Friday, November 26, 2010

Today I’m Exhausted

Today, I was supposed to post a piece that tied in to Thanksgiving, and alluded to the multiple crises that we are experiencing. 

Me, as I write this.
But this morning, I woke up, re-read all the drafts I had of what would have been today’s post, and realized that—frankly—it was all drivel. 

Some people—a lot of people, actually—think that most of what I write is drivel. (Oddly, the same people who think my stuff is shit read everything that I post—and comment about it, too. But nevermind.) 

Re-reading the crap I had written for today’s post was terribly dispiriting—for a second there, I thought that the haters were right: My stuff is shitty drivel that hardly makes any sense!

It took me a while to recall what I was trying to do—not just in the piece, but in my blog, generally speaking:

What I’m trying to do is write stuff that’s informative, entertaining, and insightful. 

Keeping those three balls juggling in the air is quite a task, believe you me. Sometimes I juggle those three objectives as effortlessly as a cartoon octopus—my Stagflation ‘79 piece, my discussion on what is a fascist police-state, my piece on why corporations matter: These were all killer. 

Sometimes, though, my juggling is as frenzied and uncoordinated as a blind and palsied amputee. (I won’t link to those pieces—they know who they are.) 

But in all of them, I try to keep those three balls in the air: Keep it informative—keep it entertaining—keep it insightful—juggle-juggle-juggle—all while wearing a great big smile on my face. 

Today, however, it just wasn’t happening. 

Whether it’s because it’s such a lovely day outside, or whether it’s because I didn’t get much sleep last night, or whether the stars weren’t aligned just right, or my feng shui is f.u.’ed—whatever it was, today, everything I tried to write was drivel. 

So I won’t be inflicting this drivel on my Kind Fans and New Readers today. Today, I’m going to finish posting this, turn off my computer, and go outside and play catch with the dog. 

I suggest you do the same, or something else as equally fun. 


P.S.: Since I brought it up, let me ask my Kind Fans to please tell me the posts you’ve liked the most, and the ones you’ve liked the least—I’m really curious. GL


  1. Hey Gonzo,

    Investment ideas and how best to protect our portfolio is always a winner.

  2. Your economic info is brilliant...the pieces about hyperinflation were prescient. Would be helpful to know how to use this info better. We know its to prepare?

  3. I like your analysis of what is happening and what you think will happen with the world economy. Like worst case scenarios too. I know you have a knack for reading between the lines.

  4. Truth be told, the main reason why I keep checking out your writings are as a prelude to the hyperinflation articles.

    Not that the other articles have been bad, but it is just that you are a lone voice in providing real, on-the-ground economic insights to the hyperinflation scenario.

    On that note, you might be interested in this sobering account of Argentina's economic collapse 1999-2002 that I found just today:

  5. Lorenzo, I am in Canada and read everything you write. I love all your stuff but I was introduced to you through your article on Hyperinflation which made so much sense. Even if it turns out not to be true it explained how we get from point A to point B and it made me think of what I could do to protect myself.

    Today i checked 3 times before I saw your blog. You deserve a day off. Enjoy and and have a great Thanksgiving!

    Is there a way for those of us that missed your last netcast to purchase it off your website? I would definitely like to hear what you had to say.

  6. Mr GL..i have been watching my country in spasims of denial,media supporting delusions,stock market manuplitations..government lies and indifference to its people it is some kind of remidy ,that dulling us down was the purpose,frisking us at the air ports is proof there are many sheeple wandering around,but..there is new vioces emerging..some are suddenly clinging to the constitution and bartering and their guns and their contempt for bankers,with flags "don't tread on me" when our country collapses we will fall out of the Trick Bag together..then we may get lucky ..the shit and fear will float away on the global warming..and the carbon footprints..

  7. We all need to take time off, even unannounced time off. People will get over it. It IS free, after-all. And worth every penny. ;)

  8. Hi Gonzalo
    i feel like you so many times!!! i have just started my blog here in italian language trying to educate the italians about the current mess !!
    Anyway i am moving to Chile soon and it will be a big pleasure to meet you some day just sharing our point of views
    See you soon and good luck!

