Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Gift for My Readers: The Trooper

Dear Readers and Kind Fans, 

I’ve mentioned here and there that for the past several years, I’ve been writing a monster called The Green of the Republic—but I’ve also written other fiction. 

Back in July–September 2008, while taking a break from my monster, I wrote a highly experimental novel called The Trooper

It’s about a State Trooper, patrolling a suburb in a post-Crash, Millennial Depression wasteland. It’s a dark, scary, creepy book—a horror story for thinking people. 

Between its formal experimentation and its black-as-outer-space tone, mainstream publishers would never touch such a book, no matter how good it might be—not in a million years. 

But it is pretty good. I know it’s arrogant of me to say that about my own work, but, well, you all know that I’m an arrogant shit. More to the point, if I didn’t think it was good, I’d never mention it—I’d keep it locked away like an unloved adopted child. 

But I do love The Trooper. It seems such a shame that—because of publisher timidity—no one will get to read it—

—so I’ve decided to make it available to people via a blogspot site. 

Every Saturday, I’ll be posting a ten-to-twenty page chunk of the novel—today, for your Christmas pleasure, I’ve posted the first two such chunks, 

So without further ado, here it is—The Trooper




  1. "..... I know it’s arrogant of me to say that about my own work, but, well, you all know that I’m an arrogant shit....."

    We hadn't noticed.....

    Best regards,


  2. There is no attachment to The Trooper. Is it suppose to be available today?

  3. Interesting Stuff. Cant wait to see what happens next. In the story, and in real life. I can just see the system getting clogged with reluctant criminals.

  4. Hello GL,

    Getting your work into print would be no problem. Of the several internet publishing services, is probably the best. You would have to do all the formatting, prepare the cover, and get the ISBN number, but the costs are reasonable. I know this process from personal experience and I recommend it.

    Promotion is quite another thing, but you have a substantial following, and many of them would certainly be interested.

  5. It's good amigo. Our ongoing crisis from "The Man's" perspective.

  6. Charles Bukowski, in his books when discussing writers would often comment that all writers think they're great writers (if not the greatest). So you're in fine company!

  7. Hi GL,

    I read just the first few lines of the first page and fell off my chair! I am not yet sure if you intended that as a joke or meant it to be serious.

    I am referring to this quote:

    "My breakfast cereal is bran, to keep me regular, and non-fat milk to keep me healthy."

    Why do I find it funny? - To find out, you are very welcome to follow my link by clicking on my name above and having a look at some of the essays and links on my blog.

    I enjoy reading your stuff, please continue the novel!

    Stan (Heretic)

  8. I read the first chapter.

    Unfortunately, this is America today and it has been like that for quite some time.

    In the mid-nineties, I had to deal with an airline steward who behaved like your trooper.

    The US also happens to be the only country in the world (I have been in many) where I have been reprimanded by private citizens for jaywalking!!!

    As for publishing your book, I thought you were aware that you need to have some background for that!

    If you are not a famous football, or basketball, player, or a singer-actress-socialite, you have nothing to say that is likely to interest the masses... therefore, you should go look for a real job!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  9. Sorry Gonzalo - I very much enjoy your observations & comments about our economic & financial world, however this "book" made my eyes bleed.

    Having spent time in the law enforcement community I couldn't read beyond the first four pages. It's pretty clear you have no LE experience, background or spent time researching the field first hand. Your story reads as a Grade 5 essay. Comes across as Demoltion Man as narrated by John Wayne.

    A shame really. You have a distinct writing style, but this time your ego wrote cheques that are NSF.

  10. Good for you. Great idea!
    Looking forward to the chapters.
    It's hard to believe that no publishers will touch your book ... they're clearly not thinking ahead. Where is the foresight in marketing??


  11. "when i breakfast in the kitchen .. .."

    that's really, umm .. .. dartmouthy? "american dad"-ish?

    what kind of state trooper thinks like that?

    he's grubbin' all the way, before checking his shit and going to work, and some asshole had a problem with being fired, which he took care of, i guess

    now i love your blogs to death, but you're too smart for this genre -- i'm neither convinced of his authenticity, nor immersed in his environment

    yes, the bureaucracy can be incredibly robotic and inflexible (and it's gotta go), but to pin that on a low-level grunt is not only dehumanizing but also unrealistic .. .. the parts are not the machine any more than the map is the territory

    state troopers may be incredibly static and methodical when interacting with strangers such as yourself, but to expect that same behavior in _ALL_ elements of their lives is like expecting the moviefone narrator guy to talk in that stupid, wacky voice everywhere he goes when he's off the clock

    marc "animal" macyoung and fred reed write compelling authority-driven narratives .. .. for order/chaos thought dynamics, i'd recommend any of the "saga of recluce" books by l.e. modesitt, jr.

    please continue with your current-events analyses, because you are unparalleled in that respect

    -- j.j. from pittsburgh

  12. Sorry, i couldn't get past the first few pages.

    Maybe some day we'll have officers with poorly programed chips controlling their brain function, but it hasn't happened yet. No officer thinks like that, though they may pretend to if a camcorder is running. Yes, i have seen that persona played by a young trooper, (before he ran my ID) but they DO NOT think like that.

    Don't quit your blog job!

  13. Read 2 chapters. Really f'in good. You cant sell it? No way. You can. Days after reading, the visuals stayed with me. You have a gem here bro. get it published.


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