Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Question for My Kind Fans

Shocking as it is—and it’s a shock to me most of all—but I have fans.

Not just casual readers, but fan fans—diehards.

This message is for them.

Recently, you saw how I wrote about two big subjects over the past few weeks: European sovereign debt, and the whole Wikileaks thing—and I won’t lie to you, it was exhausting. 

Having to bear down and and get a firm grip on this material was a lot like, well, work. It was fun, sure—and it was fascinating to find out such interesting stuff—and to once again be underwhelmed by the slipshod practices of the mainstream media. 

But it was work—and hard work at that. 

I don’t mind hard work—but we all need a break from time to time. I tried to turn to my Twitter feed, to take a break from the work—but paradoxically, twittering was neither easy, nor a welcomed relief from the grind of writing long and complicated posts about my two big subjects: As any professional writer knows, being brief and concise is a lot harder than being long-winded and boring.

And you know that I’m all about being long-winded and boring.

I’ve sort of locked myself into writing big long posts about big and complicated subjects—which is great. It’s a blast, and I certainly don’t want to give up on that opportunity. 

But I also want to be able to write throwaway posts about whatever randomness is floating in the ether—write stuff that’s longer than the 140 characters of a Twitter post, but a lot shorter than the stuff I usually write on my blog; stuff in the neighborhood of 100 to 200 words—and pithy ones at that. 

Which brings me to my point: 

I came up with an idea to do hourly blog posts—every hour, on the hour—about whatever struck my fancy, but skewing towards economics/business, macro-world affairs, and fun stuff, in that order. 

The central conceit of this new blog would be that every hour on the hour, there’d be a new blog post—hence its name:

(Like the logo? I designed it myself.)

I tried it out: Sort of like a test run—

—and doing 24 posts per day was insane. Impossible for one guy.

Through trial and error, though, I found that I could manage about a half a dozen posts per day.

So! I’m thinking of giving this thing a go—The Hourly G: A fast-and-loose blog about economics, business, finance, and everything and anything fun. I’d start it in January, and for the first few weeks, I’d post 6 to 9 times per day. Of course, I’d try to drum up some guest posters who would add their expertise to the blog—the goal is to eventually get a post up every hour, on the hour, all day, every day.

What do you think?:


Click all that apply, and comment as you see fit—on this subject, I will be answering any and all comments.

I would appreciate your suggestions. 



  1. It's worth a try. I'll be an interested observer for the additional reason that I also regularly face this short/long post conundrum with my own blog. BTW I invite you to take a look to see if I might be a candidate to be a guest-poster here.

  2. Why in heavens name do you'd feel it necessary, or even desirable, to chime in every hour on the hour is beyond me. Let's have quality not quantity. I am retired with a great deal of time on my hands and intense interest in all things financial, yet I seldom can stay with your lengthy entries. Please make your points to the point with clear, brief, and concise wording as only meaningful events unfold. Thank you.

  3. Other sites already post streaming news. I'd rather see 1-2 posts per day on the big topics, and continued focus on the larger articles, which separate you from other sites.

  4. Incredibly enough, earlier this week, I had decided to take a long break with my blog, the same blog you so much helped me to improve.
    I was feeling like you.
    Then, on Saturday, I published a post to inform my readers that, from now on, I would write daily, shorter posts, thus relieving myself from the pressure of having to write at lenght 3 times a week.
    I feel that, instead of bringing fully developed stories to readers, it might be interesting to bring up specific subjects, that may have been overlooked, and let readers make their own conclusions.

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  5. Posting shorter things sounds fine. But hourly posts is the other extreme, cannot see it lasting more than a few days, weeks max. Feel free to experiment any way you like, of course.

  6. I think the GL Blog is head and shoulders above the rest. Inclusion of guest postings would only dilute the quality. Finally, I would recommend fewer GL postings. In this case less IS more !

  7. I must have expressed myself poorly:

    The GL blog—this one that you're reading—would continue as is: Two to three long posts per week, with no guest bloggers.