  9. You can't please all of the people all the time-Keep up the good work!

  10. Keep your chin up, Gonzalo! Though I've just recently started following your blog, I can say that each post gets undivided attention (even if it's not in my realm of interest). In the company of writers Vox Day and Dmitri Orlov you are quickly becoming one of my favorite online columnists.

  11. How to protect our families against hunger, what to invest in and when if at all before and when HI happens?

  12. I like apocalyptic stories, it doesn't really matter whether or not they are true it's just fun to be scared to death and you write so well.

  13. I enjoy most of your writings, but the economic interpretations of current events keep me coming back, and the Pixar piece was a pleasant side-topic suprise. For what it's worth - As one of your readers, I don't expect you to blog on any regular schedule. I'd much rather you write when you get inspired to do so and when you have something insightful to share, and only then. Then it's much more fun to you and it's less prone to drivel, but that's just my $.02. The only posts I don't care for are the ones that say that you won't be posting, mostly because I don't see the point. In any case, keep up the good work.

  14. At least this one wasn't too long.

  15. Hi Gonzalo, the rant against austrians was especially poor. The one thing it showed was complete ignorance of the subject. Some other posts suffer from similar simplification of the topic. Coupled to the expression of your strong views about it, we can get two results:

    It works wonders if you hit the target, fantastic series on mortgages and hyperinflation
    are worthy examples. When it's a miss, the same aproach nails it, with no room left for covering up. Two sides of the same coin. Keep it up.

    ps. Have you seen Mish's today? He's not alone in looking forward to the fun of reviewing whatever-flation predictions in a year or two. *grin*

  16. Gonzalo!

    I love your writing and regularly scan my RSS's to see if you've posted a new piece. We live in tough times and the news is often focused on human greed and suffering. You go to great efforts to keep your readers informed about very important, albeit painfully depressing issues like the coming hyperinflation. Bless your heart for speaking the truth and keeping it real. The haters will devour themselves, so everytime you feel shitty, come back here and remember how many people whom you've never met, love you and wish you well. Peace from Paris. XO

  17. Your sincerity is much appreciated both in your successful pieces and on days like this one. Although we may never learn what you wanted to express about the crises and Thanksgiving, you yourself may be interested in comparing your thoughts and notes to others on this topic. For example take a look at Bill Bonner's piece (from The Daily Reckoning):

  18. I have enjoyed the hyperinflation series the best. (Some might say I am a gloom-and-doomer, but I say forewarned is forearmed.) I also like your other economic observations, e.g. the pieces on Europe's travails, characterizing U.S. bonds, and the mortgage mess.

    Trying to post 3 days a week and coming up with great stuff almost every time out is pretty ambitious. You deserve a break.

    Keep up the great work.

  19. Hi,

    There is no need to post often on a blog. I use newsaggreator that will inform me as soon as something appears on blogs I watch including yours.

    Quality better than quantity. No hurry to publish something for the sake of publishing.


  20. I like everything you write. I heard you on the Lars Larson show the other day and was impressed with not only the way you speak, but by your convictions.

  21. Tell you what I like about what you regularly write is historical comparisons of similar circumstance allowing vocab to address a different perspective.
    Check out The Black Hole
    as a 1978 financial forecast in the wake of departure from gold standard in '71.
    In 1990 we had a windup Saddam campaign to distract from something, I hope this wind up Korea episode doesn't turn into a serial...

  22. You are an amazing writer. Can't get enough and do not take breaks like others say. Let it spill out - have some wiskey if you need to. One suggestion, have a contest to offer a better logo than you have. Many of us are photoshot experts. It reminds me of Mission Impossible, and Tom Cruise is an Ahole.

  23. I have enjoyed reading all your blogs. I especially like the honest no bullshit style.

    A blog on Thanksgiving sounds interesting, i am sure Native American Indians of the Wampanoag Tribe have a different perspective on Thanksgiving, one that is at odds with most Americans.

