Thursday, December 2, 2010

Firefox Users Are Having Trouble Seeing My Blog

• Fix below •

√ Problem seems to be fixed, see Update II below.

A housekeeping note: Firefox users are having trouble seeing my blog. 

I do not have control over this—it is apparently a Blogger or Firefox problem. 

I have contacted Blogger. Hopefully it will be repaired shortly. I do not know how to contact Firefox. 

I have also removed left the original cloud background (which is what Firefox users were seeing beneath the text, making blog text well nigh impossible to read), and temporarily replaced it with a smooth cream background

To my readers using Firefox, I suggest you use any other browser, as none of the others I have tried (Safari, Explorer, Chrome, Stainless) seem to have this problem.

Please excuse the inconvenience. 


Update I:

The problem seems to be intermittent with Firefox users—some users have trouble, some do not. Considering over a third of my readers use Firefox, this is an issue to me.

To anyone having trouble seeing my blog with Firefox, I would suggest you try out different browsers: You can find downloads for Safari here (I heartily endorse Safari, which I use), Chrome here (which I also recommend), Explorer here, Opera here, and Stainless here (for Mac Snow Leopard only).


Fix for this problem: 

The easiest fix for the Firefox users experiencing this problem is:

Go to the View menu—go to Page Style—select No Style.

VoilĂ !—a plain white background appears, with the text in black and links in default blue. Not as pretty as the regular format, but functional, and you can read all the text easily—which of course is the whole point.

If you are one of the (few) Firefox users experiencing this problem, I am sorry for the inconvenience. However, it appears to be a Firefox issue, not an issue with my blog (I’ve spent the whole afternoon troubleshooting it, to make sure it's okay).

Hope you enjoy my posts.


Update II — Dec. 20, 2010:

All on its own, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Yeay team!

If the problem recurs, please e-mail me. Thank you.



  1. Using firefox now and I don't see any problems. The background images rendered funkily in chrome as well as firefox though...

  2. Actually scratch that, stuff that should be on the right column is all the way on the left and down past the bottom of the page. However, everything is readable.

  3. with firefox too, no problems.

  4. I use Firefox, never had a problem reading the site. I have a Macbook Air though, maybe it is different on Windows.

  5. I too have no problem using Firefox and I too have a mac.

  6. I use Firefox on XP and never had a problem.

  7. I'm using Firefox on Unbuntu Linux and I have no trouble reading this. However, the sunset-clouds background might give some people some trouble. I looked at the page source but it is a terrific mess of machine-generated code, so it's not obvious what has gone wrong.

  8. not a prob here all is fine wit ff...

  9. Download paragrasp from Firefox... Print will be highlighted in one of various colors... I use light green but that's just me...

  10. Get real.

    Using Firefox I visit 100's of pages with no problems, except here, and just within the last few days.
    I've updated nothing.

    For a split second when I open this page everything is normal with a cream background.

    As much as I like reading the comments, I'll stop reading them before I change browsers over this One issue.

    I hope you fix it.

  11. Oh great, now your main blog entry is this way too.
    The insertion thingy is invisible now too, the vertical bar that lets you know where to type.
    Maybe it's a virus?

  12. That cream color makes for very nice reading... As pretty as the dam clouds are... (I will send you a gazillion sunset pics from Alaska if you like) ... Just switch to the cream...
    I just stumbled on your blog a few days ago and like++ it ...
    I opine that readers are here for your insights... NOT the background...
    Repeat... Go for the easy on the eyes cream ...

  13. I have to concur about the background, it may be pretty but makes the blog unreadable.

    If you run Firefox with Adblock then the background photo can be blocked and a pleasant uniform cream colour appears.

  14. I use Firefox and Opera. No problems. I think Opera is the best and fastest browser.

  15. Go to the View menu—go to Page Style—select No Style.

    That worked for me.

    It's an acceptable workaround, for now.
    Thanks for the effort.

