Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank You

To My Readers and Kind Fans,

I started this blog this past June as a lark: A place where I could make sense of my crazy ideas, without any expectation that they would be read by anyone except me—and that’s how it was for the first couple of months. A day where I got 40 pageviews was a big day for me.

But then out of the blue, I got an audience—you. In the past four months, my blog has received well over a million hits—and it’s been an exhilarating experience. Addictive. The rush I get from reading comments is hard to describe—especially because the comments I get are smart, even when they completely disagree with what I’ve written.

I feel I owe you, my audience, for this wonderful feeling.

So as the new year starts, I just wanted to thank you all, for your attention and support. Some of you are casual readers, while some of you are exceedingly conscientious—but all of you are greatly appreciated.

And to those who’ve been generous enough as to send money for my ramblings: Be assured, I am not using your money to buy drugs, hookers or beer . . . okay, not using all of your money on drugs, hookers and beer—my guilty conscience forced me to donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude’s is a very good charity—check out their site here. I sent them a total of $175. In addition, I sent donations to Wikipedia (please help keep it free), to Yves Smith’s naked capitalism, and to Glenn Greenwald’s site—even though I don’t agree with a lot of what they write, they are honest, diligent, and conscientious, and most of all respectful of the truth. 

All told, I donated roughly 25% of what you have all been kind enough to send me. (As to the rest? Like I said: Drugs, hookers and beer.)

Over the next few weeks of this new year, I’ll be writing about cap-and-trade, political leadership, epistemology, the ongoing European Crisis, and dollar-hyperinflation. I promise I’ll try to be as diligent and honest as I hope I’ve been in my previous crazed ramblings.

All the best, and to all a terrific 2011,



  1. Happy new year GL. If I may give you an advice; lose the cursing and bashing of any political parties and stick to the important stuff. You will be even more popular and will be taken more seriously.

  2. GL

    Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to your 2011 blogs.

    “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”

    “BEER is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    "Religion is bad and DRUGS are good.”

    Keep up the good work.

  3. LOL hookers and beer are a better investment than U.S. LOLLars, bonds, and stocks!!!

  4. Ignore Korda - Keep the cursing! It really allows us, the reader, to feel your emotion in the posts. Good work, and please keep the posts coming!

  5. Gonzo - thanks for a great blog! Almost every post is a classic.

    Of course, the Klugfluffer was the best. It still makes me laugh.

    - JJ

  6. GL, I agree with Anon, above. Be yourself. Be true to your own voice. That's why we have gathered here.

  7. It makes me feel better to read that you had few readers in the first couple of months, which is where I am with my own blog.

    I would like to thank you publicly, both for giving me very good advice to improve the presentation of my blog, and helping me get some audience, through your blog, and the comments I post every time you publish something.

    Sometimes our posts deal with similar topics, but I must say that your writing is much better than mine. You have a way of making a story (as in a novel) for everything you write about.

    This is the difference between a pro and an amateur...

    Happy New Year!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  8. Smart guy. Easy to read. Different perspective. Will keep in my bookmarks for 2011.

  9. Your writings are a pleasure to read. I appreciate the articulate simplification and surgical explanations of macroeconomic forces. Keep the cursing and political bashing - it makes the articles more fun passionate and honest...I don't get that anywhere else !

  10. I agree, keep the cursing. That's the reason I put your blog on my feed. You write how I think, made me feel you were real and not just some wonk. You also explained some things in a way that helped me understand them. Keep it up and a great new year to you!

  11. Enjoy your posts....don't always agree..but who agrees completely with anyone...keep up the good work!

  12. I'm coming here to enjoy your cleverness every sometimes... and I never write anything because my english is really rough!
    have a good New Year! And thank you for your blog!

  13. You're welcome, Gonzalo. Your blog is the shit, if you take my meaning, as opposed to just shit (think Cheech and Chong: "that's good shit, man"). Keep on rocking!

  14. Drugs and hookers? For a devout Catholic? Well, they say the purpose of vice is to keep virtue within bounds.
    Seriously, GL, I appreciate your writing and its candor. Keep up the good work.
    And let us know when you think the debt bomb is about to explode so we can hit the bunkers

  15. Gonzalo

    Me encanta tu blog, sigue así! Si algún día viajas a Colombia, te invito a una cerveza...

  16. Love it. Keep up the great work.

  17. Gonzalo, it takes a brave man to get to the bottom of a bad subject. You do it week after week. Thank you. And the really cool thing about your blog is, I read your point of view and then read each and every comment, because your audience is so damn smart (I agree, keep the cursing.) The reason your audience is so damn smart is that your GREAT writing attracts them. Between you and the comments, I think we have more than an element of truth here. Thank you thank you thank you. Pace yourself my friend; we need you for the long haul. Still can't leave my name, but maybe someday...

  18. Gonzalo,

    Don't change any of your wordings even if it offends somebody out there. I want your full personality in your writing, oppose to any diluted comments to satisfy politically right type of peoples. I can always get them from CBS Market Watch. Keep up the good work!!

  19. There is always a war going on between those who love liberty and those who would rule. Welcome to the fight.

  20. Happy New Year Gonzalo! I love your blog, the tone, your writing style, I love it all. Keep on cussin, because it's a myth that intellectuals must speak as though they were high up in the ivy tower in order to be taken seriously. That's part of what makes your blog unique and interesting. Have you ever seen that group on Facebook called "Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say F*ck alot"? Well I'm sure that many of your readers have these qualities and we aren't running away. Thanks for the thought, time, and effort you put into your writing - I personally appreciate it and keep coming back for more. Peace from Paris

  21. I have come to enjoy and appreciate your writing style. I hope, with any luck, to emulate parts of it.
    Like others have noted, happy new year and continued success in all of your work and personal life.

  22. Happy New Year:

    Always interested in seeing what you have to say. I don't always agree, and i posted those disagreements under Anon., before i realised i could use this handle here. Disagree or not, it is always refreshing to see an articulate, open and honest view, unrestrained by the political corectness nazis.

  23. As one new to this den of rough minds .... keep true to your own voice; we can tell the difference and besides it guarantees that no 'real' authorities will hang out here. Just 'real' a-holes like me.

  24. GL
    Normally I don't respond well to crude comments but you seem to do them in a clever way.

  25. GL,

    You are one of my favourite commentators on the subject of the world economy and where we're headed. I agree with most of your sentiments.

    Personally I don't think it is appropriate to use the F-word in polite conversation. I'm no cleanskin but I support all efforts to keep our media free of gutter language - I hear enough of that on the street from morons who don't have the mental capacity to construct a sentence without an expletive. You my friend are erudite and intelligent enough to keep it witty while maintaining some class.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards.

  26. I too find you very interesting and thought-provoking. Congratulations on your success into the Happy New Year and beyond!

  27. I like the natural-nakedness that resonates with your writings. If a series of writings on hyperinflation and financial collapse were to ever be catagorized under the heading "Nude Beach" it would be yours.---Nude as in natural verses vulger. However, the current direction is definately vulger!

    Some of your writings make me think of a collective "bitch list." Sometimes I feel like the cheated lover when thinking of the US economy.

    For future writings, a whose-who of bitch list would be of interest. How-to's on how to prep would also be welcomed (with your stylist twist of how-to's).

    What would Cinderella do? She sure as hell would not get in the carriage with the U.S. dollar!

    You are a prince - keep it up.


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