Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Links To Look At

This is an experiment I’ll be trying out over the next few days: Daily links to interesting/unusual/informative stories or bits of information on the web. I’ll link to between a half-dozen and a dozen. I’ll try to post this by 7 am EST. 
To my new readers and kind fans, please comment as to whether you like them or not—both the idea, and the specific links. Thank you. GL on Treasury bonds yields going negative, and investors betting on inflation. If Slate is talking about this, then the U.S. mainstream is (slowly) realizing inflation is on its way. 
The Hobbit film production stays in New Zealand—after the Kiwis gave Warner Bros. a sweetener in the form of incentives. The foolish Australian actors’ union—which is the parent of the NZ actors’ union—was behind the brouhaha; scuttlebutt is so as to get part of “The Hobbit” filmed in Australia. The production will spend US $530 million in NZ. 
Lenders take over Stuyvesant town in Manhattan. The four-year, $5.4 billion agony is over—for now. 
Michael Lewis gives an excellent explanation of the TBTF banks’ shell game regarding their prop-trading desks. The banks—contrary to statements—aren’t selling their prop desks: They’re disguising them. 
Fascinating and in-depth cultural prĂ©cis on China’s Communist Party today, and what they are aiming for. From the always illuminating London Review of Books. 
Glenn Greenwald on NY Times and mainstream American media’s efforts to discredit WikiLeaks new document release by smearing their spokesman, Julian Assange. Greenwald has been all over this—and he’s absolutely right: The messenger is not the message. 
Calculated Risk confirming that Ben Bernanke will use an incrementalist approach to QE2. It’ll be “a couple of hundred billion at a time”. 


  1. OH...these are only links to other articles. For a minute I thought you were going to do an expose on the Hobbits...
    Seriously, I have access to the internet to see other stories at other sites, but I visit your site for the unique GL perspective and elucidating style.

  2. I like the idea. And a quick comment about this one:

    " on Treasury bonds yields going negative, and investors betting on inflation. If Slate is talking about this, then the U.S. mainstream is (slowly) realizing inflation is on its way."

    Inflation has been on-going for some time now. Retailers and manufacturers are tricking consumers into not noticing it using a handful of tactics like the "shrink ray" and Walmart bullying principles. Here's the "Grocery Shrink Ray" topic from the good folks at

  3. Love the links, especially the Zizek and Michael Lewis articles. Treasury bond story truly scary. Please go ahead and make linking a regular feature of your wonderful blog!

  4. For me the links are useful. Since your take on the world is not mainstream, I find it helpful knowing what you rely upon to form your opinions. Keep up the excellent reporting.

  5. I always find it fruitful to know what other non-mainstream thinkers find interesting. These links all appear to be keepers.

    Thank you for your efforts in helping others learn how to think.

    Splash on -

    K Smith

  6. Please do not attempt to become a universal content funnel...if further explanation is required, please watch The Office episode on Dunder Mifflin's website, Dunder-Mifflin-Infinity. Where instead of just selling paper, they attempted to be a universal content funnel--and quickly devolved to a child molester chat room.

    We're here to read your work--focus, young grasshopper, focus on that.

  7. I always enjoy reading your blog and yesterdays was outstanding. However I am 50/50 on this idea. I receive RSS feeds from other sources so for me yours may not be needed however I do like that we could get a perspective on where you get your information - that leads to your pearls of wisdom! Especially since you are outside of the US (as I am) you provide a point of view that is not US egocentric!! Thanks and look forward to more. Lisa

  8. I would suggest you set it up so that when a link is clicked, a new internet window opens.

  9. Bernanke is a coward thief in the night, playing with his own putter as Rome burns

  10. I like it. Providing you do not stop your regular posts. I so enjoy your blogs. I fear if you stop social unrest the like we have never seen before will ensue.

  11. what a truly wretched idea. another instapundit? who needs that? there will be no reason to visit your site without your personal, indepth musings on a topic. look if you want to kill the site off just do it. close it down. i come for quality not quanity. haven't been aware of you for much time so the loss won't be painful.

  12. Do what you want Gonzalo. Its your blog. Nobody owns you. You don't have to answer to anyone. Here's the links issue in a nutshell: most readers don't look at them. You will find most readers don't really care and use time as an excuse to not read further. Often this is the same group that posts lines of hypertext rather than live links even though the link feature exists and a formula to make them where such a feature is absent, is easy.

    The Religion of Economics, btw, was priceless. Exquisite. Every
    word. Perfectly original.

    The point of doing a blog is to learn, share and have fun with it,
    that's all. If you get too carried away it will become a must-do
    burden and interfere with your life offline.


  13. I think it is good for me to see where someone with a perspective such as yours is looking for information, and it saves me a ton of time looking for the good reads.

    So I like the idea, but I would like to suggest putting up interesting reads in a specific area. I like having your commentary easy to access. If I ever try to sift through the archives I would prefer not to have 100's of daily updates bogging down my search and tiring my eyes.


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