    The Hourly G, on the other hand, would be a completely separate site.


  8. Someone e-mailed me the following question:

    "What is your "objective" of posting more often?"

    Answer: In my long posts, I take one subject, and drill through it. This means that the subject has to be big.

    But there are smaller subjects—or ongoing topics—which my long-format approach is simply unsuitable.

    (And BTW, thank you, Anonymous at 8:04am, for the very kind compliment.)


  9. I enjoy your posts very much and look forward to them, but, like all things of value, at least part of it comes from scarcity. I think several times a day is overkill. Even once a day may be overkill, but hey, it's your blog.

  10. Ongoing commentary on the day's issues that interest you could work very well.

    Hourly is a bad idea in my opinion, commenting on stories as they emerge (whether hourly, once a day, or something in-between) makes at least working on the stories more fun for you.

    If I can make a suggestion, you could use a RSS reader called Alertbear, which pops the new articles on your RSS feeds to your computer screen automatically, making choosing from the breaking stories that interest you easy.

    Just a few suggestions.

  11. G
    You're asking for burn out. Don't let your ego get in the way of meaningful commmentary and observation. And, take the time to analyze things
    and be objective, unless you're just interested in promoting your own agenda. Nothing wrong with promoting your own agenda, but you're likely to loose more than you gain if you go overboard.

  12. I'm a fan and I figure your blogs are free so you can do whatever you'd like. Plus, there's usually one good laugh somewhere in there so having a few more per day can't be a bad thing.

    Actually, I do like the idea. Last week when the bonds were flummoxing and metals were going schizo, I kept asking myself "What would Gonzalo do?" and I'd love to see a quick commentary.

  13. you'll end up like Henry Blodget, the guy most despise (or is it admire?)

  14. GL,

    I really enjoy reading your posts, do whatever makes you happy.

    Sounds like alot of work, hopefully you will not burn yourself out.

    People will always want more than you could realistically provide, don't be shy about setting limits to prevent posting from becoming a burden rather than a hobby.

    Something is better than nothing.

    New logo looks good.

  15. Just found your blog and am impressed. Will add it to my core reads. If you can keep this effort AND post smaller bits hourly, well, lucky your readers.

    Buona fortuna in the effort, it sounds daunting.

  16. Gonzalo,

    I have never met you but some day I hope to. I’ll try to be brief and to the point I think this is a Really, Really, Really bad idea, that said give it a shot. If it works great you look like a genius, if it bombs the diehards (myself included) will still read you. You have much to gain and little to louse.

  17. Instapundit posts about 24 times per day, but they're mostly links with a sentence or two of commentary (and sometimes just a "Heh."). It's my understanding that he posts them in batches, but his blog software "times" their release.

    Most of the more-prolific political sites (Ace of Spades, Wizbang, Patterico's Pontifications) started out a single-author sites, then evolved into group efforts, mostly for the better, but I'm sure it's a lot of time & effort to recruit, coordinate and monitor the group. Zero Hedge, for instance, has some great posters and some, ah, interesting but less-than-intellectual ones (for my taste at least).

    I love your stuff, and would be happier with more output, but you'd probably have to consider one of the above compromises to achieve even a couple of good posts per day.

    Looking forward to it!

  18. dear gl,

    i would actually be very excited to see you posting, even if its not 24/24 , regularly on topics of interest. I must say that i enjoy your blog very much and recognize that a lot of work has to go into your writing. So if your proposal is to have two sites, the hourly g (sounds like the hourly gangster...but ok) and your regular blog i say: hey, if anything your coverage can only get better! so lets see some of that hourly g! thanks a lot for all the enthusiasm and hard work that goes into keeping us readers up to date with your thoughts!

    un saludo

  19. Twitter is worthless mind candy. No serious topic and be discussed and explained in 140 characters. why waste your time. Personally I can't stand sound bites. they are worse than a waste of time they often distort and do not illuminate. More thoughtful pieces less often are better food for thought.
    Tweeting is for movie morons, not intellectual understanding of complex issues.