    Enjoy tossing your balls at the dog...

  24. How Hyperinflation Will Happen is king, at least to me. A perfect summary.

  25. Hey man, I enjoy reading all of your so called "drivel." I find your writing to be insightful and well-researched. I don't believe everything that is written, so I research topics on my own and have found you to be right on with your comments. The best for me was the post on how hyper-inflation will happen; whereas the post on Pixar was a bit preachy. The correct application on the "sailor's blue language," is very much appreciated by this crusty old fuck of a sailor.

    Keep on rocking, man.

    C deK

  26. Don't worry. It (anything worthwhile) is meant to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great.

  27. I find your perspective on current economic issues most interesting. Also I particularly liked the piece about John Cole and the future of publishing.
    I join all those who are hoping that you will make a podcast of your recent webcast available somehow. (In my case, I missed it because I was at that moment on an airplane, relocating from the US to a hopefully freer country.)

  28. I liked the two posts on hyperinflation best . Truly I enjoy most of your articles . Turned on to you via Zero Hedge . The gloom does get overwhelming at times . Then its time to do home projects . Accomplishing something positive always makes my focus sharper. Good work . Happy Holidays !!

  29. My two favorite are: why corporations matter and The acid laced satire of pixar's movies. You analysis of "The Incredibles" was spot on! Every time I make that same observation, it's like I have two heads!

  30. Don't draft and re-draft... The secret: Just write. I've got the same strain of perfectionism, so I know the particular species of monkey on your back.

    Just write. Some will be brilliant, others rubbish, but your batting average is great so far!

    Krugman's assistant as a "fluffer" had me rolling, and I forwarded that to dozens of folks.

  31. I love all your stuff bro.

    con todo mi carazon!

  32. Sounds like you are batting a 1,000 on the comments posted so far. Count me as one of them. And I agree with what Fred wrote above. Work hard, sleep only when you need it regardless to the time of day, and enjoy the fruits of you labor. Or play catch with your dog. I enjoy naps with my cat. Whatever

  33. Don't burn yourself out.
    There's no schedule you have to keep.

    Life will go on without GL (it won't be as rich or informative), nevertheless, it will continue.

    But why make this a black or white thing.
    Kick back, reflect, regroup.

  34. Don't sweat the critics.....if you wrote what everyone likes or wants to please them you would end up writing like the establishment news...
    stick to your instinctive directions...that is what I appreciate about your subjects and writing....the links also provide alot of informative subjects that aren't usually covered by the mainstream thought wizards....don't second guess yourself too much either..whatever is driving you to create what you do is what is appealing...

  35. As I was skimming down here, I noticed the Krugman name. That was one I forgot about, but liked. A few others I liked in no particular order were the article on the retired couple who had a hell of a time with HAMP, the recent piece on why the euro is doomed, and the article on the jerkoff Chertoff was a refreshing angle on a much talked about subject.

    I have only been reading your articles for the last couple of months. In that time I have come across two that I didn't care much for. The first was raving praise all over pixar and Toy Story. Not bad writing, we just have different movie preferences. The other article that I thought you were way off was the one where you called all schools of economics crap. While that may or may not be true, I thought you did a poor job in explaining the austrian school point of view.

  36. GL don't cry; you write nothing and get already 35 comments!
    I wish I had so many when I write something!

    Why don't you click on my name and come leave a comment on my blog!

  37. Fascinating postings! You provide a tremendous service to awaken and prepare us for the comiong potemtial disasters. One thought is how the government will respond to the mounting crisis by further restricting our liberties and freedom, and enacting laws and regulations against the free trading of gold and silver, excess profit taxes on them, identifying all those who transact or own gold and silver...not necessarily outright confiscation but close enough to scare the stuffings out of those who prudently preserved their assets all this time.

    Trading in PMs in the future may be like trading illegal drugs today! Also, which coins are best? Things like Maple Leafs, K'Rands, Mexican, or American Gold Eagles, or low-premium U.S. $20 gold pieces (dated pre-1933).

