Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Trooper: Installment IV (Pages 84–109)

Another Saturday—another installment of The Trooper: 

Pages 84–96 are here: Wherein the Trooper meets the Richardson family, then meets Yuri and his “family”. 

Pages 97–109 are here: Wherein the Trooper deals with the Richardsons. 

To you Kind Fans who have been following this nasty bit of story-telling: Don’t be shy about going into specifics about what you like and don’t like of the book, both in its form and in its content.

And to you New Readers just joining this story-in-progress: Click here to start the story from the beginning.

Just so you know: This novel runs 305 manuscript pages, and it has a big wind-up—but in the end . . . well, let’s put it this way:

All good stories always end with a bang.



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  1. He llegado a tí por el blog de Foxtrot ... te recomendaba como alguien muy, muy especial.
    Existe un problema, al menos para mí, y es que no sé escribir en inglés, aunque no tengo dificultad en su lectura.
    Me encantará actualizarme sobre tu libro y seguir aprendiendo.
    Un saludo


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