  20. I'm a fan, checking your site daily in anticipation of an unexpected post. If you want to try for more, go for it. But like others above say, you WILL burn out. And that would be a shame.
    One reason you are so good is that you are unique, both in viewpoint and writing style. I don't think you can be pigeon-holed, but overall it's a little anarcho/libertarian, and most definitely pro-freedom.
    You have the maturity, but also the exuberance of youth. I'm an old fart who gets a vicarious up from imagining you as a friend, and living in the still action filled universe you inhabit.
    You make me believe there is hope.

  21. Perfect if you don`t use twitter.

  22. More posts would be a welcome treat. Yet, hourly might be too much to kept track of. I like short notes of info too.

    The thought of opening up to many posts from you, sort of makes me think of my favorite relatives. Yes, I love them, but I don't want to be with them 24/7. Sorry, if I am being too blunt! I appeciate the passion more than the idea as a reality. Yet, Heck, why not try it out for a month. Who knows? We could all use a little more passion!!!

    I do a fair amount of penpal writing. I will will start with a paragraph. Sometimes I have an outline, and sometimes not. Often I have to take a break or I do not have a new topic to move onto, so I just draw a line to indicate pause. I then return to the letter. I think something like that might be of more interest.

    I do not have time to check in to email several times a day. I like the idea, but hourly might do better as functioning as a loose abstract than a hardcore framework of structure to making a specific number of posts (6 or 24).

    I like your hyperinflation and economic topics best.

    Do your own thing. Heck, I would love to hear about your neighbors, the view from your window, and life as you are experiencing it.

  23. I think you are taking on too much.
    I suspect once a day with a special post on occasions would serve you better and not exhaust you.

  24. I love your posts on economics and what's going on in the financial world. So, first I would like to say thank you for gathering all of this information. It's a tedious task and appreciated on my end. Looking forward to whatever else you may feel courageous enough to tackle.

  25. It cannot give you advice, just tell what I have found. Everytime I find an interesting article and start following the person that wrote it, I've found that those that write everyday end up repeating themselves and I abandon following them, but normally I keep reading those that write at weekly or longer interval.

    As an example, one of them is Theburningplatform, run by J.Quinn. It was great when he wrote "winter is coming for boomers". But afterwards, on the need of publishing everyday, he has lost quality on his featured articles (the weekly ones).

    On the other hand, I keep reading T. Sowell,, or the Morales Solá columns in La Nacion (kind of eclectic reading)among others.

    Then only one I've found that keeps an interesting equilibrium between posting small pieces everyday and periodically something more elaborated is Todd Harrison in Minyanville, but his scope is narrow, and does not escape repeating himself (he is concious of that, and instead of repeating the same things over and over, just post a link to the previous pieces)

  26. I appreciate the work you have done and the thoughts you offer. If you wish to start another blog, to complement this one, then you should do it in whatever form (length of article/frequency of publication) strikes you as suitable and maintainable.

    I would definitely not bind myself to a publication schedule, you owe nothing to your readers other than sharing your insights and your labor as it pleases you to do so.

    Please do keep posting, your work is appreciated.

  27. If you're going to do this, make sure your service is better than ZeroHedge, which is free. I enjoy this blog immensely, and many thanks for keeping it. I post only once/week on my own blog, but make sure it's worth the read, and you should do the same here.. sometimes less is more.

  28. Hi Gonzalo
    i am italian which decided to come to Santiago to work for a very innovative investment fund in order to save capital from italy and europe...i am also very involved in economic issues as i have already started my own blog in italian language, i will be very happy to see if i could work in your project
    i have already emailed my chilean mobile to you, just contact me to have a informal meeting

    all the best!


  29. IMHO you should stick to your present format, maybe even reduce the number of articles to avoid burnout.

    You are by far the best financial wordsmith I have come across. The value-add is your audience who seem to be very knowledgeable and post insightful comments.