    Lastly, when the dust settles and gold is back in the monetary system in some way (at a much higher price, of course) how safely and casually can we then liquidate our holdings or will it be greatly taxed away as we will out myriad forms?

    I'm sure we all look forward to your responses. Thanks again for keeoing us informed and wiser.

  38. Thank you, I find most of your writing very interesting, insightful, and informative. However, when its not there, I appriciate you respect of our time and energy not to merely post drivel to fill up space. Enjoy the time with your dog. :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  39. Gonzalo,

    Best: the many insightful commentaries on economics

    Worst: the commentaries with angry curses drive me crazy (however, common vulgar language is not offensive to me.) Also, I didn't need the Nov. 1st piece.

    Overall, I am very, very glad that you are posting. Keep up the good work.

    We all need a vacation from time to time -- your decision to postpone what would have been today’s post was right.

  40. Dear Gonzalo,
    I found your blog via and now it is among my regular visits. Love your stuff because it is informative and also fun to read. You remind of Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire in the way you logically structure your ideas and come to your conclusions.
    Best of luck to you and continued success,

  41. Even the fact that you will not post if you feel the content is not up to the proper level...knowing that is an explanation as to why I keep coming to see what you've written. You are a literary artist and visionary, so keep that inspiration well rested!

  42. Most of your posts are great, the others are just good. Keep up the good work. What I particularly like is your first person accounts of what happened in Chile and how it compares to the US (and world in general) today. I'll take real world experience over "talking heads" who profess to be "experts", or worse yet -- economists. I seem to fall into the category of liking your economic insights the most, but I also like your other observations too - gives balance.

  43. This is actually one of your best posts.

  44. it's not important what we want from you but what you need. until you have established what you are doing here there will be no inward peace, and this is reflected in this column. you have no cornerstone, no target. without that you, for you must please yourself which you have yet to do. you must eat humble pie being human and all. Van Gogh did not paint a masterpiece with every wack but he developed his brush. find your center in the quiet and pursue that like a lover.

  45. I'm a new reader and have only linked to one to send to my brother. It's the one about hyperinflation.

    On re-reading it (to make sure he could handle it (not a big reader)) I decided to suggest that, from paragraph starting with "A friend of mine, SB, a commodities trader, pointed out..." skip down to "So to sum up...".

    The piece took off in the final third. There was quite a bit resembling drivel some of those middle paragraphs.

    But generally I agree with an earlier poster,

    >Most of your posts are great, the others are just good. Keep up the good work.

  46. Gonzalo. those "Haters" can't handle the truth (is their problem) As a new reader of you articles, I find it very informative, and tastefully eloquent.
    Keep up your good work

  47. If I have this right, you are unable to keep to your own published schedule? No one else has this problem because most of the unsyndicated bloggers don't have a schedule. They write something only when they have something to say.

    There are a lot of bloggers. You are in the 99th percentile. Your faithful readers will wait. I imagine that when Ann Coulter's muse fails, her editor in New York gets on the horn. But I think you are only responsible to yourself.

    Don't worry - be happy. No, that's wrong too. I don't really want you happy. I want you productive.

  48. Your explanation of the distinction between "inflation" and "hyperinflation" was superb. Very insightful. Very informative. Ouch, on the entertainment front!

  49. GL - you do whatever makes you happy - I prefer to watch {and read} happy people.

    "...the rant against austrians was especially poor." more {better? I don't know!} against austrians at:

  50. The most useful were the hyperinflation articles.

    Liked most, the homeowers on HAMP.

    Disliked most, the economist article.

    My goal has somewhat sort of been to get people the least bit interested, to learn more along the way myself, I could use something (?) to convince housewives what to expect (perhaps then others might listen to them?)... something in between these two below,... probably closer to the cartoon as it gets the best response so far:

    The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse *Video*

    Quantitative Easing Explained

    Things are murky and not what they seem, or so it seems after reading stuff like this:

    Or maybe there is no point? The futileism ain't my style though.

    Some funk this is, and it's not even fun.

    How's that for drivel?

    Maybe some whiskey_would_help?


