.

    In fact, his stories figure prominently with abandoned suburbs, water rights, food-energy conglomerates, genetically modified crops and gene-viruses, etc.

    I recommend him!


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