    Keep in mind that John Mauldin started a weekly financial eLetter in 2001 and now has 1.5 million readers worldwide (articles are even translated !!).

    Your Blog may have the same long term potential with the associated "donations", sponsorships, ads (you'll have to clean up your language first!!), etc etc.

    Just may opinion!
    RM in Toronto, Canada.

  30. Gl:

    Looks as if you have already decided.

  31. My time on the internet is for survival as opposed to entertainment. It is the last refuge for real news. If I want to be entertained I spend time with Beethoven or Mozart. So my point is, post as often as you like as long as you stay real and interesting. I am retired and have lots of free time but checking my favourite sites once a day is plenty for me. From the comments I can see that you have some bright minds following you, keep that in mind.

  32. I love your writing but burnout is a bitch. Slow down. If you feel the energy than keep up with the weekly thing. If you don't feel the energy then just give us a quick and dirty post of your thoughts and surmisings. Get sleep. Enjoy life. Eat well. If it gets really bad then push to do a down and dirty post at least 1-2 times a week and restrict your thoughts to just 2-3 hundred words. Don't even give full sentences. Phrases and half-thoughts are good enough and elicit comments and, when the energy is there, respond to comments. Don't burn all your mental emotional resources. Conserve a bit. Love your stuff. AndrewP

  33. It'd be nice to get your comments on hot topics as they arise, or to sample your skewered sense of humor. So I am for the new "G," thing. Sure hope you are able to get windy once in a while, as I find your long posts to be educational.

    C deK

  34. It sounds like your solution to all the hard work of this blog is to ... work more with a second blog!

    You no doubt have a wellspring of ideas for topics to explore. If writing short format plays to your knowledge and creativity how can it fail? Over time you'll probably strike a balance between the two blogs with a number of postings that works best for each.

    Personally, I just appreciate a general schedule of postings like you provide so I know when to come back.

  35. i like your longer reads. you are a very good writer and i look forward to them. if i don't have time i will make time later on.
    i fear that a torrent of smaller posts may trivialize your work.
    thanks, a fan , breezer1.

  36. Mr. Lira,
    Why not try something like a "Gonzalo Lite" daily posting(unvarnished)of whatever intrigues you? For instance, the explosive growth ongoing in Santiago and why...

    Save the "term paper" for your political and economic observations, making those a once weekly event. Anything more would be volunteer work and we all know how you feel about that. An avid reader, Mark C.

  37. Why tie yourself to a post each hour -- why not post what you want, when you want -- that's a much more normal and hence easier pace to keep. I'm sure you're aware of Instapundit, where Glenn Reynolds does something like what you're describing, except that he relies more on links than I believe you intend to.....

  38. Dude - the reason I love your work is because it is well-considered and researched. So although I would love to hear from you on any topic, I think that blogging like this would spread your work too thinly. Quality is needed - not quantity.

  39. Sounds crazy for me, you'll be heading for a burnout soon. And you will loose fans: no one has the time to read GLs word by the hour.

    Twice a week something well thought and written - that's what pulls me to your blog. I am always keen to read your new post, would not be able to maintain that for the hourly chit chat. R.

  40. GL,

    I agree with the others who say that the specific time constraint is unnecessary. If you want to have a "quick thoughts" blog to go along with your long form blog, I'd suggest you simply post the thoughts as they come to you in reaction to the news of the day, rather than trying to come up with something simply because you haven't posted anything for an hour. Some days are slow. It happens. You've gained a whole lot of fans by making three posts a week. We clearly aren't here because we want a constant stream of new material.

  41. Hey Gonzalo-You're a clear thinker-So anything you have to say is important to me-As often as possible-Keep posting!

  42. I have recently started a blog on economics but mostly hyperinflation. I would love to get a gets post onto your new blog.

    Mine is at

  43. If you set a pace like that you are very likely to burn out and stop entirely. The cyber-sweatshop over at Gawker used to pay kids by the post and expect 12 or 24 a day. It took a terrible toll on them physically and mentally.