  51. I enjoy your writing. I find it intelligent, informative and insightful.

  52. Gonzalo, I'm a 67 year old f*rt living in Toronto, Canada. I first found out about you via John Mauldon's eLetter. I believe in the Austrian school of economics (Libertarian).

    I have followed many financial writers over the years and you are by far the BEST I have come across !!!! .... so keep your spirits up !

    My particular interests are articles on where you think the world monetary system is headed, if China is headed for a big bust, etc.

    Enjoy the warm weather in Chile.

  53. GL

    I don't agree with some of your central theses - principally that the U.S. is headed for collapse - but I really enjoy reading your stuff. Your writing reads like a paperback novel, and that's refreshing in field where everything written is often bone dry. Please don't take this as condescending; I certainly don't have any special insights into the current state of global economics. What matters is passionate and interesting writing. As long is you write from that M.O., I'm sure it will be worth reading, regardless of the topic. Get off a set schedule to avoid the deadline mentality. Perhaps that's why a couple of your posts have sucked. The vast majority are great though.

  54. Well, the major magazines, let's pick on say, Vanity Fair, never can think of anything to write as standard operating procedure.

    I understand Newsweek is broke, don't know about some of the others, but they deserve whatever pickle they find themselves in. Looking to the NY times, Brooks is brilliant, and then there's a cabal of stooges.

  55. Your posts are very informative and quite insightful, particularly for someone relatively new to investing. Though I must admit, I also enjoy your non-econmic posts as well - the 'volunteer' necessity to get into the Ivy league was interesting.

    If you're looking for ideas, some things I would find insightful are:

    - a critque (positive and negative) of Warren Mosler's 7 Deadly Frauds of financial thinking -

    - an understanding of what is the deal with Martin Armstrong - some of his writing seems right on intuitively, yet he is in prison

    - an independent critique of Kondretev (sp?) waves, Elliot waves, etc..

    Keep up the great work! I always stop by a few times a week to broaden my understanding and learn how much I don't know!



  56. Since reading this post, I've wondered what it was about Thanksgiving that was in your mind, perhaps something about how the U.S. has come full circle and is now living the lifestyle that the early Pilgrims were living and which caused many of them to perish. Much of the world is doing the same?

  57. Good site, bookmarked. Senor Gonzales look at it this way: if the collapse happens, you'll be once again shown to be a genius way ahead of his time. We supporters of you will meet in Chile and wait out the end of the world, or at least a couple of years, whichever comes first. On the other hand, if the collapse does not happen, you will end up with 'egg on your face' and publicly ridiculed, but at least the world will not come to an end. So you see, no matter what happens, it's a classic instance of a "win-win" situation.

  58. The Contradictions In The Life of A Fluffer - pure gold

    Rape, Abortion, and Reproductive Violence - pure shit

  59. I liked the "why corporations matter" piece, although I think the information in it conflicted with what I've read elsewhere about the efforts of guilds to maintain expertise.

    I found the piece on the ethics of abortion informative re: your opinions and perceptions, but almost entirely without insight, of negative entertainment value, and directly in conflict with information I know to be true.

    The "show me the note" post deserves fame. It provided useful and rare practical information, in a way that showed (and shared) insight into the system in which that information became relevant, all in a wonderfully entertaining style that didn't interfere with communication or make the perspective seem any less profound. I've used "mullgan mortgage" in conversation several times.

  60. GL:

    Keep the MacroEconomic Analysis coming, peppered with a healthy portion of geopolitics.



  61. GL,
    Your home runs are not only informative, entertaining, and insightful, but also relevant.

    Home runs - hyperinflation, HAMP

    Strike outs - Toy Story, postmodernism

    Your skill with the written word, research, and insight are your gifts. They come easily. As long as you apply them to relevant topics, you will keep your batting average high.

    What's in the on deck circle looks like it fits the bill.


  62. Gonzalo -

    I like all your pieces, really, but the one that stands out to me as unique information I couldn't find anywhere else was the one on the Chilean Retirement System vs Social Security.


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