  16. I use FF and found the cloud background refreshing.
    When I switched to No Style it showed plain white background. Not attractive.

  17. I too have noticed that for the last week or so, that when I come to this blog, there is a split second of cream background, followed by a cloudy sky background. It is a bit tougher to read, but I will not go away from FF because of this. I've tried google chrome and it works great, but only for a short while before it "gums" up. I then have to re-install it using google "pack", it works fine again for another short while, and then I have to do another re-install. Frustrating. No, I'll stick with FF, since this is the only blog I seem to have a bit of difficulty with. Hey, Gonzalo, how about using a background picture of a sand dune at very close range, or a background picture of just one enormous white cloud at close range? That may help. Other than what I've just said, everything else surrounding this blog is A-OK.

  18. I have no problem viewing your blog from FireFox. On the contrary I would not use this M$ piece of crap IE.
    Keep rolling on man, I enjoy your posts.

  19. The block that controls the height of the cream-colored background is not extending all the way down to include your content. This is a common CSS problem that shows up in Firefox.

    Somebody changed your stylesheet in the past few days and broke something.

    If you have a web designer, tell them to try a div with a {clear: both;} in it, inserted at the bottom of that cream-colored content block. If you can't edit the CSS of your theme, you might consider switching to another one temporarily.

    It's really not "a Firefox problem" it's a CSS coding error that other browsers are more forgiving of.

    Good luck!

  20. FWIW, when I try the site on FF (IBM laptop running XP Pro), it comes up with the cream and then in a second or so defaults to the sunset clouds (hard to read) background. on chrome, all renders well and cream bckgrnd stays.


  21. OK ... first to answer the question about the browser. I just checked your site with Firefox. What happens is that your Comment section comes up with a cream background for 1-2 seconds, then it reverts to the clouds/sky background across thwe whole screen. This does make the words more difficult to read. Readers who only use Firefox should be aware that other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, display a cream background behind the words all the time. So the site is much more readable.

    Now back to economics ... shall we?

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    This leaves Europe with two ways out. The ECB can step in and do massive a QE2 Program just like Ben Bernanke - which could involve massive printing of money. If this does happen, then we will have reached a point where the giant western economies (USA, Europe, Japan) have all been put on critical life-support with unlimited direct money printing by the central banks. In other words, the western banking system is in a "terminal condition" and is only being kept alive by massive interference from its central banks. Could this state of existence go on indefinitely - enough to allow the west to survive and recover? That's a key question ... but it's far from clear that a YES answer really exists.

    Alternatively, the Germans may decide that "enough is enough" and refuse to bail out an increasing number of Euro nations that are overly indebted. Hence Europe would break apart, and it's not clear if some part of the old union would survive, or all the countries would abandon the common currency.

    It is also possible for the Irish people to be the "spoilers" in this game - by not accepting the IMF requirements on Dec 7'th. This would also push the system towards a default by Ireland.

    You have to look at the present situation from the point of view of the bankers in China, Asia and the Middle East. The idea that they could work around a collapse in the USA by building links with Europe (and buying bonds from Europe) is pretty much dead. They face the risk that these investments could collapse. There is a strong and growing incentive for Asia to try to unify its own economic cooperation and isolate itself as much as possible from traumatic developments in the western hemisphere. If the Asian nations wish to do this - they need to move very quickly. The ultimate success of this move is debatable, but at this stage it is "every man for himself".


  22. Another workaround is to hit the stop button before the page loads completely.
    Before the comment box appears.
    Then I can still read it with a cream background, just have to reload all the way if I want to comment.

  23. The stop button works for me but I am committed to reading you Gonzalo cause you write so fine. What about the others I try to get reading you though by posting links to here? Why a commitment to a background that makes it difficult for a fair percentage to read your posts? It's the words man not the background that counts!