    I'd say post whenever you want but force yourself to stay under two paragraphs. Brevity is really important to learn, particularly on the Internet, and setting a hard limit will force you to pick your words carefully and boil things down to essentials.

    This method is also good for working up sound bites, for use in radio or TV interviews.

  44. Your new logo reminds me of the 70's TV show "Laughin" - zany and goofy, which is what I think about your new concept of 24/7 post-modern narcisissim.

    Do you actually think we care that you think the street corner that you are presently standing on in Santiago reminds you of your favorite spaghetti western movie.

    No, you ain't no Brad Pitt, but you do write and inform and stimulate thinking on a very important subject that is dear to all of us, which makes you dear to me.

    Being an ex-altar boy, I also enjoy making fun of your Catholicism, probably because I can still remember the Latin responses in mass, but wouldn't want to tease you all the time.
    Thanks for asking and keep writing.

  45. No. Please don't do that. I would fall behind in my reading of your stuff, because I feel compelled to read every word that you write. It would be completely overwhelming. Besides, you must be insane to want to put that kind of time pressure on yourself. Do a video blog for the short interesting things that you would like to comment on, but again, no more than one a day, maybe a few minutes in length. (You look good on camera.) Keep the blog itself the same - you've got a winning game. My 2 cents. -MB

  46. I just discovered your blog recently....I love it and I'm so impressed by the amount of work that you obviously put into it. I do find myself thinking throughout the week that I would love your opinion on things...epecially the economy....I would LOVE to read short blog posts thoughout the week.

  47. GL,
    I see no harm in trying an hourly blog. If you do, it will soon become clear whether you are able to maintain quality and quantity for both blogs, stay sane, and devote time to other pursuits that are important to you. If you are unhappy with the result you can always scrap it.


  48. I have followed your post for some time now; I personally like, besides the clarity in your economics, the fluidity of longer streams of info. I don’t know if you’ll be able to set your pace at the tempo you’d like, maintain the pace, keep the structure and sanity.
    There is so much of ADD we can take from the environment and in return project back to it, without falling into a down spiral. Besides, there is a percentage of your market audience that is into quantum random instant communication and another percentage that is more into long term perspectives. Probably there is also a percentage in between. Maybe, you’ll be able to explore and conjoint these two worlds.
    So, in the ontogenic conundrum; more likely than not, the outcome will depend on your daily feedback, and your personal projection of “Tomorrow”. Keep your mind clear, don’t pixel yourself too much.
    I see you rather transiting to webcasting your news analysis, for a reasonable return…

  49. I really like what you're doing now and wouldn't want anything to interfere with it. On the other hand a bit of freedom to post on the fly important things that were going down could be valuable also. Perhaps some sort of an alert that you had posted something important that we should read would be in order. Shrug, I dunno give it a try and if you crap out drop it and go back to the original format. I won't hold it against you for trying a new ideed. You do good work.

  50. Gonzalo

    Your present format is akin to great sex twice a week.

    As we all know to much sex is not always good, it becomes perfunctory and unsatisfying.

    If you feel in the mood, and want to give us a quickie now and again, then thats fine with me.

    As the saying goes: Its quality rather then quantity.

  51. You must not be married or have kids. Like to read your thoughts, but serious burn-out is where you are headed.

    Get a dog instead.

  52. quality not quantity !!

  53. As a long time blogger of almost 3 years, there is no way I can even fathom such an undertaking. I think it will take away from the quality of GL.

  54. After reading your question, I thought of physicist, economist & legal scholar David Friedman's blog ( in which he deals with various topics that interest him, but generally with less frequency than you are proposing to do. Have a look at what he does, because he keeps his stuff short, but it still can be very deep--and it touches upon some of the topics you do (including Wikileaks last week), with plenty on economics, too. Friedman the author of the Machinery of Freedom, Hidden Order, Price Theory, Future Imperfect, and other books and articles on Law and Economics and is a top thinker. I'd put you in the same category of high-powered thinker--whether the articles are long or short.

