Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because of My Web Seminar on Hyperinflation . . .

. . . I won’t be posting Friday—all the prep work is leaving me no time to write. 

Though it’s a lot of work, I’m very much looking forward to my web seminar. It’s not so much that I’ll enjoy talking for 90 minutes about hyperinflation and what it will look like when it hits the United States—I’m actually looking forward to the questions from the audience. 

Prepping for the web seminar (I hate the term “webinar”—it sounds like a disease ducks get), I’ve been really concentrating on questions: What questions will my audience ask, how will I answer them. What questions I need to answer. What questions need to be asked. 

So that’s why I won’t be posting on Friday—prep work. 

If you’re interested in joining me on my web seminar, click here and check it out. It’s on this Thursday, 9:30pm EST—if you think it’s something you’d be interested in, sign up: I’d very much enjoy your participation. 

I’ll be back on Sunday with a new post. So until then, all the best,



  1. GL,

    You have a far larger political following than myself so i am forwarding you this in hopes you will find it worthy of publishing.


    Thanks and Best to You....

  2. Is it 5:30 or 6:30 PST, Gonzalo? It says one thing in this post and another in the link to the "web seminar". Please advise, thanks.

  3. Or don't... I just read underneath that you don't respond to comments or questions on your posts. Anyone have any idea of the starting time on the seminar?

  4. Me bad: The web seminar is at 9:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Pacific. Sorry!


  5. This ain't exactly related except tangentially--by doing webinars you can avoid this:

  6. I hope in your seminar that you can explain why it is that Obama does not comprehend capitalism. He's supposed to be intelligent, and yet ...

  7. Since Lira is busy this Friday, may I suggest that you might get your fix this week, and really understand what is going on in Europe, by reading in Lira's place the post from the always brilliant Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's in the Telegraph titled: "The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders."

    A friend sent it to me, other friends have sent news about the eurozone leaders panicking, Deutsche Bank traders saying that China is now selling US Treasury bonds 'relentlessly', and I didn't watch it, but evidently Glen Beck must have done his show at 5pm on Fox as scheduled about survival foods. Because the two dealers I know of that usually give discounts and free shipping, now have no discounts, no free shipping and notices of shipping delays up to 3 weeks.

    As my most accurate world affairs adviser and favorite Jamaican bartender just told me, 'da crop hittin da fon now mon.'

    In case you don't savvy Jamaican, let me paint the scene for you a different way.

    We are on a canoeing trip down a river in the deep south and I've just turned around, given you a quizzical look and said, "Is that banjo music that I'm hearing?"

  8. @ Editor's Post re: Horrible Truth starts to Dawn on Europe's Leaders,

    Your post begins accurately enough; however, after reading the alleged Pritchard Article I find myself questioning what is your message?

    That you can change the facts with high-browed references to the skit on "Deliverance"? That you can make ad hominem arguments in attempt to spin the facts and we here on GL's blog are of such low-browed intellect that we can be mislead as to the root cause of the problems (and each country has it's own - some similar, many not to the rest of the world) as you would desire we believe in the article you reference?

    The article suggests that the creation of the Euro and more importantly, without the simultaneous creation of a Central Bank and Federal Reserve within which the Oligarchy may Devalue the EU's currency in times like these and as the US has done, join in the race to the bottom?

    Haven't these tactics, extreme devaluation and protectionism always led to depressions and wars?

    Personal (including Corporate and Banking) responsibility is the problem. Moving those liabilities onto the Public ledger will not work. Just as Deficit Spending and Currency Devaluation will not work. I say just look at the US and you will understand what has caused it's troubles. Like the US, the PIIGS have lived beyond there means and financed it with debt that is now coming due and the more responsible countries like Germany seem not inerested in kicking the can down the road once more.

  9. GL:
    I guess I missed something. I signed up for the seminar but couldn't figure out how to access it. Was I supposed to get a URL via email, or was a link supposed to appear on your site from which participants could sign on? I hope it was recorded so those of us who didn't "get it" can still see it.

  10. GL ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if China increased the sales of US Treasuries. Personally, I would think that move would be a very logical retaliation for Bernanke's QE2 policy.

    However ... I don't see the kinds of market reactions that would accompany a massive change in policies by China concerning US treasuries. The yuan-dollar peg has been slowly sliding, but it has not fallen off a cliff lately. Likewise, there have been no abrupt jumps in the price of gold or oil over the last week - it's conceivable that China would purchase more commodities and hard assets if it dumps US bonds.

    So ... the strong reaction from the Chinese may still be coming. Remember that China always prefers to avoid sudden and dramatic policy shifts - they like steady change (except when it comes to awards of Nobel prizes!)

    And incidentally, there's no way that the Japanese can stay out of this - if a major rift develops between Asia and the USA. Japan would be dragged in because of currency issues, not to mention the potential losses from their own huge holdings of US bonds.


  11. Will the webinar content be made available in some form (such as youtube) for those who were unable to attend live? Thanks.

  12. Anyone know how to access the seminar?

    The "click here and check it out" link does no work for me.

    What's the trick ???

  13. Miss the seminar? Listen to it here:


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