  24. Reload, then stop before reload completes. Beautiful. Thanks to the anonymous poster above for this simple solution.

  25. I, too, thank the poster who suggested reload, then stop before completed. Works like a charm.

    Incidentally, I have a dual boot machine and the problem only occurs on Windows XP. When I use Ubuntu Linux, everything works fine.

  26. Confirmation on last comment.
    The problem happens when I run Firefox, and my machine has Windows XP.


  27. No problems with Firefox on Ubuntu OS.

    C deK

  28. Gonzalo, I like your posts very much. Have you tought of using a HTML validator for your web page?

    The shit may be because you are using microsoft crappy non-standard HTML.

  29. GL, please keep up the great work. I look forward to every article you write.

    I have a suggestion though, since you had one: Find a new web site designer/implementor.

    I use multiple OSs (linux, windows, OSX, iPhone, android), and multiple browsers, including firefox. Never had any trouble w/firefox and your site, but it takes forever to load, regardless of the browser. Did a quick diagnosis using firebug and I think your site wins for have the largest quantity of embedded links to twitter, ytimg, googleusercontent, google gadgets, approx 100 separate image loads, and other gratuitous web 2.0 crap. Blocking 90% of it makes for a much more pleasant experience reading your valuable content.

    I intend this in a constructive way, but if I were still teaching high-performance web site design, I might use yours as a good counter-example. You may just be stuck with it as a side-effect of using "canned" blogging site software, but remember that it's about the content -- and yours is great. It's not about the technological bells, whistles, knickknacks, doodads and other web 2.0 crap.

  30. Just remove the sunset background in your template selection......or remove the template, choose another, and then go back to the sunset... you could have some error in the template download...

    like others have said, I view many Blogger sites, and this is the first problem I have experienced... and I am also a dedicated Firefox user


  31. GL -

    Seems to be a code issue. If you stop the page from completely loading (i.e. click the "X" halfway through the page loading) the page will look the same as it does through Chrome or IE. The solid portion of the screen only disappears if you allow the page to fully load in Firefox. Sorry I am not competent enough with programing to help more, but that may help you narrow down the issue of having the clouds cover all of the text. Thanks for all of the insightful posts.

  32. Just in case you wanted to know.

    Firefox user here, the cream background is restored now.
    The green is pretty cool.
    The text at the bottom of the blog is a little hard to read, but once I scroll it up to the gray section of the background photo it's readable.

    It's a little hard to read the text to the right of your photo at the top, but it's not impossible.

    It is basically impossible to read the black text in the upper right, I can see LATEST INTERVIEW WITH MAX KEISER, but not the black text below it, it seems to be layered over other text and it looks like the video is on top of some more text I cannot see.

    It's not impossible to read the text below the ad on the right, there's that itty bitty slit of gray I can use to see the text.

  33. This may be the result of software wars between microsoft and competition. If microsoft software is used in the creation of these web pages, that software may intentionally include code that causes a particular version of Firefox to perform poorly.

    If so there are two answers,
    Gonzala could stop using the microsoft product
    or the user can update firefox.

  34. There are two problems that cause the issues.

    First, you need to add to stylesheet section for .content-outer

    Add -> overflow:hidden;

    Below is what it is now

    .content-outer {
    background: transparent url( repeat scroll top left;
    -moz-border-radius: 15px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 15px;
    -goog-ms-border-radius: 15px;
    border-radius: 15px;
    -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .15);
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .15);
    -goog-ms-box-shadow: 0 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .15);
    box-shadow: 0 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .15);
    margin: 30px auto;

    Second, the text widget for the "Posting Schedule" is messed up. It contains an IMMENSE amount of repeated HTML and is missing several closing tags. The text in that widget should be redone.

    Hope this helps the Firefox users.


    Just delete the text and reenter it from scratch.

  35. In case you wanted to know, previously, I had problems viewing the page even after I updated Firefox.

    Everything is great now, the filtered and foggy look is perfect too.

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