  55. Miles said -

    If you want to write shorter posts in addition to your regular column, we'll read 'em. I don't see the need to bind yourself to a fixed schedule, however. Surely there will be days when you can't or won't want to write anything at all. Better to just post as it comes to you. Silence can also be golden.

    If you do create an additional site, you will of course be sure to put reciprocal links on both sites.

  56. Why not?

    The hourly thing might be something of a burden but I would look forward to more frequent posts. You can always bin it if it doesn't work out.


  57. With many others quality over quantity. People can go anywhere for little snippets but well thought out writing is sadly lacking - as you know from the poor efforts of the MSM.

  58. Don't put rules on how you post, do what amuses you.

  59. GL,
    I'm proud to call myself a diehard fan of yours and I often share your articles with friends and family. I agree with most of the other posters, however, that hourly or semi-hourly posting will burn you out quickly. I would hate to see your efforts here undermined by the incessant need to post something, anything at 'The Hourly G' to appease your readers. Quality over quantity.

    I do appreciate that you are so committed though!

  60. Go with the flow of the inner Tao!

    When I wrote my recent article, "Currency Wars for Dummies," it took over one week to fine-turn it. After it was published by,it went from one website having this unique title to over 176,000 in a google search. But I haven't done another one since.

    I agree with some of the above comments that you shouldn't put yourself in some blogging straight-jacket as that would crimp creativity and stress the hell out of you!

  61. If you want to keep people returning to your site, keep a little bit of you a mystery. Writing about everything under the sun, hourly, will breed familiarity, and you know where that can lead.

  62. I read blogs constantly, mostly about economics and politics. I found you this week for the first time, I think through an Yves link to the Wikileaks articles. I loved them and passed them on with high praise: he's not coy about his position, his writing isn't overly emotional, and his links/sources were right where they needed to be.

    In answer to your question, I am looking for insightful analysis that separates itself from the rest. Although the filler posts might be interesting, it's the work/analysis a la the two Wikileaks articles that will keep me coming back--even if only published once/week.

  63. Gonzalo,
    First, I am a fan!
    Second, you should do whatever you want to do.
    Third, I think what you say has real value and just figured out what you mean by "a one time subscription" and bought one. (I think you should just call it a lifetime subscription if that is what you mean as I thought it might mean a subscription to your next blog only... I know .. that doesn't make sense now but that is what confused me and why I didn't subscribe months ago.

    Last, I much prefer your in depth analysis but would be happy to receive it on your timetable less frequently than to receive hourly blogs of thoughts. Your detailed papers provide a macroeconomic framework to my investment strategy whereas your lesser pieces are mostly entertainment for me. I value the former most definitely more. However, try whatever you want and then continuously improve it as it suits you.

    A Canadian Fan

  64. Hello from Katie in Louisiana - I'm a huge fan, saw your hyperinflation articles linked on Zerohedge, and have been following you for about six months.

    What's made me a fan is: (1) you think for yourself and (2) you think deeply. For example, the Wikileaks writing was excellent and thoroughly researched.

    So I'd love to read as much as you choose to write, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice quality for quantity.

    So my answer would be, post more frequently IF you don't have to reduce the quality to do it. But I hope you think carefully before committing to daily posts, that sounds like a huge burden.

  65. FWIW, I prefer quality over quantity. Also a consideration is the limited time and 'net access I have available to check RSS feeds. So the new blog would be too much for my type of reading, but hey, if you've got the energy, go for it! :-)

  66. What we lack in the media is a source of in depth,. well-reasoned, detailed analyses on issues of import. Short, pithy and lacking substance is readily available. We are capable of consuming complex issues.

  67. GL - Don't think you need a new blog...just put the "Insta-G" feed to the right...when you feel like it or have a lot of espresso blog away. We readers come for your well researched elegant truth but also would be happy to read the Insta-G feed when you decide to tell us more...

    Keep up the great work...

    Newer reader who emailed you recently.

