Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’m Late—Sorry!

Dear Readers, 

Please forgive me: A personal emergency kept me from posting today, Monday 10/25. 
I'll post tomorrow, Tuesday 10/26, at noon EST—promise. 
The name of the post will be: 
“Our God Is Money”: Economics Isn’t A Dismal Science—It’s An Ersatz Religion
Until then, all the best, 



  1. Que Dios se bendiga,Gonzalo.I've recently discovered your site and have learned quite a bit already.

  2. Sending prayers/positive thoughts your way as you attend to your personal emergency...

    K Smith

  3. Lloyd Blankfein said that Goldman Sachs et al were "doing God's work". He was actually telling the truth. It's true. It's trivially true.

    God is the promise that you will be rewarded if you do what you are told. Once people stopped being motivated by a reward in the afterlife, priests morphed into bankers to promise a reward in this life. It's no coincidence that fractional reserve banking was "invented" by the Dutch during their war for independence. It's not like no one had ever thought up or tried fractional reserve banking before then; it's not complicated. It's just that riding (or pulling?) the coattails of the Protestant revolution the bankers were finally able to dislodge the priests from a corner of Europe.

    God is just an invention of priests/bankers. Priests and bankers are just fags who want other people to do their work for them.

  4. I look forward to this post. I expect it will offer a different perspective than my own, but I am curious. I have often said that money (financial security, prosperity, comfort) is one of the main gods of America. As a pastor, the death of the American god offers hope that people will seek out the one true and Living God who created us. I see the coming death of the dollar as a good thing -- albeit painful. Many will come to realize that the things they thought they owned, really owned them.


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