Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Lazy—Busy

Dear Readers and Kind Fans, 

I haven’t been posting this week because of three reasons: 

• I’ve been getting The Hourly G on track. 

• I’m traveling to the south of Chile for a wedding (I’m leaving today, as a matter of fact). 

• I’ve been prepping an upcoming debate with Nicole “Stoneleigh” Foss—Deflation vs. Hyperinflation. The official announcement will be on Monday, but here’s where you can sign up, if you’re interested. 

Please excuse me for not having posted—but I promise that next week, I’ll make your wait worthwhile: A big ‘un is brewin’. 

Until then, let me suggest you read a couple of old posts which I think are worth revisiting: 
Was Stagflation in ‘79 Really Hyperinflation?
Is the U.S. a Fascist Police-State?
Why Corporations Matter, Part I
All the best, 



  1. We'll be here, I can clean the basement or something till then.

  2. When you get 'round to posting again, I'd love to hear (for the sake of a balanced thought stream) what possibilities you think there are for us to not disintigrate into economic chaos. I'm also asking the opposite of an eternally hopeful government insider. From him, I want to know what would he have to see/experience to think that things may not work out after all. From you, I want to know what you'd have to see to feel we've backed away from the edge. I guess, like all of us, I'm looking for yardsticks...

  3. Thanks for all your efforts! I've only been paying attention to economics since Oct. 2008 and lately you have been my professor at large. Thank you!

    Besides, it's hyperinflation that wins.

  4. GL

    I spent several months in the mid 90's in southern Chile, a magnificent but comparatively little know part of the world. I actually contemplated buying in Pucon (until I discovered the gorgeous weather I had encountered was about the only such weather all year!). I swam in Lago Villarica and climbed, in somewhat treacherous weather, Villarica. Caught a cargo ship from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and hiked for a couple of weeks through Torres del Paine. Then onto Punta Arenas where I was blown away (literally) and collected the most marvellous bits of flotsam and jetsam from the beach - remarkable shells, pieces of ancient pottery and weathered wood.

    Chile, a beautiful country and a beautiful people. I have a son now and when I am financial again, I shall take him to South America and of course, to Chile.

    Looking forward to the debate, as I have followed The Automatic Earth for some years now. I have only recently discovered you and am open to persuasion!

    Am I a Deflationista or a Hperinflationista....let the battle begin.

  5. I like the 'want to cop a feel?'

    The elephant photo is nice too. No elephants here in Kansas - just big pink ones in the economy and the mainstream news.


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