  68. Gonzalo, I really have enjoyed your posts on hyperinflation, and others. I would advise against your new idea, or try it, but don't do it for more than a day. Continuous news or posts (on the hour) implies that there is something significant or of value to be told. Unfortunately, there is much less news or data that really is important to any given result that operates on a 24 hour clock. We all want things to happen, but things of real thoughtful value come infrequently. Better to focus on the relevant than to add to the din of mindless compressed chatter that is really of no consequence. I have a hard enough time avoiding the zombified news channels. Read Taleb's Fooled by randomness for more examples. Focus on philosophy, and what's worth writing about (you have done well at this in the past), not mind numbing bullshit.

  69. Fool you had no perception. The games you were playing were frighteningly high. You must now crush them completely. So John like before him, this Gonzalo must fly.

    Of course you should do this. I come to this site many times a day - waiting for the next fix. Like Denninger ET. AL. Do it ASAP. You will become much more read.

    The proposed logo is Uh! wacky - some 60s Sherman Williams commercial. Post and ask us for ideas. I'm an expert in Photo Shop and would love to give you a freebie.

  70. After I posted. I scrolled up and saw the logo again. Please do not do logos. You are better off with a photo

  71. You really need a break from time to time, Gonzo. At the rate you're going, you may burn yourself out (perhaps it's what you want at a subconscious level). Don't get me wrong, I really dig your blog, but you're burning the candle at both ends (and then what good will you be to us?). A bit of wine, women and song would do you good.

  72. Sorry about the typo; should have been Gonzalo, not Gonzo; my bad (maybe I need some wine, women and song!).

  73. gonzalo, I can only offer my experience from Calculated Risk over the years, It was great in forecasting the housing explosion, as it bacame more popular, it became less and less informative. i think there is a place for a two or three topic a day blog. You have a lot to say and its important since others are attacking you. you must be doing something right. Give it a try, and see what happens,

  74. Oh yeah keep the language too.

  75. Gonzalo,

    I hope you have a helper to make it a success.

    Oh, and don't forget to get 8 hours sleep each night.


  76. I suggest that you stick to your 2-3 blogs per week, but try to make them a little more concise. I don't need hourly drivel. (I know you will produce quality, but it is hourly and can't always be as deep.)

  77. I say give it a try. I do enjoy your longer posts because they are clearly well thought out. But at the same time, I am eager to see what you think about some fast hitting news events. I tried to have my own blog and am reworking it. I switched jobs and that just screwed with my schedule and made blogging every day very difficult. Posting every day is a royal pain, let alone several times a day. But if you are able to work in long, thoughtful pieces every now and then, I suggest you give it a try.

  78. There are enough blogs out there for hourly posts. Many of your readers (myself included) are already scanning the net hourly. Your blog has more value in it's current state. You are a writer, you are a critical thinker, you care. How do you get that across on an hourly basis ?

    Quality - not quantity my friend. Thank you very much for your insight, time, and opinions.

  79. I've got a widget that flashes a dialogue box at the bottom of my screen; it let's me know when a pal posts to one of the social networks; the more compulsive the poster, the more inane the post.

    I respect the way your mind works. Please don't let a desire to be instantly relevant take you away from the good thinking you is the macro we're looking at through you.


  80. If its going to help financially please go ahead but personally I'd rather you concentrate effort and therefore quality in the important stuff. We already have too many noisy bloggers.

  81. Gonzalo, you were doing just fine. Please don't over do it.[el que mucho abarca, poco aprieta]
    Just remember that.
    thank you

  82. The answer, as in most situations, boils down to... "it depends."

    It depends on what you want. What are your goals for this site?

    Your lengthy and insightful posts are very worthwhile. Yet a new reader may be a little intimidated at first. Perhaps you could make shorter posts to compliment these longer posts. Say ...250-500 words (surprise! that's also what usually performs best in Search Engine Results Pages).

    More frequent updating will tend to get your pages spidered more often. But unless you're a a savant, it's foolish think posting every other hour will not negatively impact the quality of your posts.

    Daily perhaps, or even twice daily... but no more.

  83. GL --

    for all the talk of "burning out", it's up to you to assess how much you can post at what time intervals and in whichever moods, and be happy with it all .. .. only you know your limits

    i personally don't care if you drop f-bombs three times a sentence, but maybe some of your audience will -- i get the feeling that such frequent posts would reveal a lesser-polished side of you

    or maybe they wouldn't, i'm not you-enough to know for sure

    buuuuut, there's only one way to find out if it'll work or not

    and if it does hand you demons, then make demonade! .. ..

    or pull the plug on it


    happy deliberating! or liberating, or whatever

    -- j.j. from pittsburgh

  84. Go for it! If you have the energy, why the he'll not? I'll be reading.

  85. Gonzalo,

    If you are doing too much work, you need to stop doing so much. Everyone needs some time off. I can reference a few studies that show that taking some time off will maintain and perhaps improve the quality of the work you do.

    Maintain the quality of your work by taking some time off!

  86. Gonzalo:
    Schedules are artifices for the depressed worker class. They stifle randomness and serendipity, and will dry up your soul. Don't fall fast into the feet of the clock.

  87. I'm surrounded by trees while
    In search of wood
    My brain's intact but I don't know what I should
    Somethings wrong is the only founding intuition
    So my hobby-time mission has become trying to find sensible solutions.
    Like all potential voters for debt jubilees I've no idea how they functioned historically (not that Mockingbird media is allowing politicians to pursue this path)
    some say Jesus moved to annul the debt which was stagnating society
    And like any cartoon watcher I've never read Adam Smith and I've yet to see a wealthy nation period.
    Finding finders and reflectors whose perspective and choice of vocab and topic seem to tally is reasonably rare
    Not knowing what they are referring to
    Reminds me my general knowledge reservoir replenishment routine requires rejuvenation
    The main characters of the War of Financial Independence
    could be written up as a 2013 box office buster
    I have no doubt.
    General knowledge is at Homer Simpson level as
    Mussolini's Mass Media Machine Manufactures Mystified Muppets like me.
    Huckleberry Hudson says shifting the tax burden onto land and resources and off of wage earners was the origin of classical economics
    John Locke- who the hell was he?

    While grinding away carving insights into trees like these don't be afraid to elucidate
    Imagine a classroom of barfly Barny's, 'AAUUCCk'!
    That's who lives out here,
    chaps who have traded in the TV remote for the keyboard
    Pots of penicillin
    to provide panaceas to perpetually perpendicular piranha providers of binary code
    Thanks for sharing your perspective, woke up in hell again this morning and for a difference, I think it snowed.

  88. In Lila:- An Inquiry into Morals, among other things Robert Pirsig expresses his conviction that moving pictures are a hypnotic social media unsuitable for the expression of information best left to text and this is why library visits have fallen off a cliff while 40" TV sales have soared in a society which has surrendered the dream that ineffectual intellectuals can overcome cannibalistic capitalism carving up Quality of life in a world where the only universal knowledge is football results dispensed between pain relief product advertisements.
    You've got the facilities and the philosophical framework to formulate G Force Internet TV Interviews,
    as long as you watch which questions you ask I doubt you'll contract cancer prematurely,
    Interviews with Phd's from Universities contemplating histories or alternative strategies
    would make gonzo Gonzalo journalism a rising star must see as, bereft of setting character and plot links, interviews allow alot of insights and observations to be expressed and inquired about instantaneously.
    There is a vacuum in our education curriculum with a leaky seal
    Studious surfers in search of alternatives to There Is No Alternative
    would love to watch Gonzalo on speed (or fair trade coffee) online interacting for an optional fee.
    Running down freeloaders could be a spot we'd all enjoy immeasurably.
    Suggestion for some time down the track perhaps, People are frantically looking up youtube for video shot in 1929 and are disappointed with the absence of footage.....


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